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RE: Emma’s flowered sweater

A concept: not making judgments about a woman’s sexuality and character based on what she chooses to wear. 

For self-proclaimed feminists, these narrow-minded criticisms display a shocking lack of progressiveness. We wouldn’t consider a woman wearing a hijab as any less of a feminist, so why is it okay to demonize the lady sporting a flowered shirt? And why is this female clothes shaming allowed to exist anyway? Why is clothes bias any more acceptable than slut or fat shaming? Making assumptions about a person’s character or sexuality based on what they wear is the most backwards ass, anti-feminist bullshit there is. It’s yet another way for society to pigeonhole women and force them into narrow categories and I say “FUCK THAT NOISE.” 

And, BTW, if you wanna actually earn the feminist label, you might wanna stop constantly attacking Emma & Jmo. Because that shit ain’t cute. And nowhere in the annals of feminism did constantly tearing down a woman become a legit, sanctioned practice. 

Hyde has like zero sense of style when it comes to clothes that aren’t concert shirts. He has a great eye for ugly as hell sweaters, even when he claims to ironically like the ugly christmas sweater concept. His friends aren’t so sure if it’s truly irony or he just likes those hideous things.

Jackie still steals his sweaters, just to put them on to sleep. There’s no way anyone is seeing her with those cheap and horrible things on, but they are great to sleep: they are comfy, she feels like flying inside them (because let’s face it, Hyde’s clothes probably are twice and a half her size), they are warm and they smell like him. Perfect.

  • Rovix: *drops the trailer with no warning*

concept: rhett and link sitting on the couch during a cold night, wrapped in fuzzy blankets, sipping on cocoa & binge watching tv shows. link is snuggled up on rhett, absentminded, rhett plays with links hair. rhett leaves a small kiss on the top of links head when he hears links breathing even out & smiles softly at links small snores 

“Grandfather, if love is an abstract concept, how could this sweater conceivably contain love ‘in every stitch’?”

“Sweet little Oddball, are you questioning my knitting ability?”

“…Yes?” Oddball blinked up at his grandfather. “Well, just your claim. 'Love in every stitch’…that just doesn’t make sense.”

“I am Discord, dear boy. Not making sense is what I do.” Discord ruffled Odd’s hair fondly.

“Grandmother Twilight says all things make sense, with enough research. She says that there isn’t anything in the universe that can’t be explained, eventually.”

“That’s why she’s no fun at parties.” Discord pouted, sticking out his tongue. “…Bleh. You’re definitely her grandson, all right.”

“You don’t have to be jealous of Grandmother.”

“Jealous?” Discord bristled. “Jealous of what? The way she…insists on completely, unfairly hogging you from me? Honestly, I don’t know why you enjoy spending so much time with her, Oddy. Is it the story time? The hugs? The fresh baked cookies and milk? The…the math lessons?” Discord demanded, with growing horror. “Don’t be manipulated, my boy! Your grandma Twilight might be sweet and snuggly and pretty, but I’m…I’m fun. Right?” Discord seemed to be talking more to himself than his grandson. “…Hence the sweater.”

Discord was shaken from his manic thoughts by tiny arms coming around him, and Oddball resting his cheek against Discord’s chest. “The sweater was unnecessary, Grandfather.” Oddball gave Discord a single comforting pat. “I love you already.”

Discord made a surprised noise that he quickly masked as a cough. “Er, ahem…yes.” After a moment, he returned the hug, sweeping his little grandchild up into his robed arms. “…Heh. My sweet boy.”

“Grandfather, your eyes are shiny.”

“…Nothing gets past you, does it, Smarty Pants?”


i get lots of requests for Oddball and Discord shenanigans so I promise I’ll draw more of that
discord wuvs his nerd grandbabbu even if he is a nerd
collab kinda with kilala97, who fixed a ton of stuff wrong in my initial crummy sketch
in my headcanon, Discord is an accomplished knitter, he learned how from lessons with fluttershy

pretty inspired by these suggestions from my friend RoboHeather:
-Oddball became the official target of Discord’s knitted gifts after he was born. Seeing his daughter’s precious, chubby, soft widdle ball of baby triggered something in Discord, and he grabbed his knitting needles like a man possessed. The next week Cupcake was horrified to find an overflowing box of sweaters, onesies, hats, mismatched baby booties, and…well, Cupcake can’t really figure out what the rest is. Still, it gives the old man great joy to see his grandson with his knitted monstrosities upon his person, and countless photos are gleefully snapped

-Discord was hit quite hard with a heavy dose of baby love when he first got to hold his precious grandson for the first time, and for once in his life seemed content to just hold the tiny infant quietly on visits. Though he’d tend to get a bit possessive of his time with baby and often entered in magical battles with his wife Twilight for first dibs on Oddball. And then would pout and sulk horribly when he lost