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Runaway: Part 6

(( OOC: “The Mom-Off” ( a collaborative storyline with @wolfstar-puppylove )

Regulus played by: @siriusly-not-over-remus​ ))

*Sirius and the Potter’s wait for the train on Platform 9 ¾*

Sirius: Sorry… 

Sirius: I’m not-

James: You are.

James: It’s okay to be scared. 

Sirius: *glances around nervously* 

Sirius: *freezes as Walburga appears, Regulus trailing behind her* 

Sirius: *breaks eye contact, trembling* Shit… 

James: Shit…  

Walburga: *Whispers something to Regulus, casting dark looks at Sirius*

Regulus: *face slowly falls* 

Regulus: Of course… 

Regulus: *takes a deep, shuddering breath and begins walking down the platform towards Sirius* 

Sirius: *watches as Regulus gets closer, his younger brother’s eyes focused straight ahead* 

Sirius: *desperate* C’mon Reg… 

Regulus: *ignores Sirius and continues walking, picking up his pace* *disappears into the crowd* 

James: *grips Sirius as he sways, overwhelmed* *Turns as his mother approaches* 

Euphemia: *reaches out to Sirius as well* 

Euphemia: How nice to see you… Mrs. Black. 

Euphemia: Speaking of which, I sent you an owl concerning Sirius’s belongings.

Walburga: And I sent you one back… I believe.

Walburga: *a menacing smile stretches slowly across her face*

Walburga: *leans forward, her voice dangerous* But I do believe-

Euphemia: I’d really appreciate it if you’d deliver… everything… on the list. 

Euphemia: And how you “discipline” your son is also of particular concern to the ministry, Walburga. Your brand of discipline is called unforgivable for a reason. 

Euphemia: When can I expect Sirius’s things?

James: *whistles* 

James: You are bloody brilliant. 

Sirius: Would you take this?

Euphemia: Of course dear. 

Sirius: Thank you, Mrs. Potter. 

Euphemia: *smiles* Have a wonderful year sweetheart. I’ll see you at home. 

Euphemia: *Beams* 

anonymous asked:

Are you a early bird or a night owl and which of your ocs is which?

Im both a night owl and an early bird, since how much I sleep depends on the day
As for my OC’s…
Since that’s a long question, I’ll say the OC’s I’m most concerned with
Night owls: Jackie, Mink, RJ, Amelio, Beth, Xavier
Early birds: Erin, Amaliah, Kate, Ben, Charli, Nico, Anette, Naomi
(Alex isn’t on here because his sleeping patterns are varied. Most nights, he doesn’t sleep. He stays up and watches over Erin in fear that something might happen to her. Also, he thinks about a lot of shit. He’s still really messed up, and it’s taking a physical toll on him.)

56. A concerned mother sends owls to her child carrying pages of math and language arts to do in free time. While working on a complicated algebraic equation in the common room one night, a Pureblood seventh year approaches and looks at the work. Needless to say, the Pureblood is clueless and quickly summons everyone else in the room to try to make sense of all these bizarre numbers and symbols. The muggleborn explains it, then offers to tutor some curious Purebloods, who accept, though only to impress their friends.

bravelink  asked:

🍑 💤 🔋

All the Little Things Meme 

🍑 - Favorite fruit

though not the biggest fan of ‘healthy foods’ callie would have to pick the sweet taste of grapes over most fruits. she enjoys how small they are and considers them cute. purple is also one of her favorite colors. so you have small, purple, and cute!!! something callie will most definitely enjoy. 

💤 - Do they like sleeping in or waking up early?

early riser callie! always ready to start the day with a big smile on her face plus a healthy amount of enthusiasm! there was a splatfest held concerning the question ‘night owl vs early bird’ and callie immediately chose the early bird (though her team didn’t win in the end).

🔋 - What makes them feel better after a long day?

simple relaxation can do wonders for a girl who’s had a rough day. she’ll let herself feel her feelings never the less. callie will cry, shout, and even scream into a pillow if frustrated enough. but letting all of her feelings out helps her in the long run. not to mention, if bring this girl some of her favorite foods when she’s tuckered out and blue, she will be your forever friend.

Hydrocodone Midnight Theatre: Strictly for the birds

Title: A Wing And A Prayer
Rating: PG
Summary: Tony Stark doesn’t do anything ordinarily, including pet ownership.
Notes: This originated here. I can’t really explain the rest. The Lovelace Masterpost is here, maybe one of you knows why all this happened.


It was a quiet night at the Millville Bird Sanctuary just outside New York city, the night it happened. Not unexpected, this late in the year; in spring and summer and even early autumn they did a brisk business for a bird sanctuary, but even a brisk business wasn’t much, comparatively speaking. Dr. Nathalia was only on the overnight shift because there were campers out in the sanctuary, on a “night watch” with one of the docents, and someone had to stick by the phone in case of emergency.

Then, around eleven, hell briefly broke loose.

“Fuck, fuck, oh fuck,” was the first she heard, and she heard it moving towards the front door of the single building that comprised the sanctuary’s visitor’s center, clinic, and storage shed. They did get people who’d been in car accidents once in a while, so she was rising and reaching for her phone when a man burst through the unlocked door, covered in blood and feathers, and yelled “I NEED A BIRD DOCTOR!”

The second thing he yelled was “I DIDN’T HIT IT WITH MY CAR!”

That was how Dr. Nathalia Berman met Tony Stark.

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Owl City / Ocean Eyes