why The™ Chiron skin fucking sucks

Lemme break this down. So on release of it there was a lot of hype about the very trope based skin. A white, feminine gay man by no means represents the LGBT community as a whole, nor does it actually bring in much revenue as the skin itself is rather horrid. The reason Hi-Rez did it is because they insist, as do many other companies, from profiting off of LGBT (despite this skin being released quite a long time after Pride month, i.e. June). If Hi-Rez wants to make genuine revenue, rather than reinforcing a single trope that reoccurs consistenly in media while the rest of LGBT gets ignored, they should try a pretty simple concept like adding a Pride shirt onto a god and then pinning a rainbow flag to their weapon. Chaac, for example. Imagine him, a very non feminine non white male figure, in a Pride shirt and with a massive flag on the back of his axe. It’d be baller. Or Medusa in a rainbow sock and a Pride tshirt. Or Geb with painted rainbows on his rocks and a big rainbow cape flag.

The list can go on, y’all are creative enough.

However the point being is it’s not representation by adding in skins like the Chiron one, rather it’s simply damaging. In media, as I’ve stated before, the trope of the white feminine gay male is implemented in many tv shows, while masculine gay men often are overlooked. Same goes for lesbians, bi men and women, and trans individuals.

If Hi-Rez wants to profit off the LGBT community, or support us (semantics quite honestly, sadly they’re mutually exclusive) then they need to come up with skins that don’t beat a dead horse over the head. Simple representation is better than overly dramatic non-representation. The multiple times I’ve been to Pride, people look like what I described, in a tshirt or wrapped in a flag, not the Chiron skin.

Footnote: Hi-Rez needs to do this in June rather than months later.


Oh jeez, that took longer than I expected, but it was super fun!

When I saw the concept art for Template (here) I immediately thought that he and Error wouldn’t get along very well. Although Ink is to blame for this. (Am I the only one who imagines that if Error and Ink were a couple they would bring devastation everywhere they go?) 

I really tried to stick as close as possible to the concept, although I added side pieces for the glasses.

The cutie Template belongs to @unu-nunu-art Ink of course to @comyet and Error to @loverofpiggies :)

Btw I’ll never ever use a pencil tool for outlines again. Don’t know why I thought this would be a good idea >__>

Edit: Oh jeez posted he same page twice :’D

stuff from amy’s insta livestream (9.15.17)
  • amy wants ethan to dress up as timmy from fairly odd parents bECAUSE REASONS
  • amy was playing gorillaz during her lilvestream
  • amy is a lowkey fan of couples costume and urges mark to dress with her
  • she also is a huge ass fan of group costumes
  • blue smurf costumes and body paint remind amy of bad homestuck cosplays
  • canon peevils has three eyes and no limbs attached
  • amy is (or used to be)  a doctor who fan
  • mark used to watch doctor who as well !!
  • amy’s fave doctor is matt smith
  • amy loves to shop at asos
  • mark bulk buys, according to amy
  • she also wants to dress and act like kathryn because she knows her the most
  • kathryn is more into gaming culture than the rest of teamiplier
  • amy wants to improve on her pottery skills
  • amy wants to livestream open rct with mark on tour
  • amy was making a stamp on the livestream!! it’s an alien!!
  • “nothing wrong with being sad once in a while. sometimes you just need to be sad for a little bit.”
  • amy can hold grudges for a long time and doesn’t understand the concept of forgiveness ad forgetting
  • eventually amy will have an office room for her to do her art. for now, she’s doing her art in the kitchen.
  • amy’s fave colors are yellow and charcoal
  • amy has a snoopy waffle iron she never used
  • shitty art classes with amy: a new tv series coming to you
  • that top thing was a joke and i can’t believe i have to clarify that

comment other things from the stream!!

Last Game Summary *MAJOR SPOILERS*

MAJOR SPOILERS! If you don’t want to be spoiled about Last Game just don’t read this. Also, for those who are gonna spazz and post about the summary PLEASE DON’T SPOIL FOR OTHERS WHO DON’T WISH TO BE SPOILED. (There are people trust me). If you are gonna post about Last Game please use the hashtag #last game spoilers so people can block it. Thank you.

The show I went to had the liveviewing for the seiyuu greetings as well so I’ll write a bit of that after this.

Now if you want to be spoiled, please continue!!

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anonymous asked:

no offence, but why do you need a catalan translation if y'all are bilingual?

Because it’s at the very least a sign of respect????
That is the MINIMUM they could do after all these centuries of occupation and systematical erasure of our peoples. Do you think we’re bilingual because god felt like creating bilinguals that day? We’re bilinguals because we’re an occupied nation, and as such we’ve been forced to replace our language (Catalan, Galician, Euskera, Aranese) for our invader’s language (Spanish).

If there’s no point in considering our language worthy of being on the website of the government we are forced to obey, then what’s the point of having the local languages be co-official in their own territory in the first place. What’s the point of keeping our languages and cultures alive, when we could just forget our identity and give in to their imperialism, and simply speak Spanish. In fact, what’s the point of speaking Spanish when we could speak English, the international language?
Be careful anon, the imperialism that benefits you now might erase you later. If you believe your own culture and language are worthy to keep alive, then why ours isn’t?

This is not just some text in a website, this is yet another reminder that our languages are treated like inferior. When she was a child, my grandma couldn’t speak a word outside her house, ‘cause Catalan was illegal and it was the only language she could speak until she was about 9 years old. My parents were beaten at school for speaking Catalan. For about half of the 20th century, the anthem of Spain was Cara al Sol, which includes lines such as “catalán, judío y renegado, pagarás por los daños que has causado” (“Catalan, Jewish, and renegade [atheist], you’ll pay for what you have caused”). Our parents’ and grandparents’ generations were taught that only uncultured people speak our languages. That it is rude and shameful to speak our languages. Nowadays, there’s many people who think Catalan/Basque/Galician/Aranese/Astur-Leonese/Aragonese are okay to be spoken at home, but nothing more. Not at school, not at work, not in formal settings, ‘cause they’re inferior languages that are unable to express more advanced concepts. By not adding our languages to the official government pages, they are perpetuating this idea (which is already fuelled enough by Spanish and French media and by the mentality many of have to hear all the time). When this mentality is shared by most Catalans, our language will quickly decline and die. This declination is already happening in Galicia, where people choose to speak to their children in Spanish instead of Galician ‘cause that will make them more intelligent or useful. For the last 3 centuries we’ve been invaded by Spain. For the last 3 centuries we’ve been constantly hearing that we are worthless, rojos separatistas, catalufos, polacos…

(Violence trigger warning for the following paragraph)
Imagine, for the last 3 hours you’ve been beating and stabbing a person. Now, if you keep this up for a little more, this person will die. You will have killed this person. But you stop cause you want to give a good image of yourself, though you still kick them from time to time. The person dying asks you to please give them something simple that would seem insignificant to you, like a bandaid. You refuse.
You are not beating them so strongly anymore, so if they die now it won’t be your fault, right?
No. The very least you can do is give the bandaid, and let us cure ourselves (don’t outlaw all our linguistic immersion policies, etc).

We are tired. We just want to live in peace being ourselves.

Besides, what about immigrants who have only had time/resources to learn 1 language and chose it to be the language spoken where they moved to?

I hope that answers your question and that you understand it, though I get it’s hard for people from the majoritary culture to do so. I’m sorry if I sounded mean, I’m just tired of the fact that Every Single Time I reblog something about my culture I get negative asks or comments (not saying this one was negative, but the neo-nazi spanish nationalists I’ve gotten before were).

[Witch Boy AU] Credence Barebone

There was no denying that the boy was strange.
Dressed in black from head to toe, weird tattoos covering his arms, his nose always stuck in his books.
He rarely spoke to anyone - except to his cat when he wasn’t simply mumbling to himself.
Nobody really knew him, or knew about that tall, mysterious man who suddenly appeared in the neighboorhood.

I got inspired a lot by @dakotaliar‘s wondeful drawing of Credence for this aesthetic <3 I just love how she drew him ! I kept the original concept but added the ‘witch boy’ concept because I really like the idea.

Take a look at her work down here :D

Gears and Blood AU

Steampunk AU where Character A is an inventor that’s been experimenting with the concept of adding souls into automatons by combining dark magic with new technology.

The last thing that Character B remembers is fading into the darkness as they died. They most definitely died, but with a jolt they’re shocked back to reality, waking up to find themself in a mysterious room…and in a body that is most definitely not made out of flesh and bones.

9 crimes

Pairing: Eliza Schuyler x Reader

Summary: There are 10 things a person should never do under any circumstances. Throughout all your life you did 9 out of those 10. 

or the story of two little girls who fell in love and of two women who had to bury those feelings. 

Word count: 1,668

Time period: Hamiltime

Warnings: None (yet).

Note: This is a big work that’s going to be divided into three parts. Each one with 3 ‘crimes’. It may be confusing at the start as to what exactly are the crimes (or maybe it’s really obvious and I think is not) but at the end, I think everyone is going to get it. Also, I was experimenting with the narration again so… let’s see how that goes. I hope you like it, guys!  ♡

Extra information: I didn’t mention it in the text but the reader is the same age as Peggy, so is one year younger than Eliza and two years younger than Angelica. Oh and they’re neighbors. 

Lovely tag list: @aph-icelandey  @caspercassiecas  @coolbeanbinch @divergentphangirl101  @fairly–local–trashcan  @hamgurlphangirl @huffleheyguys @leidilaurens @myself-and-the-madman @squabblelion @strawbirby @tomatobasilisk @uniidust 

(I took the likes into account but if you didn’t want to get tagged don’t hesitate and tell me to erase you from the list and please forgive my mistake ;v;) 



You were seven when you felt the closest to hell, but God forbid your mother to heard you say that or she would take you to church every single day.

Heat pushed in on you, making you felt claustrophobic even though you were outside. The humidity was almost overwhelming; it was like breathing in bath water. Your cheeks were tinted in a beautiful red and sweat rolled down your forehead sticking strands of your bangs to your skin. It was not pleasant at all but the daisies surrounding you made it all worth it.

You wondered if there were daisies in hell. ‘Maybe if Lucifer was given some flowers he would smile and wouldn’t be as bad as people in church say he is’ you thought, playing with one of the blossoms in your hand ‘Or maybe he and God could go and have tea…’  

Somehow that line of thought ended with you making a flowers crown. It wasn’t perfect, the ones your nanny used to make were way better but it was good enough not to crumble at the touch and it looked pretty. You were proud of yourself.

And just when you were planning to go back home to show your creation to your mother and father someone approached to you. It was a girl. She was even redder than you, —you didn’t know if it was for the weather or because she apparently had been running— with her ponytail almost undone and her eyes full of tears.  

Both of you looked at each other with surprise, not having anticipated finding someone else.

“Why are you crying?” you couldn’t help to ask.

She sniffed, rubbing her eyes with the sleeve of her dress “I’m not cr-crying…”

“Yes you are” you pointed out, standing up and searching in your pockets for the handkerchief you always carried with you “But that’s alright” you assured her with a smile, handing her the white object “We all cry, even my mum does it sometimes”

She shyly accepted the handkerchief and softly wiped her tears away “But I don’t like it” she mumbled “Peggy makes fun of me”


“My sister. She says I look ugly when I cry”

You observed her again, thoughtfully this time. And noticed her long and still wet eyelashes, her button nose and how bright her eyes actually were. It was almost unbelievable that someone dared to say she looked bad.  

“I think you look more like an apple” you acknowledged and she frowned, not being pleased with your statement “B-but a nice apple! Like those my nanny uses to make a pie. They’re bright red and beautiful. Totally the best apples!” you explained yourself, maybe getting too excited about it because you somehow made her laugh. It was a soft sound, sweet and contagious. You couldn’t help the giggle that escaped your lips.  

“You could be the Apple goddess” you proposed, taking your flowers crown and softly placing it on her head.

“Why not just a queen?”

“I don’t know” you shrugged “I just think goddess sounds prettier than queen”  

She seemed to think of it for a moment, moving her lips to form the words in a soundless whisper. Then nodded and stared at you with a bright smile.

“Yes, it sounds prettier”


When you were ten, you heard the word for the first time in the mouth of someone who was not your parents: Love.

You were still young, a child with three friends who were playing in their father’s fields.

“Love is all mom talks about recently,” said Peggy, mouth scrunched into a frown.

“Such a nonsensical concept” Angelica added, stretching beside her “If I could be tempted to it, it would be for someone whose mind challenges my own, a storm in wit”

You tilted your head back, letting the sun brush gently down your face and feeling Eliza’s fingers still braiding your hair softly.

“I’d do it for someone who brightens my day and motivates me to be better,” you said with a little smile on your mouth “Someone who makes the stars seem to shine brighter”

Peggy looked at you, then at Angelica and laughed lightly.

“You’ve just said the same thing the fairy tales do” she teased, but then her eyes seemed to be filled with excitement and curiosity as she sat closer to you “It must be that you are already in love with someone!”

“She is not” Eliza blurted out and you could imagine the little frown on her face “If you love someone he needs to court you and ask for your hand to marry you. And (Y/N) is not being courted by anyone”

Angelica smiled and patted her sister’s head “What a silly notion you have of love, dear”

“Wait, is not like that?” Eliza asked, turning her face to Angelica with a confused expression.

“Of course not, you dumbo” Peggy said among giggles “You love someone when the stork leaves a baby on your door”

“What does that have to do with love?” you asked back, noticing how Peggy’s hand got closer to you hair to take one of the flowers that Eliza had pinned in it just to be lightly slapped away by her sister.

“Ouch!” Peggy cried, giving Eliza a grumpy look “Well, you have to love someone to have a baby!”

“Yes, but you have to love them before that” at least that was what your mother had told you, “I think loving someone is when you give them the last cookie even if you want to eat it too”

The youngest of the Schuyler sisters laughed again “That can’t be love!”

“Why not?”

“Because if it was, Eliza would be in love with you”

You stayed silent for a few seconds, analyzing different sceneries in your head to then finally turn your head to Eliza, whose hands had started trembling a little against your hair.

“None of you have a single clue of what love is” Angelica sighed, shaking her head. “It worries me that because of that you’d give your heart to someone who does not deserve it”  

“We won’t,” you said, and the three sisters stared at you with inquiry in their eyes “Because we now have a

love amulet

” you stated happily as you took off the small necklace you had around your neck. It was a simple gold chain with a gold heart hanging from it.

“A love amulet?” Eliza repeated as you gently turned around to place it in her hands.

“Yes, we just have to wear it when someone wants to courter us and somehow we will know if that person is the indicated”  

Eliza and Peggy seemed to believe it’ll work and nodded excitedly.  Angelica had a doubtful expression but finally nodded too. It was a sweet irony that she was the first one to wear it three years later.


You were sixteen the first time you felt it. It had hit you like a brick. Love.

Eliza was sitting beside you, her delicate fingers glided in circles at your hands.

“I can’t play like this” you whispered and she smiled.

“You don’t have to” was her answer, soft and melodic like the sound of the piano keys.

Dix begs to differ” you joked resting your head against hers.

“Hmm” with a loving expression on her face, she placed her hands on the piano and played the little melody again. You pulled apart slightly, just enough for her to reach all the keys “Une, deux, trois, quatre, cinq, six, sept, huit, neuf…”

“Dix,” you said.

Eliza shook her head in a “no” sign and took your hands again, motioning you to play the piece.

You rolled your eyes but indulged her anyway, brushing the keys with your fingers in a soft movement “Une, deux, trois—” Eliza leaned in closer and placed a light kiss on your cheek, you smiled “quatre, cinq, six—” another one, this time on your chin “sept, huit, neuf—”

Before you could add the dix Eliza pressed her lips against yours. It was just a touch, it didn’t last more than a second. A chaste affection that was as soft as the spring breeze.  

You tended to kiss a lot because that’s what children do, that’s what best friends do. You kissed on the forehead, the cheek, the eyelids, the nose, the chin… but never on the lips. Never like this.

You froze, she blushed, and the room was filled with silence. The soft and almost inexistent echo of the forgotten melody was the only thing you could hear. For the first time, the silence was not comfortable and it made your hands sweat and Eliza’s eyes to get glassy.

“I… didn’t…” her voice trembled, her gaze wouldn’t meet yours.

“Please don’t” you pleaded in a whisper. ‘Don’t say you didn’t mean it’.

She looked at you this time and you closed the distance between your mouths with another kiss. Tenderly and almost shyly you let your lips to brush against hers, slowly exploring the softness of the feeling and the taste of her breath. The movement was clumsy and innocent, slow and delicate… but then she kissed you back and it was perfect.

When you pulled apart, you were greeted with her flushed face and widened eyes. You to let out a little laugh.

I swear to God if the only reason why you kissed me was to shut me up before I reached ten I’m not going to forgive you,” you said, pressing your forehead against hers.

She laughed too “It was one of the reasons, but not the main one”

Eliza placed her right hand on your nape and started playing absentmindedly with your hair. You closed your eyes and sighed contently.

The sound of her voice gave you butterflies, her smile made your heart skip a beat, every time you were with her you felt so complete… You should’ve known it before; of course it was love.

FERRIS MEGARITY’s Manhattan Apartment, New York, USA, 1975

Creating the first BTS Visual Novel Game (Aeon Dream Studios)

Hello fellow ARMYs :D

For the past few years, Aeon Dream Studios have been working on a huge gaming project inspired by BTS and their concepts.

So far, ADS have created a FREE visual novel entitled “To The Edge of The Sky” that you can read more about here:

Please look into it! The concept is amazing, and it’s so cool to finally have a BTS inspired interactive game. Support it and reblog this so others can see! 💕💕