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While walking to work this morning, a FINE young gentleman came out of the student center wearing a full tux with tails. I did a double take at the sheer level of fancy that was happening so early on a Wednesday morning! He also clearly had a mallet bag and plays percussion.

My inner band geek and fancy lady got SUPER stoked, and I proceeded to make all the dirty “You can bang MY drum anytime, sir!” jokes in my head. In my head, though. I try to stay classy. ;)

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okay, you've gotta join in, anons have been posting a lot. mod, name ten places you think Nikki has peed while standing!

good lord what is going on lmao

okay uhhh

- Off a ferris wheel 

- Forest (duh)

- On a person

- At a dog pound

- On a wolf that was challenging her

- On her tent

- The flowescout’s camp

- On a campfire

- Come on she legit said “time to drink my own pee!”

- A urinal

Ta-dah! A list i never in my right mind thought i’d be making. On a similar not, i’m gonna start tagging these as ‘urine mention’ because some people would be off-put

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Wowowo I was off for like 2 HOURS and now there is some shitsorm going on on here. Can someone please explain wtf is going on???

Nothing much. 
There was one update talking about the so called market bug with bindle items which was more a hack. The team just wrote that the ones responsible for using loopholes in the code of Eldarya will face punishment (or already have ).

I mean, we all knew someone will get punished for that. 
The question was when they will post about it and they did so today.

I thought this would be good to spread around, considering I’m seeing some people expressing worry about DDADDS being like, a joke. I’m pretty sure we’re in the clear (tbh until I saw him talking about it and then found this, I was a smidge worried, too)

yeah, anyone worried about the game should see this, and read what vernon has said about the game. the people working on it definitely takes it seriously!

one of the co-creator’s (who’s lgbt) also assured someone on twitter that dream daddy is a very sincere and heartfelt game, and not in any way a homophobic joke

EXO’s rival is EXO


1x06 // 2x07 // 2x10 // 2x11: alec lightwood + “you okay?”

nico cant take a break


hey… so quick question… when y'all say you wanna fuck pennywise you’re talking about the actor right? like not actually pennywise, right? you mean bill skarsgård rigHT??? RIGHT???!!!!!??

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