So I actually painted this way earlier in January (but held off posting it here until now lol) - but yea! Here’s a peppermint/candycane knight for @cgcookie‘s winter contest! Had a lot of fun painting this guy.

Streamed this to patrons last month to demonstrate my process. I’ll probably make the no-commentary timelapse version public sometime later this week, but if you’d like access to the commentated version (as well as future streams/videos as I make them), please consider checking out my Patreon!

(You should check out the other entries too, all of them are incredibly cool.)


The Color Course: Understanding Color

Instructor: Tim Von Rueden (vonn)

Expert Input: Mel Herring (PurpleKecleon) or more recently GlitchedPuppet

This first half of the color course focuses on understanding color from the terms associated with color, how lights project color, choosing color schemes, and much more. We go into different discussions like why Red and Cyan are considered true complimentary colors instead of red and green.

We begin first breaking down what is Color? Why is there confusion when figuring out what is considered Red? As we continue throughout this course we will constantly refer back to the three terms that better explain what color is.

From there we dive into working digitally and the differences that brings when working with color projected with light rather than pigments. Once you begin understanding working in RGB (Red, Green, Blue) then it becomes easier understanding how colors mix in this digital format.

Working with color, we need to understand the color wheels associated with art and the difference between the traditional and modern color wheels. We will then show you how to choose these colors accurately from within Photoshop.

Then we take the time to look at the terms associated with color such as tint, tone, shade, monochromatic, greyscale, analogous, complimentary, and warm/cool. There are a lot of color terms but they are quite simple once you know the meaning of each.

The last section in our understanding color course looks at creating basic color schemes and we have a guest appearance from one of our favorite color artists, Mel Herring giving her insights on working with color as well!

here’s a compiled/organized list of some of my favorite tutorials and resources and shit for art things! 

Anatomy (tutorials and examples)

More Specific Body Parts (aka Hands and Friends)

Face Tutorials (Aka Eyes and Friends)

Hair Tutorials

Clothing Tutorials

Background Tutorial




Feel free to add on if you have some rad stuff to share!


Entry for CGCookie’s contest. Prompt was to design a character inspired by a color (cyan in this case). A rushed entry…maybe I’ll clean this up better later on my own time.

Thanks for all the responses about which color to pick by the way! This one’s was the original pallete, so I eventually decided to stick with this since it was (in general) easier to paint with. Maybe I’ll try something with the other pallete later though, since I do like it a ton.

Decided to map out my influences/idols/somethings with this handy dandy chart!

I’m excluding all my friends because you’re all a SERIOUS INSPIRATION TO ME not kidding but you guys know I love you so except I included crispy because if I didn’t it would be the biggest lie of my life

Wayne Barlowe - HR Giger - Hyung Tae Kim

Loish - Minna Sundberg - Evan Dahm

Melody Pena - Terryl Whitlatch - Allison Theus

Zdzisław Beksiński - Daniel Danger - Miss Monster

Matt Rhodes - Fumito Ueda - Tetsuya Nomura

Mangycoyote - Sakimichan - Gunnerromantic

Bioatomic - Chris Sanders - Klar

James Gurney - Jennifer Miller - Idiot Apathy

Stjepan Sejic- Noelle Stevenson - Tsutomu Nihei

Lucian Stanculescu - Pete Mohrbacher - Tobias Kwan