concept: trans jace
  • frantic use of illusions plus a tight bra because he used to try to bind and it hurt too badly, especially with his scars
  • liliana knows, jace is super afraid she’s going to tell the rest of the gatewatch and they’ll hate him
  • sometimes he worries that it’s all because he screwed with his head one too many times
  • of course eventually they find out
  • Nissa is like “well that’s who you are, of course it’s fine”
  • Chandra is just like “I am so confused as to why this would matter”
  • Gideon goes out of his way to be supportive and ask Jace if he needs anything and reassure him that of course this isn’t something wrong with him, why would he even think that
  • Ral immediately starts researching biology and sneaking around Simic labs, even though he doesn’t have an expertise in the area, because Jace, as the Guildpact, doesn’t think he can just go to the Simic himself

Bonus college AU: the Gatewatch at a beach party and Jace is refusing to undress until everyone finally just gives up and is like “okay, so he hates fun”.  Liliana gives him this smirk, and Ral, who is, if anything else, not an idiot, is like “do you want me to punch her dude”?  and is like “I don’t like swimming either, let’s go stare at tide pools instead.”  And Jace hasn’t paid a lot of attention to Gideon’s roommate until now but the two of them get really into SCIENCE and ECOLOGY together and there’s gonna be a kiss but Jace freaks out and finally comes out to Ral via text later in the evening and Ral is like dude I do not give a fuck, I literally could not give less of a fuck if I tried and again there’s all sorts of supportiveness and general people being nice to Jace because he totally deserves it.