eric “i had my gay awakening at the age of 12 at the county fair when i looked up from my momma and i’s award winning pastry stand to see my classmate jeremiah in some tight denim jeans hauling around baby calves he raised himself with his strong arms and tender hands” bittle

eric “i used to sneak copies of sports illustrated and climb up my neighbor’s pecan trees wearing just a t-shirt, shorts, and my old pair of cowboy boots, and hide out there, looking at the pictures and listening to ke$ha’s album i illegally downloaded onto my mp3 player” bittle

eric “i think his tractor’s sexy but, like, not in a southern way.  maybe in a southern way.  definitely in a gay way” bittle


Drawing Harley Quinn!! Was a huge request at SDCC and NYCC this year. Enjoy guys 🎃