Next plush, at least the concept art!! Started on this sweetheart yesterday, almost done with the pattern since I’m just recycling an old pattern! 🐱 #conceptart #turnaround #plushwip #art

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Here is some Original work im finally getting back to!  
The sides views, left to right : 
Indra, Otto, Floyd, Lawrence

Trailer Park Magic! This project goes way back to 2014, and im so happy im revisiting it, with the help of @toxic-jpg working by my side. 

This story mainly revolves around Otto. He is a lone traveler who wonders junkyard to junkyard across Texas towns and cities, trying to find objects that have been forgotten or thrown so he can repair and resell, it being his only type of  income. He ends up finding a Lava Lamp that is completely untouched and seems to not need a power source to be on, surprisingly. Of course, the curious and awe-struck man takes in the lamp and continues on his way. 
As he takes the time to clean up the lamp, he ends up summoning an unexpected guest. 
Indra is a genie, maybe not the cliche ones you see on TV or in storybooks, but you get the gist. 
Otto soon finds out earth is littered in Genies that have been ‘‘punished’‘ and sent to earth to pay for the crimes they have caused in their own world. 
They can possess any object that can radiate heat or light. Usually depending on the object’s time period, means their sense of ‘’style’’ and ‘’attitude’’ is locked in that time frame as well. 

I will spill more info later as I post! <3