concept vomit

‘you know, i’m one of the people privileged to be ‘in the know’ and…i suppose it’s not such a wild idea or unbelievable concept to wrap your mind around, if you think about it. ideas, hopes, dreams…all that may be intangible in the beginning, but they translate into actions that move and shake our world, don’t they? and so, out of our imaginings and ideas, we fashioned them, made them in our image- in flesh and bone, with all our morals and ideals and hypocrisies and sins. but the one thing i’ve never got used to…that i can’t help find unnerving- is how young those two look.

children, but not-children; behind that youthful face, in their eyes, the weight of the decades, the centuries.’

I keep thinking about Flint’s transformation from what felt like a realist when he met Thomas, to the idealist he was at the end of the show. It seemed such a drastic view change, but when you dissect it, it actually makes a ton of sense. 

Part of it, a large portion, definitely had to do with Thomas. At first, James was the one to hold Thomas back when he flew too high, the one to point out when things would not work out. He was the one that kept their endeavor grounded. 

“Thomas, he sees only the principle. The right. It’s inspiring. It can be intoxicating. It’s why I love him. But you, you see the world as it is, you see its truths and how to navigate them, how to bend them to your will. It’s why I love you. Men like Thomas need men like you, to protect them from the world and that is what I am asking you to do.” 

But then he fell, and he fell hard. Or rather, what’s even more than that, he came to believe in Thomas. And perhaps at first, it was just that. But I think in time, he genuinely came to believe in the cause, through that belief. 

And I think that’s where the second part comes in; James McGraw/Flint may not have had faith in the world, or England and its system, but the one thing he continually exhibits is his faith in people at their core, as individuals apart from the system. I think that’s where his weakness lies, the loophole to his often somber view of the world. 

“But I cannot believe that that is all there is. I cannot believe we are so poorly made as that, incapable of surviving in the state in which we were born, grown so used to the yoke that there can be no progress without it.”

Thomas, Miranda, Gates, Eleanor, Madi, John Silver. Probably others I’m neglecting to mention. It’s what kept him going all this time, time and time again when things got out of control. His belief in them, and the fact that there are good people out there, ones that could do better if given the chance.

“I think you’re a good man. More people should say that. And someone should be willing to defend it.”

“I think that you are the best of us. The two of you together hold the world in balance.”

I think that right there is the ultimate comparison that shows this particular concept connecting James McGraw and Captain Flint. It explains how someone with so little faith in the world, someone that the world has let down so many times, could have such immense faith in people still. And I just think that’s such a beautiful character concept.

Princess!Kara & Dragon!Oso double crossover AU - Whee!~

Not BLMatsu, Oso’s just an asshole.
The fearsome dragon has kidnapped the fair Princess and is holding him to ransom. Will the kingdom negotiate for his safe return, or are they glad to be rid of their painful heir to the throne?

Will I ever stop juggling 500 things at once and finish one project at a time? Probably not!
I’m considering turning this concept into a fic because I can write faster than I can draw, these days. Let me know if that’s someone you guys would want to check out!
A bit of random colour therapy, I literaly vomited onto SAI lmao Experimentation is good!

inspired by this au with a line based on this. there’s mentions of alcohol/drinking, a girlfriend (who may or may not be based on a real person, but hey, this is fiction so they could be anyone), the concept of throwing up/vomiting/barfing (and a momentary mention of the actual act), so if any of that makes you uncomfortable, just be aware if you continue or avoid this altogether. i can’t pretend this wasn’t partly fueled by frustration, but if you looked at the au this is inspired by, all i ask is that you have some faith in me.

word count: 5152

The harsh sunlight streaming into the room shook you from your slumber.

Reluctantly, you cracked opened an eye and then opened the other to survey your surroundings, not looking for long before you decided that it was too bright and you were too hungover. You closed your eyes again, squeezing them tightly as if that would help you get back to sleep faster.

About a second passed before what you saw in the room registered in your brain, your eyes immediately opening again, widened in alarm. Slowly, you took a deep breath. Afterwards, you mouthed an incoherent jumble of words that was meant to be a prayer to any higher power that existed and was listening and could help you out. Finally, when you mustered up the courage to do so, you chanced a peek to your left, hoping – praying – that you wouldn’t see what you were expecting to see.

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