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TOP: Shein
SHORTS: Vintage 90s Levi
BAG: upcycled (gift!)
SHOES: Missguided

I’m the most shiny here (it was so hot out)! Probably too hot for this velvet button down shirt which I got during my lil spring haul. I figured this would be another cute casual thing, maybe for a concert! 🎤  I love chelsea boots & these are my most comfortable. My go-to for when I’m in the city (until I find some dope sneakers). I’d like to blog the kinds of outfits I perform in with my band too! 🍧


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🌿 Nineteen things I learned in my nineteenth year of life 🌿

1. Tumblr is good for your soul.
2. Spotify premium is worth it for all the times is gets
You through.
3. Letting go of bad friends does not make you a bad person.
4. Always try to be the best you. Your only human you will make mistakes.
5. If you can feel yourself being in a bad mood apologise to those around you so they are warned we all have those days.
6. Mental health is important but not an excuse.
7. Call your parents more and tell them you appreciate them. You miss everything they do for you soon enough.
8. Taking time for yourself is important, take a bath, read a book and just ground yourself.
9. Don’t be afraid to speak up for what you believe you will regret not doing it sooner.
10. When it comes to saving the earth every little thing you do helps. Something is better then nothing.
11. Concerts are worth being broke for weeks. The memories are priceless.
12. Cut your hair life is short it will grow back.
13. Try something new you might love it and if you don’t at least you know you tried something new.
14. Take care of your skin it will love you in return.
15. Change to whole grains you will have so much more energy and less sugar.
16. saying no is your right and shouldn’t be questioned.
17. Enjoy the small things while you can.
18. Don’t let social media cause you anxiety, love yourself. I know easier said than done.
19. Be kind to those around not to gain anything but to be kind and the universe will do the same.


If you ever wondered what if feels like to have Matty Healy walk across the stage to you…. and dance for you…. and sing down to you like in the ‘Robbers’ video…. fast forward to second verse












anonymous asked:

Do you have any alternatives to coffee shop/cafe AUs?

  • Hotel AU – front desk workers know everything. Character A has seen crazy famous people pass through the hotel, and some super sketch ones. 
  • Bagel shop AU – rivalry with the mainstream coffee house across the street that keeps stealing their good customers. Good chance to have a relationship between Character A, who works the tiny bagel shop, and Character B, who works at the other place. 
  • Anime Con worker AU – Character A decided to work at a local con to make some extra money, ends up meeting a ton of really cool people in the process, but also going through a ton of stress from helping out at the con.
  • Retail store AU – “You keep coming in here to shop because we’re having a sale, and your face makes me really happy, but as an employee I’m not supposed to tell you that and it’s really irritating.”
  • Blogger AU – Character A is a well-known aesthetic blogger, Character B is a photographer, Character C a model for bridal magazines: it’s basically a poly ship made in heaven.  
  • Bakery AU – The various misadventures of Characters A and B working at an authentic French bakery. Everyday shenanigans like having to order crazy complicated cupcake orders, to speaking faulted French with the store owners.

Issues - Disappear (Remember When) live in Atlanta, GA on the The End Is Here tour along with Dead Girls Academy, Danger Kids, Motionless In White and Falling In Reverse. 

Venue: The Tabernacle 

Top 3 Neuerscheinungen im September

+ Konzert Karten die man sich zulegen könnte.

  1. Casper- Lang lebe der Tod: Ein Album das nicht nur Hardcore “Casperholics” begeistert. (Release Date: 1.9) 
  2. Beatsteaks- Yours: Die Beatsteaks sind back und sie haben interessante Features mitgebracht. (Release Date: 1.9)
  3. Macklemore- Gemini: Das erste mal seit 2005 wieder ein Album ganz allein von Macklemore. (Release Date: 22.9)

Der September bedeutet auch, dass die Festivalsaison sich dem Ende zuneigt. Um den Rest des Jahres gut zu überstehen, sollte man sich spätestens jetzt um Karten für den Winter und kommendes Frühjahr kümmern. Noch keine Ideen wohin? Hier sind 5 Tipps:

  1. Casper- “Lang Lebe der Tod”-Tour: Von Oktober bis November geht Casper auf Tour durch Deutschland, Österreich und die Schweiz. Außer Hannover ist auch noch alles erhältlich. (Karten:
  2. Kraftklub- “Keine Nacht für Niemand”-Tour: Von Oktober bis November durch DE, AT und CH. Für einige Städte gibts noch Karten, wer kein Glück mehr hat, kann sich aber auf nächstes Frühjahr freuen, da gehts nämlich weiter. (Karten:
  3. Faber- “Sei ein Faber im Wind”-Tour: Der Schweizer Newcomer geht von Oktober bis Dezember auf Tour. Wärmste Empfehlung. (Karten: 
  4.  Blond: Wie habt ihr noch nicht von gehört? Dann mal schnell auschecken und zum nächsten Gig im Oktober. (Tickets:, teilweise auch krasserstoff)   
  5. Leoniden- “Time to get addicted”-Tour: Holt euch noch einmal im Oktober den Sommer zurück, mit der Partymucke der Leoniden. (Karten:, teilweise auch krasserstoff)

African Venezuelan band at the last sunset concert series at skirball. Ain’t no rain gone stop no show, just bring it inside wepa. amazing. Africans are everywhere lol. Love an African drum. #culture #concert #drums #Venezuelan #african #concert #livemusic #culture #influencers #bloggers #losangeles #sunset #weekdayouting #qualitytime (at Skirball Cultural Center)

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By ‘05 things had gotten worse
Moved to the basement, deep depressions a rotten curse
Hiding in a dark space, her mind and her body hurts
Becoming more reclusive and the pills should have been alerts
So the worse it got, I became more and more afraid
Until one night, I went into that room, on the floor she laid
I shook her she was blue, her skin was cold, she wasn’t breathing
Screamed, “Melissa wake up” couldn’t fathom that she was leaving
Mom and Bro was running down, I screamed “somebody help”
Try pumping her chest, CPR, but it didn’t help
Toughest pill to swallow, but we lost, that’s forced reflection
While in her life you made her happy, thank you for the blessing
—  G-Eazy