concerned for stiles safety


1x02 // 3x13 - Stiles protecting Scott from the world while Scott tries desperately to protect Stiles from himself. AKA Scott and Stiles playing “hide the werewolf” since 2011.

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Sorry, but these gifs you've posted about the progress of Sterek relationship, I just can't see it. Stiles was so much more desperate for Derek's life in S3A than in S4. Derek was literally dying in front of him and he did nothing, not even a word, nothing, just kept looking... when in S3A he was screaming for Derek. I just don't know.

And if you don’t see it, that’s fine. Teen Wolf is an open text kinda show, and we’re working with sub-text, which isn’t expressly spelled out. 

But let me talk about what I see, and compare it to previous instances. 

In season 1 we have Magic Bullet. Stiles stays with Derek, but I feel he’d do that for just about anyone. Derek tells him he need Stiles, otherwise he’ll die. So, it’s clear what Derek wants/needs. Stiles really REALLY doesn’t want to cut off Derek’s arm, but he’s willing to when Derek insists he’ll doe otherwise. When Derek passes out, Stiles freaks out and slaps him until he wakes up and can treat himself, which Stiles looks on and licks his lips. (You can’t make this up)

So, it’s clear that Stiles is doing something he doesn’t want to do, but he’s not an asshole who would let Derek die because he’s squeamish. Good enough.

In season 2, Derek saves Stiles from Isaac, his beta, which was cool, and also his responsibility. He probably didn’t have to do it with quite so much flair, but he was pretty high on being the Alpha, and having gorgeous people stare at him in awe is pretty sweet. 

In the Pool scene things go way farther then we’ve seen before. Stiles could have run when the Kanima first attacked, but he didn’t. He stayed for Derek. He went into the pool and held him up for two hours. (which should be impossible, btw. Spark powers?) When he gets his phone, he gives it up after Scott hangs up on him to instead save Derek, knowing that he’s decreasing his chances that he’ll escape. And then finally, at the end, as Stiles is sinking under, he’s trying to hold Derek up- which is just selfless.

Afterwards, Stiles doesn’t rant and complain at Derek, the way he has before to other people. No, he lets Derek know his not an abomination. 

In the Police Station, when they finally get away from Matt, Derek’s concern is for Scott to take Stiles and go. Get Stiles to safety, while Derek goes to rescue the parents. Now, Stiles is still mostly paralyzed, but he does do what Derek tells him too. We’re seeing trust building up between them. 

In season 3, we start with signs that Stiles has been helping Derek over the summer to recover Boyd and Erica. Then we get to Boyd’s death, and I can’t stress this enough; Derek’s beta, his sister and his lover are all there- and no one goes to him. It’s Stiles who goes to him and comforts him. Then we get to the hospital and I just wrote about that, but once again, Derek appears dead and Stiles is screaming, begging him to come back. Stiles found Derek passed out. He has no idea how he got into that condition or what he should do. He’s running blind and making his own best guess. It’s significant.

In 3B we have Derek running around the whole season trying to save Stiles and keep Argent from killing him. It’s surprising how focused Derek is on Stiles, until the end of the season, when we find out why: Stiles is his anchor.

And then we get to season 4. Which starts very strong. Stiles goes to Mexico to rescue Derek, which is a pretty big deal. We get a return of their old chemistry with Wee!Derek, and we can see the magic’s still there. 

Then we get to 412. Now we can’t deny that our slow burn was in first gear in season 4. There have been complaints made, by myself and my friends. But then we get the meaningful Van scene, and then the part you’re objecting too, Anonny, the church. 

Now, in season 1 Stiles did what Derek told him to do and helped him. In season 3A, Derek couldn’t tell him what to do, so he made his own best guess. In 412, Derek told him what to do, and Stiles did it. 

Let me ask you, what is the thing Derek’s always had taken away from him? It’s not his health, he’s a werewolf, pain is fleeting and he doesn’t scar. It’s his autonomy and his trust. It’s him being forced to do things.

  • Kate seduced him and tortured him.
  • Lydia drugged him and used him to revive Peter.
  • Stiles tricked him into stripping.
  • Scott forced him to bite Gerard.
  • Jennifer bewitched him. 
  • The Nogisune’s flies possessed him.

Again and again, people have rejected his wishes and taken away his choices. Even Braeden, who he told he was okay with dying to save Kira and Scott, protested that and told him she wasn’t okay with it. 

Stiles however, trusts Derek and does what Derek asks. Even when it’s hurting him. Stiles learned from season 1. He discovered what had been done to Derek and he respected his autonomy once he knew. 

And Derek respects Stiles. He followed Stiles clue on the chessboard, and came with the twins, who he hates, to confront the Nogitsune, because Stiles told him to.  Derek let Stiles resolve the Nogitsune himself and instead held off the Oni, because he knew that Stiles needed to do that after everything the Nogi had forced Stiles to do. 

In the same way, Stiles knew that Derek had to put saving Scott and Kira over being comforted. And that’s what it was. Stiles isn’t a doctor; he knew there was really nothing he could do for Derek, other than hold his hand. However, if you think it was easy for Stiles to leave, you might want to re-watch that scene. It clearly, clearly wasn’t, but it was what Derek wished. And Stiles alone knew how important that was that that wish was honored.

Stiles is under his own pressures. He’s having an increasingly difficult relationship with his father, his sole remaining family member, and he’s having an increasingly difficult relationship with Scott, his ‘brother’. And those pressures have been affecting his behavior. He’s holding up parts of himself he thinks Scott and the Sheriff will approve of, and pushing down the parts he thinks they will reject. 

But when it mattered. When it was important, Stiles gave Derek what he needed. And to me, that’s a clearer sign of love, trust and respect then anything else we’ve seen. 

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Hey! I just wanted to say that I really think Derek has feelings for Stiles. The anchor was the cherry on top, but I also think Derek's body language, behaviour and looks all add up to certain romantic "feels" for Stiles. Do you agree? Would love to hear your thoughts on this xx

I do agree. Actually i think this gifset more or less proves this point, and i could probably end this post here and now.

But what fun would that be? So hit the read more to endulge in a lot of screencaps, some gifs and some ramblings about sterek and feelings.

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stiles and derek having scenes together 。◕ ‿ ◕。

derek listening to whatever stiles has to say and actually reacting to it (✿◠‿◠)

stiles giving derek comfort when derek needs it most (◡‿◡✿)

derek humouring stiles even when there’s no time for fooling around (✿◠‿◠)

stiles and derek staring at each other longingly (◕‿◕✿)

stiles and derek being thrown into a situation where they need to save or protect each other, and all the banter and snark goes out the window because they’re actually concerned about each other’s safety (✿◕‿◕)

stiles and derek having scenes together goddamn it ʘ‿ʘ

Preferences #1

How they kiss you:


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Scott’s kisses reflect his mood, if he’s feeling like a big ol’ sour wolf like Derek, chances are his kiss will be aggressive and harder to keep up with. If he’s calm or tired, kisses will be more slow and passionate. Regardless of whether or not he’s in a grumpy mood or a tired mood, his kisses always express his need for your love.


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Stiles, oh beautiful, awkward stiles. His kisses are the most adorable thing ever expressed on the face of the planet, they start out gingerly- almost as if he’s scared he’ll hurt you. But slowly as the kiss progresses he gets more adventurous, his hands will start to roam around your lower half- gently caressing you. Kisses with Stiles were full of love and reassurance.


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Isaac’s kisses reflect him in many ways, he’ll start out cocky pretending he knows he’s in control, but they’ll slowly turn into feverous and needy. It’s like he’s the wall and you’re the support beams, the only thing that’s stopping him from collapsing.


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Kisses with Theo are a sheer reminder that you are his and he is yours. He’ll leave marks along your neck, deeming you his property, and his alone. There are very few moments where he shows any needy-ness during your kisses, but when he does it typically shows his concern for your safety.

Tyler Hoechlin/Derek Hale has single-handedly been taking care of this Sterek ship the whole season. He’s had about seven minutes of screen time in all of eight episodes (and I’m being generous here), and has spent 95% of that screen time and dialog worrying about Stiles, searching for Stiles or showing grave concern over Stiles’ safety.

Derek hasn’t had much of a plot this season, at all. So if you were to ask me what the driving point of Derek’s role has been, I could honestly tell you:



Imagine #4

(Isaac’s reactions on being left alone with you during your first and second full moon while on your…shark week.)

“Scott c’mon,” Isaac pleaded, catching up to the said boy heading towards the family room with a bag of chains.

“Isaac you can handle it,” Scott replied, dropping the bag on the floor and sitting down on the couch beside his best friend.

“Why, what’s wrong?” Stiles asked, looking up from his watch, determining the time left ‘til the full moon makes its appearance.

“Isaac’s scared of Y/N-” Scott was cut off by Isaac.

“I’m not scared, alright,” He said, sitting down on the opposite chair of the two. “Just concerned… For my safety.” Stiles just looked at the curly haired werewolf with one brow up.

“Well Y/N’ll be tied up in chains, if you’re so concerned of your safety,” Lydia’s voice sounded in the family room, making all heads in the room turn to her direction. “And she’s not on her period like her first and second full moon, so don’t you worry.” She added before leaving to check up on Y/N and Malia.

Realizing the story behind of the wolf’s concern of his safety just made the dynamic duo in front of him to just chuckle with smiles they’re trying to fight to appear on their  faces, while Isaac just closed his eyes in embarrassment before covering his face with his hands. 

Things wrong with tonight’s episode:
•Layden Kiss
•Decapitated girl
•Mason & Corey
•Liam wanting to go away with Hayden
•Kira is MIA
•Scott saving Hayden
•Marrish Fight Scene
•Theo fucking Raeken
•Theo being a two-faced hottie
•Theo lying his fucking ass off
•Scott believing Theo over Stiles
•Liam’s idea to change Hayden
•Theo Raeken becoming even more confusing
•Scott and Stiles’ fight in the rain
•Theo being a lying little bitch

Things good in this episode:
•When Stiles and Lydia were in the woods together
•When Stiles was concerned for Lydia’s safety

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sterek and nr 7 for the writhing thing

things you said while we were driving

Stiles was absolutely livid with Derek.

He just can’t believe that he’d be such a fucking asshole.

Okay, yes, they were both always assholes, but this is different. Derek knows this is different too.  

Of course, since they’d driven together to the dumb party, it was either attempt to find Scott who had probably left already to have sex with Allison in some secluded, but not ever secluded enough drive-off or ride home with Derek.

Which meant he was now stuck in the car with Derek.

He’s trying his best to stare out the front window and zone out so that he can forget about everything, but it’s proving to be very difficult.

He doesn’t get it.

Derek knows how much he likes Lydia, how long he’s waited for a shot with her and the first chance Stiles gets and Derek pops in to tell her that Jackson wants to reconcile with her.

He gets that him and Jackson are friends, but he thought Derek was his friend too. After years of fighting and pestering each other, they’d been paired up in English class at the beginning of the year and it’d turned out he and Derek got along great.

Or at least they really enjoyed arguing with each other. Arguing may be too strong of a word though, bantering, fondly pushing each other’s buttons.

Anyways, Stiles had thought they’d been friends.

He even would’ve said Derek’s become one of his best friends, and possibly the best part of Senior year for him so far too.

Not anymore.

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The camera work in the promo just serves to emphasize what I’ve been saying about Stiles and Lydia’s relationship versus the relationship between Jordan and Lydia. 

The scenes with M@rrish are all shot with the camera on different parts of their bodies being sexualized– Lydia’s breasts, Jordan’s muscles. The fact that he is sexually attracted to her is heavily emphasized by the music and by the shots that the directors are choosing. 

With Stydia in season five, sex has been almost removed from the equation. It is affection. It is caring. It is adoration. With them, small things are constantly being brought into focus. Stiles’ arm around Lydia and her hands on his arm. Lydia reaching for his hand. Eyes constantly narrowing; being concerned for safety. And now, we have this close up on Stiles’ hands wrapped around Lydia’s. We are seeing him tending to her, comforting her. His thumb rubbing her skin lightly– that implies intimacy and tenderness. The camera makes sure to capture that. The editors and the director wants everyone to see it. The writers are the ones who put that into the script. 

5a and 5b have done a perfect job highlighting the differences in these two ships. And slow-burn, endgame ships are built on those small things, not on random sexual instincts that appear out of nowhere. 

lydia hearing everything stiles hears because they’re emotionally connected (◕‿◕✿)

stiles framing one of lydia’s pictures as a gift and keeping the others displayed in his room (◡‿◡✿)

lydia giving him the drawings in the first place (◕‿◕✿)

stiles whimpering for lydia to come find him (◡‿◡✿)

lydia yelling for stiles and being so concerned about his safety (◕‿◕✿)

lydia having his dad’s number and insists on calling  (◡‿◡✿)


In light of recent events, I just rewatched parts of 1.09

And I fell in love with Sterek all over again.


Because that was the episode where Derek was waiting in Stiles’ room for him to come home, because he trusted Stiles to help him.

Because Derek slammed Stiles against the wall and Stiles didn’t back down one bit. “My house, my rules, buddy, that’s right.”

He was clearly nervous, a bit intimidated, maybe, but he didn’t let Derek get away with it, and the moment he sat down in his chair, his mind was at the true challenge: finding out who had sent Allison the text.

Then Danny got there, and Stiles roped him in for tracking the text, and made Derek strip. And how he was basking in the glory of his own genius at that moment. Getting back at Derek and getting Danny to help him. Stiles, manipulative mastermind. “You’re a horrible person.” - “I know, it keeps me awake at night.” Unrepentant and ruthless. What a little shit, seriously.

And then Derek and Stiles are in Stiles’ car in front of the hospital and Derek witnesses  the phone call. He grabs Stiles’ wrist at some point to talk directly to Scott, to ask questions about the chain, and it isn’t gentle. He’s impatient. When Stiles has the phone back and Derek hears how Scott, who has a completely different set of priorities, points it out that Stiles is going to miss the game, he turns his head to the right, annoyed and on edge.

And Stiles says, “I know. Look, if you see my dad, tell him … tell him I’ll be there, I’ll just be a little bit late, okay?”

That’s when Derek turns his head to look at Stiles. Because he knows that the one reason why making first line matters to Stiles is because his father is proud of him - that Stiles doesn’t want to disappoint him. Derek witnessed the conversation first hand while he was hiding in Stiles’ room.

And this is a key moment, because Derek looks at Stiles like he’s seeing him for the first time, and at least one of these annoying kids has his priorities straight.

And Derek looks impressed, even taken aback a little.

“You’re not going to make it,” he says, and Stiles says, “I know.”

They’re staring right ahead at the hospital sign, and then Derek says, “By the way, one more thing?” and slams Stiles’s head into the steering wheel.

“What the hell was…”

“YOU know what that was for. Go. GO!”

And Stiles obeys.

That’s it. That’s the scene. And it’s beautiful, because Derek’s reaction is one of active denial.

He doesn’t want to be reluctantly impressed by Stiles. He doesn’t want to feel any kind of sympathy for the kid who gives up his chance at first line, which would make his father, his remaining parent, so fucking proud. He doesn’t want to like Stiles.

So he focuses on his anger. He thinks of the way Stiles manipulated him and used him for his looks, and how he wants to get back on him for that.

He slams his head into the steering wheel because he doesn’t like Stiles, and Stiles doesn’t like him. He doesn’t want Stiles to like him.

And it gets better. Stiles enters the hospital. The moment Derek realizes that Peter is the alpha, the first thing he says, is, “Stiles, get out of there right now!” followed by, “It’s him! He’s the alpha, get out!"  The first thing after the realization, is the concern about Stiles’ safety. The very first thing. It could easily have been the other way round. "It’s him. He’s the alpha. Stiles, you need to get out of there!” But it wasn’t.

And that’s why I love this episode. And it’s why I love that scene, with the steering wheel, because it means a whole lot more than just Derek being a dick.

don’t ever allow yourself to think about how stiles being possessed by the nogitsune affected derek don’t remember how derek was so worried and concerned for stiles’ safety and how derek did absolutely everything that he possibly could to save stiles because it hurt him so much to think about stiles suffering honestly don’t even think about it for a second it’s too painful