concept to final design

Here’s a cropped preview of my take on “Lightning” from Final Fantasy!

Today is the last day to sign up for Session 18 on! I’m super excited about this new series focused on character color. I’ll be diving into approaches for painting your own characters or even personalized fan art. Some topics include: color connotations, color callouts, gold and metallic surfaces, designing color hits on full poses, hair, eyes and more! Join today at and receive 3 full HD tutorials for less than your lunch! Thanks for your amazing support!


Against all odds - I’m still alive! The development of Dry Drowning is proceeding smoothly but since I’ll be having a bit more spare time in the following days I decided to knock at tumblr’s doors to reopen commissions. Please refer to this post if you wanna commission me something! I’ve got a couple of spots open for now


Hey There! Have some neat Shardbound art and an announcement:

I’ll be streaming LIVE character design at 7pm EST with Spiritwalk Games over at

That’s just two hours away! Come say hi :) It’ll be good fun!

And for fun, here’s a drop of some new concept art- a few final Primal unit designs- magically empowered creature units for the agme, and one early concept of Fenya- a Green Faction hero with a suit of elemental stone armor and a whole lotta sass!


Through The Woods / Fred Rogers Company & PIP Animation

Selection of final plants for the pre-school series Through The Woods - which premiered Monday on the Curious World app.

All design and final artwork was completed within two months.

The style evolved from the initial idea of super clean Charles Harpes inspired flat illustrations to a more three-dimensional and angled final product.


“Life is better when you share the ride.”

“June” is the story of a woman who becomes more connected to her community through ridesharing. Chromosphere was approached by Academy Award-winning director John Kahrs and Lyft to provide complete design and animation services for this project. We worked directly with John from the earliest concept designs through to the final frames, making sure that everything we did enhanced the story that he wanted to tell.

In the beginning we see only a small slice of the world around June in Chicago’s southside, but by the end we are taken on a whirlwind journey through all of Chicago’s diverse and colorful neighborhoods. For visualizing these environments we first tapped designer Théo Guignard whose rich color sensibilities brought out the beauty in every single place June visits.

One of our biggest challenges was to design, build, and rig June, our central character. She needed to be appealing and fit in with our graphic style, but also have the ability to exhibit subtle emotions. For her design, as well as all of the other characters in the film, we enlisted Tiffany Ford to capture her personality. Tiffany’s designs have an authentic and specific feel that is often hard to come by in mainstream animation.

To bring the characters to life we had to assemble a team of animators who could embrace the visual style of the short and also understand the subtlety of acting required to make the piece feel authentic. Leading this team was Nelson Boles, who lent his extremely sophisticated sensibilities to June’s movements and facial expressions.

The final product is a vibrant mix of 2D and 3D assembled by our skilled team of international compositors and animators. We’re incredibly proud to have been a part of this beautiful project. Check out our full production credits below:

Kevin Dart

Myles Shioda

Théo Guignard
Arthur Chaumay
Tiffany Ford
Jasmin Lai
Emily Paik
Sylvia Liu

Pedro Vergani
Feed Me Light: Felipe Hansen, Denis Bodart, Denis Bouyer, Richard Kazuo Maegaki
Mattias Bjurström
Theresa Latzko

Nelson Boles
Claudio Salas
Alex Grigg
Jonathan Djob Nkondo
Bill Northcott
Vitaliy Strokous

Camille Perrin

Stéphane Coëdel
Rob Ward
H. Kristen Campbell
Alasdair Brotherston

Nate Funaro
Keiko Murayama
Rachel Chu
Jim Levasseur