a concept: you and i are covered in blankets, in nothing but our underwear. my head on your chest, your face buried in my hair, whispering sweet nothings into my ear. it is raining outside, but we are warm. we are endlessly in love.


I’m debuting a new zine at Thought Bubble in a couple weeks, and I’ve collected 40 of my favorite landscapes from @ruckenfigures! If you’re not going to be in Leeds on November 14-15 though, I’m opening up pre-orders and including a bonus of three high-quality postcards to go with the zine! 

The pre-order sale will run from 11/2 through 11/6! If you’d like to grab a copy, please check my shop out HERE! Zines and postcards will ship out end of November, which is perfect if you’re looking for a nice, pretty gift to give someone this holiday season! Thank you for checking it out!!

Concept: We will never love Mondays. The dog is still sleeping at our feet when I hear my love get up and the shower starts. He commutes to the city and doesn’t mind today’s rain. I write from home in the room with the biggest window. When I wake to kiss him goodbye, he mentions the coffee he’s left for me on my desk. Chesnut Praline. It rains all day, the dog watches it from my side, and I write poems about how I can’t remember the past. We message each other silly pictures about moose and talk dinner tonight. I promise to order pizza, extra cheese. We will never love Mondays, but we’ve fallen hard for these little simple days we have.

concept: i have moved to a nice two bedroom in a small city north from here. i haven’t spoken to anyone from high school in years. my roommate is v sweet; we watch tv shows together while folding laundry. on weekends, i attend poetry readings & take myself out for dinner. there is a window in my bedroom & every morning, light stretches itself onto my body.

Concept: Before dinner, you help our son with math homework because you’ve always been better at numbers and I am elbows deep in flour, trying to find the right recipe for peach cobbler. Out of the chaos in the crockpot, I catch a vision of you, leaning over the table, watching our son count out loud and get every one right. This is our home, not quite the suburbs, but far enough from the freeway. We don’t notice all the time, but we’re happy. This is the future, and it’s happening right in front of me.
—  Schuyler Peck

concept: i throw my phone into a river. i move to a small cottage on the coast of bali. i swim every day and write books that will never be published or read. i never speak to anyone from my past life. my body heals & rests. i am at Peace.

Concept: A sitcom where Person A is dating Person B, but A also has a horse. For some reason, Person B can speak to said horse. For the entirety of the show, Person B and the horse fight passionately for Person A’s attention.

Call it Bae vs. Bay