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where does the pickle mans tongue go.....when he opens his mouth it just rolls out i am Concerned hes like a dog whos tongue just hangs out constantly

It’s like………

a fruit roll up..

“sorry i’m thinking about cats again”

(based on something that happened between a friend and myself, except that i was watching dog videos)

(also im sry i changed my url haha sweats)
Recently found this on Facebook and it sums up my hate for people who breed these dogs perfectly.
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This is AMAZING!

For those who can’t go to the link, the following is what it says:

FYI, none of this is mine. It was posted by Bilton veterinary centre, the same one as in the picture. All credit goes to them but I felt it was important to get word out about some of the breeds of dogs that are riddled with health problems. If you own a pug that’s perfectly healthy that’s cool, but it’s doesn’t change the fact that an alarming number of short nosed (almost no nosed at this point) dogs have extreme difficulty with tasks like breathing and blinking.

 "So I am going to have a rant now and I apologise in advance if this upsets anyone, but here goes.

   Last week, I managed to reduce a lovely family to floods of tears.  They had brought their new dog in to come and see me.  There was a young lady, her husband and their two children of about 8 or 9 years old and they were all already absolutely besotted with their new pet - their first dog, and they had been planning it for several years.

   The dog was a 5-month-old French Bulldog that they had picked up from a breeder about 4 weeks previously.  They were concerned that their new dog may have “a chill” as the dog had sore runny eyes,  difficulty in eating and kept making a choking sound.  They had also noticed the dog had a “funny smell” about him. As I examined the dog it became quickly apparent what was occurring and my heart sank.

  This dog was yet another increasingly popular “short-nosed” breed that was suffering horribly from a myriad of problems - all related to its poor breeding and its unfortunate anatomy. After the examination, I found that this dog had: 

 - Eyeballs too big for its eye sockets. So much so, that when he blinked, the eyelids didn’t fully cover the eyeballs.  (Imagine going out on a windy day and not being able to blink!) This had resulted in deep painful ulcers forming on both eyes that in the short term would require intensive treatment and could feasibly result in the rupture of one or both eyeballs. 

  - The bones forming the front of his face (the maxilla) were so squashed by virtue of this style of this breed (called the brachycephalics), that the soft-tissue structures of the throat are compressed and forced backwards -  obstructing his larynx.  Amongst other things, his soft palate was so elongated (relative to his skull) that it kept getting trapped over his wind-pipe.

 -His nostrils were completely occluded, so absolutely no airflow was possible through his nose.  All of his breathing had to take place through his open mouth.  This meant that whilst he was eating/sleeping he was going through bouts of asphyxiation and so would have to spit the food out or wake up and open his mouth - purely so he would be able to breathe.  This explained the “choking” sound that there were hearing all the time.  He could just manage to breathe with his mouth open, but this then exacerbated the problems with his soft palate.

 - The skin fold over the top of the nose (caused by the squashed face involuting the skin) had caused a crevice of around 2-3 cms deep, where the skin was rubbing against its self.  In this area, the skin was ulcerated and was full of liquid pus.  It was this that the owners were smelling.  This was incredibly painful for the animal and he cried every time I tried to clean it.

 -The skin around his feet, ears, armpits and groin was red raw and inflamed.   He clearly was very itchy and had been licking at these areas repeatedly - which had, in turn, made them more sore and painful.  This is very typical of a condition called “atopy” which is very common in many breeds, particularly the Bulldogs (French and English). So at this point, the shocked owners asked what needed to be done to sort him out.

  So I had to explain that he would need: 

 - Bilateral eyelid shortening surgery that would allow the dog to blink properly and prevent further ulcers from forming.  As well as long-term medication to improve the quality of his tears.

 - Complex soft tissue surgery of the back of the throat to, (amongst other things) shorten his soft palate to facilitate his breathing.

 - He would need both of his nostrils opening up so as to allow adequate air flow to be possible to allow him to breathe/exercise/eat/sleep properly.

 -He would need a “face-lift” to remove a large amount of excess skin on the front of his face, to try and open up the fold that was causing so much infection and pain.

 -He may need allergy testing, food trials, anti-inflammatories etc to try and manage the atopic skin disease that he has. 

 *He needs all of this fairly urgently.  

 *He can’t have all of this done at once and so will require several anaesthetics and complex procedures to be done over a period of time.   

*He is only 5 months old. 

*He needs all of this doing - just so that he can live a vaguely normal life.   


 Also - he is not insured.  It transpired that the new owners looked into insurance but the premium was so high for this breed, that they felt they couldn’t afford it.  To move forward, he would have to go to a specialist veterinary unit (sadly recently set up to deal with the increasing number of very poorly brachycephalic dogs with extreme conformational issues) and this treatment could cost upwards of £8,000 to correct.

 Once I had discussed all this with the owners - they were understandably distraught.  They had hoped for a “cute” and “cuddly” family pet that they had seen examples of spread throughout popular media.  They had no idea that these problems even existed.  Instead, they now have a much-loved dog that is miserable, has a long journey ahead of it and one that they cannot afford to have fixed.

 The family left the room in floods of tears, armed with medication that would temporarily alleviate some of the symptoms and try to make the poor little dog more comfortable.  From what I have later found out, this dog has gone to a rescue centre to be rehomed.  It may have moved away, but its problems most certainly will not have done.

 Pugs, Frenchies, English Bulldogs and Shar-Peis are amongst the breeds which are increasingly being abandoned in vast numbers as people cannot cope with their ongoing problems, illnesses and costs.  It upsets us all hugely when we see how many of the problems frequently associated with these breeds are now classed as “normal”. I will commonly hear “Oh it is normal for this breed to struggle with A, B or C”. NO IT ISN’T NORMAL!

 These trendy flat-faced breeds are some of the most expensive puppies to currently buy.  There is serious money for people who sell a litter of these puppies and so the incentive to breed is VERY high.  It must be said that there are responsible breeders who are trying to “back-breed” these types of dogs to have longer noses, smaller eyes, more open nostrils etc and try to reduce the incidence of these conditions, and these people should be applauded.  However, puppy farms and irresponsible owners are rife, and these “breeders” don’t seem to care a jot about the long-term prognosis and what the future holds for “their” breed. 

 It is also worth noting that many of these breeds are unable to give birth naturally now too (due to the shape of the puppy’s skulls) and so the mothers often go through multiple caesareans… 

 PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE STOP AND THINK before you buy.  Come and talk to US about the breeds that you are interested in - and we shall give you the whole picture.

 I am completely exhausted and totally demoralised seeing these type of problems on a daily basis.  There are enough horrible illnesses, diseases and potential accidents out there without being destined to be unwell before you are even born.

   Whilst people are still buying these dogs, people will still breed them and the problem will never go away.“

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that makka thing just reminded me...5 times viktor and yuuri were caught/interrupted while doing the do (by whomever, not necessarily makkachin lol)

Ty to @forovnix for ideas 2 and 4!

I. That time that they thought it’d be a good idea to do it in the locker room

It was Yuuri’s idea, specifically. There was nobody around, and, as he would explain later, Victor was looking especially attractive that afternoon. Therefore, he’d slammed him against the lockers, fingers raking through hair and quiet gasps of pleasure escaping each other’s lips. It was beautiful, it was perfect, it was everything he’d dreamt of – until they’d heard Yakov come in.

“Is anybody here?” Yakov calls.

For half a second, they stare at each other, wide-eyed. Then, they snap into action. Victor fetches his shirt off of the ground and puts it over his head. They scramble to find underwear and end up wearing each other’s. Yuuri hops to get into his pants and Victor tries to sort out his hair after putting his shirt on.

“Victor, where is my shirt?” he hisses, because there are no more clothes left on the ground, and the footsteps are getting louder.

“I took it off… I took it off before we came into the locker room,” Victor realizes, paling. “That’s fine. No shame in being caught shirtless.”

Yuuri spares him a glare, then hides behind the nearest row of lockers.

“Hi, Yakov,” Victor greets, casually leaning against said row of lockers.

“Your shirt is on backwards. And Yuuri, I can see you.”

II. That time that Phichit is live-streaming for his fans

It turns out that Phichit live-streams every Wednesday evening.

Victor and Yuuri are staying over at his apartment in Detroit in a small makeshift guest room. It’s cozy, and it has been a week since they’d properly had sex, so Victor can’t help it when on a Wednesday afternoon, he lets his hands slip up Yuuri’s shirt and onto his chest, lets his hips shift against Yuuri’s own.

Yuuri turns around in his arms and smiles, helping Victor lift his shirt off.

Two minutes later, the door is thrown open and Phichit enters. “And here we have Victor and Y–woah, you guys, oh, that’s…” He turns the camera away, then winks at it. “Bad time. Sorry about that, guys. Oh, I bet you’d like to see more, Phichit-Fan-903. That’s perverted, though, and we’re going to give them their privacy. Sorry about that, Yuuri!”

“I’m going to kill you,” Yuuri calls back.

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How come everybody gets a cool shirt but Akaashi :(( I think he would want one too

the problem with being the long distance friend is that all your other friends have the power to buy you an unnecessary amount of shirts just to make sure you feel included

listen,,,, kent Messy Bitch™ parson does not have the energy to keep a neat Instagram theme. hell no. unlike most celebrities profiles, there’s no artsy shots of the cities he’s been to or pictures of him having fun with friends. instead, nearly every other fucking picture is of him and kit purrson. (think: ryan ross.)

it’s not planned. it just happens. kent posts pics of their adventures frequently. kent and kit watching tv. kent and kit eating cheerios. kent and kit shopping at the dollar store. kent and kit later getting kicked out of the dollar store. you know, his daily life.

his followers find it amusing, although they are a bit concerned.

his comments section is usually filled with questions like: "should you really let a cat have cereal?“ and "do you ever hang out with actual friends, and not just your cat?” kent ends up posting a series of videos, drunk at 3 am, explaining that 1- it’s okay to give kit purrson cheerios as long as he doesn’t do it too often and serves it without milk, and 2- kit purrson is an actual friend and anyone who says differently could “kiss my motherfucking ass, @hock​eyfan81.”

Send “Who Are You?” and my muse will reply with one of the following:

#1-50. Pronouns [we, I, she, he, ect] are free to change. Optimal for vigilantes.

  1. Concerned… Third party? 
  2. Honestly, I haven’t decided yet. 
  3. Considering [___], I’d say I’m the guy who just took your job. 
  4. I’m here to help you. 
  5. Just say we’re in the same business, fixing problems. 
  6. I’m the guy who still has time to save [name].
  7. Tell [name] I’m the guy that just put him out of business. 
  8. I’m like you, I give people second chances. 
  9. One of the only people who know you’re innocent. 
  10. Detective [name]. *NOTE: they stole a badge and are impersonating*
  11. One of these days I’ll have to come up with a good answer for that one.
  12. You can call me… [name].
  13. Who I am doesn’t matter right now. What matters is, I know who you are.  
  14. My name is [name]. Your mother sent me. 
  15. If you find out, let me know. *NOTE: Could be about someone else*
  16. My name is [name] and I help people out of tough situations. 
  17. *silently continues what they were doing*
  18. The guy who shot Detective [name] and stole his badge. 
  19. Your ride home. 
  20. *about someone else* The guy who helped me save your life tonight. 
  21. I’m the guy who stopped you two jokers from killing each other. 
  22. We help people, even when they don’t necessarily deserve it. 
  23. Just a guy who needed a ride. 
  24. I find it hard to answer that, even to myself. 
  25. I’m the partner of the man in your backseat. 
  26. As far as you’re concerned, [name], we don’t exist. 
  27. *snippily* [first name].
  28. Let’s just say that ultimately, you and I work for the same entity. 
  29. I could ask you the same thing. 
  30. That’s not important. 
  31. Right now, an easy target. 
  32. Tonight, hostage negotiator. 
  33. [A] Concerned third party. 
  34. Someone who knows what this is about. 
  35. Right now, your only option. 
  36. We’re merely a couple of concerned dog owners, [name]. 
  37. As of this moment, [name], we are your judge and jury. 
  38. Not important.
  39. The night watch. 
  40. Concerned citizen. 
  41. I’m the guy that’s gonna catch you when you fall. 
  42. Never Mind. 
  43. A concerned frequent flyer. 
  44. You can call me [name]. And this is my partner [name]. 
  45. I may be the only person here who thinks you’re innocent. 
  46. Security advisors… Of a sort. 
  47. Right now I’m the getaway driver. 
  48. Ordinarily I’d be the chick kicking your amateur hour ass. 
  49. The frigging Dalai Lama.

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How would the exwires react if their s/o had a large breed dog


  • He love doggo
  • Big doggo is good
  • He loves your big doggo
  • BFF’S
  • Wants to constantly take him for walks
  • Doesnt have problems walking big doggo since he strong af
  • Lets big doggo sleep on him like a little Kitten would

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  • She is surprised you have dog if you didn’t tell her about it
  • She likes animals so she has no problem with it
  • Also has no problem with the size 
  • She thinks s/he’s a big softy and loves to pet it
  • She’d also like to walk it but doggo would props drag her along the path 

Originally posted by bestgirloftheday


  • Doesn't mind the size
  • He assumes if it’s your dog it’s friendly 
  • He doesn’t associate larger breeds being more aggressive anyways
  • He would like bringing it along to your dates at the park and throwing sticks for it
  • He loves to pet it, especially the huge floof floofie floofloof thats under the dogs neck


  • He prefers cats but doesn't dislike dogs
  • So he likes your dog 
  • Is slightly nervous about its size
  • But he doesnt think you’d have an aggressive dog
  • He actually comes to adore your doggo and often brings it treats and toys on his visits 

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  • A little scared at first
  • Just stand there in fear not wanting to pet the dog
  • Which concerns the dog and makes him bark
  • “Hahahah, y/n-chan, I didn’t know you had a dog…and I didn’t know he’d be so big…”
  • “Your…your sure he doesnt bite?”
  • “You know dogs are meant to know when a person isn’t right for their owner…what if he knows I’m a fuckboy”
  • If you don’t kick him out after that, he’d eventually warm up to your dog and begin to love him
  • Shima actually loves dogs a lot but is also low-key scared of them because of a shitty childhood memory

Originally posted by lovingfucks


  • He doesnt care
  • It’s just a dog to him
  • Probably tells your dog to fuck off because your his now
  • Let doggo knows he aint nobodys bitch
  • Might even try ride around on doggos back when no ones around

Originally posted by technolyzed


  • Is kinda sceptical at first
  • She prefers small dogs
  • Still thinks your dog is cute though
  • Would question how well you trained your dog
  • Before realising a dog is nothing compare to a demon so she realises she’s being silly
  • She’ll claim it’s ‘just a dog.’
  • As soon as you leave to fetch some snacks or something she’ll actually melt and shower your doggo with affection 

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Gif by @a-screaming-ghost​, request by @maddieburcham1​: Congratulations on 900 my love! You deserve each and every one of them! Hopefully I’m not to late to send in a request but I was thinking something along the lines of a Sam x reader where they both like each other but have never said anything, I know it’s simple but it’s a favorite of mine 😘

Harboring feelings was never easy. You became nervous and awkward every time you were near one another. Unsure of what to say, afraid of letting the secret out in the open, trying desperately to keep everything contained. Needless to say you were exhausted. You were debating letting him know exactly how you felt, which is why you walked into his room without knocking. Something you should have done in hindsight.

Seeing Sam shirtless made your mouth run dry and your brain completely lose the focus and determination you had only moments before. Sam scrambled quickly, trying to put his shirt back on, hoping you wouldn’t notice the slight flush to his face.

“Geez Y/N, where’s the fire?”


“You just ran in here without knocking, what’s wrong?”

“Wrong? Oh! Oh no…nothing. I just- I wanted to um…”

“Are you okay?”

His face flashed with concern, puppy dog eyes in full effect, and he walked quickly to you, wrapping his large, warm hands around your shoulders. His proximity doing nothing to help no matter how hard he was trying.

“I like you.” You blurted out, eyes wide, almost unbelieving that you had said the words out loud.

“I like you too, Y/N.”

“No! No Sam…” your frustration grew at his obliviousness, his concern changing to confusion. “I really like you…I can’t think straight when you’re around and at the same time you are the one person that can simply calm me down just by the sound of your voice or the way you smell. I have embarrassing fantasies about you daily. I love how your face scrunches up when you’re reading, or how when we’re hunting you always make sure I am within your line of sight without making me feel like I’m incapable….I. Like. You.”

You were out of breath from your rant, chest heaving from a mixture of your panic and speech. Finally gaining the courage to look up at his face, you were pleasantly surprised. Sam had a large smile on his face and his hands moved up your neck and to cup your face, leaning in and giving you a kiss so sweet you could have gotten a cavity.

“I. Like. You. Too.” He said in between kisses. Nothing could wipe the smiles off of your faces after tonight.


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Hi there, just a question on your last post you made. You said how dogs were being seriously neglected, saying this is abuse, and the dogs had serious injury. I'm just wondering that if any of this is in regards to raisingopal, how is any of that true in her case? An accidental pregnancy isn't ideal, of course, but if her dog and the pups are healthy and cared for, and the pups find good homes how is this abuse, neglect, or harm to the dog at all? Just looking for clarification is all.

Under the cut b/c long af

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caches | alfie solomons

You heard them crashing into the house and grabbed out for the gun tucked by the bed. You made it to the landing before you heard their voices, let your breath go, and stormed down.

“What is happening!?”

You made your way into Alfie’s office where he and Ollie were bent over his desk, frantically counting out notes.

“Fuck, we’re short”

“Alfie, what’s happening?”

He slammed the drawer closed, running his hands over his hair, straightening to look at you before he spoke.

“Tommy’s new friends are being a pain in my arse. Won’t sign this contract ‘til we have the first shipment down”

“We’re not excessively trusting people, it transfers”

“No, you’re not”

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