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A different take on a Rogue One poster. I haven’t been too stoked on any of the official posters I’ve seen so far, but saw a pretty cool fan made one yesterday that inspired this. The character silhouettes may not be too accurate but just seemed to fit the composition. Also, I Don’t know the name of the artist, but I’d like to give him credit if he finds this…

I was determined to finish this poster today, and after 4 hours here we are~ I’ll upload a speedpaint to my Patreon later. I love how it came out, really spunky and weird. Thank you to everyone supporting Skull-Kids! I’m working as fast as I can to get this animated webcomic out, but I’m probably like 50% through development, there’s a lot of things I have to do.


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I just finished up a mock poster for Hamilton the Musical. So Hamilton has been my go to jam for the last few months so I wanted to do at least one cool piece. And by saying that there will be more on way. I’m not sure what else to say. But I am happy with it. Ahaha

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Sometimes I just have to get images out of my head and onto paper so they’ll stop taking up space in there. Sometimes these images are of a story I’ve already drawn similar illustrations/images of in the past. 

Ooops? Hahaha…

More of the gang from my alien story “GRUX”: Where we find out our moon has it’s OWN moon and on that tiny planet is a race of 12 foot tall cyclops creatures called Gruxxor. We bring a bunch to earth and keep them in a military base in Alaska. People start to have a bad time when one Gruxxor’s wife dies and he declares a race war against humanity with the help of a giant cult of humans that worships them. 


Also, shout-out to this goofy rendition of the picture that @rottenchicken did:

Heya, setting information incoming! x)
This lady is a singer, and she is incredibly popular in so-called New Shang-La (Latori, Beyleria, Ayelahai and Nouri). She is working in the strange music genre - it’s some kind of a vintage folk-rock, with a touch of cabaret music/dark Goth.
Her name is Antiquity and it’s not a pseudonym. She is very tall for a woman and have a pleasant, soft, deep and low voice. A lot of people think that she is a transvestite because of that, but no, she is actually a lady.
She is often invited by the radio stations all over the Shang-La - it guarantees a maximum success to any event, so they are trying to kill each other just to get a chance to work with Antiquity.

Antiquity was born in Latori, but she has not succeeded in her mother country. So she went to Nouri and has achieved success in a creative career very quickly. She picked up her image there, too, but brought some notes of the Latorian style into it. Let us remember Roui’s clothes… Yes, Antikviti is like an idol to him, and we can’t blame him for it.
Antiq loves her country and gives charity concerts in Latori from time to time, but still prefers to work in other countries of the New Shang-La.
It is possible that she will appear in the “Crown of Leaves” as a character. And of course, you will find this poster in the game, you just need to look closer at some of the locations. x)
P.S. A small Easter egg: June 7 is Grimm’s Birthday :3

The character inspired by the cover of a Marilyn Manson album/his concert clothes and Mad Moxxi from the Borderlands series ~ Yay!


My poster for The Last Jedi. 😁 Full resolution here:

UPDATE: Over 125 notes in a single day—thank you all so very much. 😊


Unused poster concept art by John Alvin

From top to bottom:

1.- “LEGEND” (1985) Dir.: Ridley Scott

2.- “BATMAN” (1989 Dir.: Tim Burton

3.- “THE GOONIES” (1985) Dir.: Richard Donner

4.- “THE LOST BOYS” (1987) Dir.: Joel Schumacher

5.- “STAR TREK VI: THE UNDISCOVERED COUNTRY” (1991) Dir.: Nicholas         Meyer

6.- “THE GOLDEN CHILD” (1986) Dir.: Michael Ritchie

7.- “BLADE RUNNER” (1982) Dir.: Ridley Scott

8.- “JURASSIC PARK” (1993) Dir.: Steven Spielberg