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I appreciate the daily uploads, but I'm concerned the fans are gonna spam your inbox the ONE DAY you might miss it with "Wherz teh next part?" Or "PLZ UPDATE OR I'LL STEB U". I'm just being needlessly concerned here...

Well challenge accepted cause expect updates everyday! 

  • Me, now: fuck it, I want some more of these two idiots together

ok i know its way past midnight but what if we all went on a googledoc together and wrote a script for @waiting4codot

I’m thinking about that one post about “fandom’s lost innocence” where the innocence is really “right to silence other fans for their valid criticism”…

It hit me that the same people who miss the good ol days of fandom and claim that critique of anything even remotely related to (white) women’s sexuality is “purity wank/culture” are themselves wishing for a “purer” original fandom experience where they can do what they want with no strings attached.

Like they had back in the day (like… Less than a decade ago for some of them) when they could browbeat concerned fellow fans into silence and run them out of fandom for expressing themselves or any critique of racism, misogyny, heterosexism, or cissexism in their fandoms.

“I wish we could go back to the time when people didn’t make me feel bad about what I like” is literally wishing for a time when other, marginalized people were too afraid to speak up in what is constantly being called a safe space for some (but only when slash shipping or fandom’s racism problems are brought up…) .

I just…I wonder if the people making these posts see that they’re on a shit side of fandom history and definitely not doing themselves any favors…

i love aroha’s because you guys aren’t like, “i wish they’d do more,” you guys are like, “i wish they finally get a chance to rest and eat well and see their families,” and it’s just so wholesome and warms my heart, thank you aroha for caring so much about these sweet boys

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Can you believe that people are actually losing their shit over the fact that Kristin and Chris aren't wearing contacts or that their eyes are the wrong color???? (In the comments of Rick's picture of percabeth) This fandom can never be pleased

Yeah, It makes me kind of angry that nothing is good enough for a lot of them, they are too old, Annabeth is not blonde, she is blonde now but she is still too old, her hair is straight, her eyes are not gray, Chris have brown eyes...And I’m just here like, this cast love the book and have read the books, they have told over and over how much the directors and writer are fans of the books, this musical has been in the making for over 4 years and we couldn’t be luckier because everyone involved is so sweet and nice and they listen to the fans concerns… like can we just please sit back and relax and enjoy the show!? I would understand if this was a movie or a tv show but musical has different rules than those and just stop complaining until you see the musical. 


Please take some time out of your day to watch this video 

even if you aren’t a huge pyrocynical fan. This concerns all of us and I am truly disgusted and livid after hearing about child exploitation and open air pedophilia going on on YouTube. 

Please spread this like wild fire and mass report all the videos that fall under this category. That is what I will be spending my evening doing.

A Guide to Spoiler Season Etiquette

Spoiler season is more than right around the corner. In fact, by the time this goes up, it may have already started. Official spoiler times are never set in stone every year and can often be pushed forward. Because of this, there is a certain concern amongst MTG fans that their spoilers will be ruined.

To many fans of Magic the Gathering, spoiler season is like Christmas. It’s a several week long period where Wizards of the Coast, and various MTG and TCG related outlets are given the opportunity to ‘spoil’ a card in the upcoming set. This period is both fun for players who are excited about seeing, early, what is coming up in the new set and allows for WotC to preview and explain mechanics and story to come in a controlled environment. All in all, spoiler season builds suspense, excitement and allows for great clarity between creator and fans. 

However, nothing is ever quite so simple. With so many cards and so much excitement built up around this period of time, there are always things that feel through the cracks. That being leaks. Leaks are not unlike spoilers as, at the end of the day, they are still just hearing about the card early, however they are usually from unofficial sources and will often involve the breaking of contract and trust between various parties and WotC. As awful as this is, leaks are enabled by clambering fans, looking for a spoiler fix. Ultimately, they hurt the game and fans as it prevents the aforementioned clarity and excitement from happening. All of a sudden things are out of control. There was great confusion about colourless mana during the release of Oath of the Gatewatch that may have been avoided had cards not been leaked and this stands as a testament to the power than leaks can have as MTG evolves and crosses more exciting domains.

Right now, I’m not gonna call you a bad person for looking at leaks. That wouldn’t be right. Instead, I’m going to ask you not to spread leaks and provide a quick guide to avoid accidentally sharing unauthorised spoiler cards so that you know before you go. 

Identifying an early leak is relatively easy but they can sometimes get a little difficult. All in all there are two stages. Photos and unsourced.

Photos are the easiest to identify because they are literally just photos of the cards. Any and all photos of unspoilered cards are leaks and should either be avoided or, at the least, unshared. Additionally, these photos will more than often be either unsourced or link to unofficial sources. When in doubt, leave it be. 

Here is a photo of one of the only leaked cards from Kaladesh. Note that it is also not a regular version of the card. More often than not, leaks will be foils, pre-release promos or FNM foils.

Note: This is not a card from Aether Revolt so fear not

The second kind is much harder to identify and is more of an sceptical approach to run of the mill spoilers as opposed to way of identifying things that are clearly not kosher. That is just that if, when browsing reddit, tumblr or any news website, you find a spoiler that is unsourced, or links to an unofficial source, it should be assumed to be untrustworthy. All in all, this is for those who are very adamantly avoiding spoilers as any unsourced spoiler card could very well just be a regular spoiler, so I’ll leave whether you share it or not to your discretion.

Ultimately the spreading of leaks hurts magic as it takes control over the spoiler season from WotC, thus hurting the game and the fans. I can’t tell you not to share leaks, so I won’t. Instead I’ll give tools to identify leaks, for those genuinely concerned with avoiding leaks. I hope only that this will help to slow the spread of leaks.

—Max, @commandtower-solring-go


It’s just as mind-screwy on the rewatch…

Nefcy? NEFCY?

I don’t think you and your writers fully understand what you’ve done!

This episode potentially changes EVERYTHING about Marco’s character dynamic not just with Star but with every other character he knows. His parents, his friends, Jackie – EVERYONE.

The reason I say “potentially” is because it’s pretty likely that future episodes will simply disregard the fact that Marco is now a 30-year-old man in the body of a 14-year-old teenager.

I mean, a later episode involves him going to a Love Sentence concert with Star and Jackie. So the deeper, underlying, possibly emotionally and mentally-scarring implications that this episode presents? BOOP. Very possibly gone.

Say what you will about what the episode means for Starco. At least as far as the more hardcore fans are concerned, everything is different now.

a synopsis of the fans' current attitude toward supernatural.
  • supernatural: THE WORLD IS ENDING.
  • fans: again?
  • supernatural: yes but this time it's WORSE THAN EVER BEFORE.
  • fans: worse than <i>all</i> the other times?
  • supernatural: YES.
  • fans: uh-huh.
  • supernatural: EVERYONE IS DYING.
  • fans: oh no.
  • supernatural: THIS IS IT THIS IS WHERE IT ALL ENDS--
  • fans: yup
  • fans: no yeah, we got it. oh no. wow. we're so scared.
  • supernatural: THE WORLD IS-- oh, oh no it's ok. we're fine. everything's fine. it's--it's over now.
  • fans: oh well thank God we were so concerned.
  • supernatural: ...
  • fans: ...
  • supernatural: ...
  • fans: ...
  • supernatural: THE WORLD IS ENDING!!!!
  • fans: oh boy here we go--

Dear Mark, Felix and Jack
I’m so sorry all the shipping shit has gotten in the way of a lot of things for all of you. I’m not a hater nor an intense shipper and I LOVE Y'ALL with your girlfriends :3
I’m just saying sorry on behalf of the reasonable side of the shipping community and people who are truly feeling awful for you guys because of the ships ect. I’m not saying shipping is a bad thing I’m just saying…it’s really gotten out of hand and that can’t be easy for you guys.
I hope y'all have an awesome day!

From - concerned fan

@therealjacksepticeye @markiplier
Things I learned watching 2017 Wolf 359 AMA

Cecilia Lynn Jacobs is just as cool as Lovelace.

Noah Masur is a bigger troll than Zach Valenti.

Gabriel Urbina is THE best creator in terms of his responses to concerns from fans.

Zach Libresco is adorkable and not a jerk at all like Kepler (also he wears really nice shoes).

Michelle Agresti was really heartbroken over the plant monster’s death (me too).

Richard Littlewood…I hadn’t noticed this before.

Kepler and Rachel may see Cutter as a father figure(?)

And finally Kepler has been riding Jacobi for years.