Turning up during Hate The Life by Rock Bottom.

As I suspected, my acquaintance– the one who invited me to Rock Bottom free of charge, is a long-time friend of Iron; well, Iron’s sister.

Here, I am with Hyun Ju (model), Minnie (Iron’s sister), Min Young (my acquaintance little sister), Hyun Ah (my big sister) and Hae Byul (my little sister).

Many of us met for the first time (thanks to Min Young) but had SO much fun together.

I just loved every moment of the concert from start to finish– and got to meet Iron at the end. He held my hand for such a long time and kept saying thank you for coming!

There were so many foreign fans, too. His sister said they were all surprised to see so many fans at all– let alone foreign ones. Some had come all the way from Russia and China just to see Iron and Rock Bottom.

Iron’s mom was also in attendance, and I said hello to her– and like a million other people.

Min Young knows everyone!

We– just the girls, got food and drinks and went clubbing afterwards. 

Videos and pictures are on the way.

P.S.: I changed my hair color (brown to blond ombre) for the first time and absolutely love it!

  • Joakim:Oh yes, he's never been here before, give the warmest welcome to our newest recruit: Mr. Tommy Johansson!
  • Joakim:Hey hey, that's not fair. It's the first time you're in the US and they already know how to say your name. Hey! Hey! You've been trying to say my name for about six or seven years now. You fuck it up all the time! I'm not kidding! "Tommy Johansson" anyone can say that! [...] I'm not trying to be mean here. You know, we really like you but, language skills, they're not really what you're famous for, is it? You barely speak one.