10140035 - Akodo Kamina - Conceptopolis on Flickr.

Conceptopolis - Akodo Kamina

I was lucky enough to sit in on the Gen Con 12 finals match that Tim won. Falcon tokens were involved so I decided right then and there that who ever he picked would have a falcon on his person. We added archers behind him for his abilities and gave the art to one of our best. We tweaked the falcons color a few times because he kept blending into Kamina’s arm turned out really solid I feel.

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Daidoji_Sadayori on Flickr.

Conceptopolis - Daidjoi Sadayori

A really solid detailed piece. It’s no wonder they got so much work from us. I love the Daidoji mon on the helmet.

In answer to the requestors question on mempo. I love mempo I think I have a few in mind for Daidoji, Though mempo often get used on Lion and Scorpion the most cause of reasons and things. But it looks great here I think more on Daidoji is a fine idea.

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