concept; hats


My cleric half-elf dnd character, Roux Estaire.  ╰(・∇・╰)

Roux is a follower of the Church of Gallus, a religion that recognizes chickens as our rightful Gods and Masters. She’s a traveling acolyte on a pilgrimage to spread her faith.


I thought this was an immensely adorable idea for the halloweens, or if you just want a mayor who’s a little feisty. All the hair colors are there, And skin is toned towards a tanned mayor. Skin can be made lighter or darker upon request but include a specific item name!

This pattern aligns with both the 

“I’m serious> Grin and bear it!” and “I’m serious> Fight and overcome!”

Femminine hairstyles.

Big thanks to This Post and its creator Petal-Parasol for guiding me through hair coloring and shape and saving me hours and hours as I fight my way into the much newer concept of hat design.

P.s. This Code is compatible with New Leaf!

i’m forever gonna be extremely bitter about how we could’ve gotten Robin with this short hairstyle

or this hairstyle

and maybe this hairstyle

or even this hairstyle

but y’know, Oda had to be basic (¬╭╮¬)