concept lafw

Adventures of a Fashion Intern pt. 22

and all our hard is over…Concept LAFW was a blast. another notch in my fashion week belt with plenty more to come! the day started out as hectic as it could be. on the way to Ace Gallery, our car broke down! we managed to drive it back to the house to switch cars and leave just in time.

Ace Gallery has a nasty habit over heating due to the lack of ventilation. it gets so sweltering hot in the installation rooms for presentations and the runway showroom as well! but this time, the heat actually worked for us. the theme for this fall winter 2012 collection was “Sultry Saigon”, which i came up with. our presentation room was humid and hot. it mimicked  the weather in Saigon perfectly, which basically transported all our guests to Vietnam. as you walked your senses were engulfed by the sounds that played during our show. on the wall projected a picture of the hustling and bustling city of Saigon with all of it’s clutter and lights.

as i oversaw models in hair and makeup, the presentation showroom was being worked upon upstairs. we rounded up the models and put them in final looks and shoes and the 4 hour presentation begun. this year, concept lafw felt a tad bit underwhelming. the hype died apparently but we still managed to turn out a great show and lots of press still covered our presentation. concept fashion week needs a big sponsor fast!

doing a presentation versus doing a runway show has a lot of benefits. i liked that i got to enjoy the show and converse with press and interact with the models. it was relaxed and easy and the atmosphere reflected that. what i like about doing a runway show is the adrenaline rush you get from doing quick changes. you have a small window to throw the clothes on the models and make sure they’re in the right look and styled the right way before they hit the catwalk for that one minute of fame. and in about fifteen minutes the show is over, but you still have the high from that adrenaline rush you got and it’s so satisfying to know you put out a great collection.

in my opinion, press covers more of the runway collections than the presentation collections. we received a decent amount of press this season for fall winter 2012, but not as much as our previous spring summer 2012 runway show. all in all it was an amazing experience and i’m ready for more. in the end, we did gather a pretty big crowd, although i think it was probably the free champagne that we gave out…

i was lucky enough to wander around the venue to see what all the other designers were presenting for this season’s fashion week:

Belle N. Matisse was dark and full of edge.

Curly V. was very Jeremy Scott-esque.

Zu Bauen was like actual art.

and i got to sit-in Laili Lau, second row! the collection was cool, drape-y and romantic with an urban feel. me likey.

i just want to thank all my friends who came to show me love at this concept lafw. without your support i don’t know what i’d do. you all know how hard i’ve been working at this internship and my one year mark is swiftly approaching. the ball keeps on rolling and to know that i have such a strong foundation of support beneath me only makes me want to work harder!