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"What did you do? You can’t steal from the Lion Turtle!"

Wan’s acquisition of fire through deception fits with the thematic theft of fire (similar to Prometheus in Greek Mythology and other mythologies), in which an individual steals fire for the benefit of humanity. In this case, Wan’s acquirement of firebending indirectly helped bring balance to both the physical and spirit realms.

So apparently Telltale games is hiring. They’re looking for:

  • Studio Office Assistants
  • Concept Artists
  • Cinematic Artists
  • Interactive Story Designers
  • Client Network Engineers
  • Senior Systems Engineers
  • Engineering Internships
  • Senior Network/ Systems Administrators

And they fucking promoted it on twitter of all places Telltale I love you.


Houston, we have a pretty big problem.

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Usually, Tony hated getting woken up at 6am every morning by his screaming five month old son. Actually, it was pretty much the only thing he hated about having a kid; that, and shitty diapers.

But on Christmas morning? Especially Peter’s first Christmas morning? Tony was awake, waiting by the baby monitor hours before the little guy woke up.

"It’s Christmas daaaayyy!" he screamed, throwing the baby monitor at a still sleeping Steve the second Peter’s cries started through it. Springing to his feet to avoid the monitor when Steve hurled it back at him, he started collecting random articles of clothing to throw onto the bed. "Steve, it’s Christmas! Get up, get up!"

"Tony, I swear to God -"

"JARVIS!" Tony called, tugging on a pair of sweats and an under shirt, "drop my needle, buddy, all over the tower. Loud.”

"Certainly, sir," JARVIS replied as Jingle Bells came on over the comms.

"I’ll go get the kid!" Tony grinned, darting for the door. "Meet you at the tree!"

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Advertisers should just quit; nothing will top this Volvo commercial.