conceptal art


some more new!Ducktales doodles for warm up bc reluctant babysitter antics

(I know I only have the first trailer to go on but I can really see Louie and Gladstone being snarky ‘dead-inside’ friends…)

One of the first finished character concepts I did for Motiga. (back in 2012) This was before Gigantic was a hero based game, at this point it was a fully customizable PVP game. So this was our “medium” male body type. This guy was known affectionately as “Sheldon.” 

When we switched over to actual heroes Sheldon was our generic prototype guy for trying out new gameplay kits! 


So I added tattoos to Lana, since she uses magic and is an ancient species compared to the other cyclopes in Flower Path, why not make her magic form ancient too? The doodles of her here are her tattoos when they aren’t using magic, but they glow when she’s casting magic (which is healing spells and some shields to defend herself, but she’s mainly a healer and nothing else.)