concept of yolo

dan likes to teach phil songs on the piano whenever they can’t sleep. he’ll place phil’s fingers over the right keys, then slowly play it an octave lower to show him. then, when phil finally nails the song, dan plays the duet part to it and hums along. dan wraps his arm loosely around phil’s waist and leans his head onto his shoulder.

human--error  asked:

Do you belief in the concept of 'yolo'? Do you think it's a good way for people to live their lives? c:

As in “You only live once so you should invest wisely in your future by focusing on your school work and potential career opportunities in order to maximize future happiness and effectiveness?” Absolutely.

This was basically the same as the actual promo lol…I’m sorry for making this crappy low-quality video, but it had to be done there were just so many moments

thanks to @mayahasfriarshart for giving me the inspiration to make this

I hope everyone in the fandom doesn’t hate me after this lol I thought it was funny

hint: think Jasoon Deruulo