Looked through some old sketches of mine and found an old concept and characters I loved! The original concept was basically just weird characters based on different emotions that got into shenanigans, but I’m tweaking it a little bit.

New concept: Dr. A. Pathy (amazing name, I know) was born without any emotions, so he is now collecting animals born with one singular dominant emotion and studying them to try to gain emotions himself. We’ve got Rainy Day, the ultra depressed rabbit; Bite Me, the always pissed and floofed kitty; Fear Monger, the fear inducing snake (she didn’t end up the same as the other animals, as she doesn’t feel fear, but creates it/invokes it in others); and Puzzle, the ever curious and semi-annoying monkey. They’re all constantly causing trouble for the Doctor and are constantly getting on each others nerves, but they still work like a family. 

That’s all I got for now, so I hope you guys enjoy!


A few people have asked for tips about clothing design. These are just some things to consider while designing outfits for characters. 

I would also like to add that the best thing you begin with is gorging yourself on costumes, historical clothing, current fashion, etc. Take some time to look around, collect information, and get a good idea of what works. Then, apply what you know, and have fun with it. 

concept: dan and phil go to target to get decorations for their new house. phil keeps putting the weirdest decorations in their cart and dan gives him an annoyed but fond look that says “what the fuck phil, are you kidding me?” phil giggles and walks off to find more weird decor

Concept: you know how magic schools like Hogwarts are always depicted as having these massive, sprawling campuses, but there never seem to be more than a few hundred students?

Rather than (correctly) assuming that the author simply has problems with scale, take that and run with it: the magic school is legitimately huge, and the students and teachers are only using like 1% of the total facility. The other 99% is both unused and - thanks to variable interior layout and loss of institutional knowledge over successive generations - largely unexplored.

Rumour has it that the school has a guidance counselor’s office, but those who search for it generally don’t return; being sent there is an often-wielded but never-exercised threat.

A Little Something Interesting:

Norse Mythology

Mesoamerican Folklore

East Asian Folklore

Slavic Folklore

A mess of random, fascinating creatures and concepts from throughout world history, all suggested to us by the cunning @to-write-my-book!

Hopefully you’ll be able to put some of these concepts to good use in your fiction or otherwise. At the very least, you can use it to impress your drinking buddies with your now vast mental catalog of esoteric beasties! That’s something humans do, right?…

Anyway, here’s to creativity and copying good ideas. Cheers! Enjoy the thought-fuel~