concept sketches

More doodles of OCs from my original story, Ithaqua. For some reason everybody’s angry today when I doodle them. This might be a sign that I should write some angst. 

For some more background on those top two - I mentioned Sara is basically the sheriff of this garbage town where my story is set, Ithaqua. There is nothing magical about her other than her magical ability not to just run the fuck away and abandon these supernatural losers to their fates. Because seriously she has the worst job ever, she has to stop this occult bullshit from spilling out onto the streets in front of a bunch of unsuspecting tourists or whatever.

It doesn’t help that her roomate (who still doesn’t officially have a name but i’m thinking Olivia or Emanuelle?) is a retired ancient god who’s really bad at like cleaning up and doing the dishes and things. Because like she’s a god, she doesn’t have to think about dirty laundry. She’s a pretty bad roommate. (although that being said, i totally have plans for these two to get together and become cute gfs at some point)

Bottom guy there is Cyrus, who is an asshole. Nobody likes Cyrus, not even Cyrus likes Cyrus. He has a totally justified hatred of my main character, Cass, and he’s not shy about his feelings. Conflict is fun :D


I promised I would give you a peek at the upcoming project I’m somehow involved in at the studio, so here they are! Bear in mind they are quite rough and I’ve got a ways to go, but at least I’m enjoying it immensely. (MASTODONS!!!)

Apologies for the excess mastodon/smilodon messes, I was trying to see if I could alter poses without making the existing composition suffer. Who knows if they’ll work.

American mastodons, Jefferson’s ground sloth (Megalonyx) Smilodon Fatalis, Bison Latifrons (could draw them forever) and dire wolves.

Damn, 100th post already? D: 

I need sleep.