Oliver Astrologo is a digital director from Rome Italy who enjoys creating stories and reveal secret places with his photography. Follow him on Instagram.

 I take photos, i write thoughts and i share feelings. this is what i like to do, in a very passionate way.

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De-Selfing by Hsin Wang

“This photography project is about visualizing my personal feelings about romantic relationships. After having a breakup of a seven-year long relationship, I deeply believed that if I didn’t transform myself into a more likable woman, there wouldn’t be any happiness in my life anymore. So I started “de-selfing” myself for men. To illustrate feelings that are often difficult to explain, I combined a variety of physical props and materials with myself, usually posing with different male counterparts.”


Surreal Realism: The Photographic Works of Andrea Galvani

Italian born, New York based photographer Andrea Galvani (b. 1973) combines elements of the known and the surreal in the creation of his beautiful, bizarre photographs. A student of the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna and Bilbao University, Galvani has received the New York Exposure Prize and was nominated for the Deutsche Börse Photography Prize. His work has been exhibited exhibited internationally, including in New York City, Moscow, Poland and Italy, and has completed several artist residencies in New York City, including Location One International Artist Residency Program, the LMCC Lower Manhattan Cultural Council, and the MIA Artist Space Program/Columbia University School of the Arts.

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 Intriguing Surreal Photos by Logan Zillmer

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  Michigan-based photographer Logan Zillmer creates an impressive series of surreal and conceptual photography. He shoots dreamlike images every day of the year and shares them with his followers for a 365 photo project he started. His portfolio includes several high quality images each of which is worth seeing.