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peachesjoonie  asked:

concept: namjoon taking us to a vintage bookstore and analyzing all of his fave authors for us all in a rap???????


like it probably doesn’t even start that way?? we’re probably just quietly looking through the shelves, touching the spines of second-hand books, thinking about how many people they’ve whispered their stories to. maybe we’re chatting away happily as he peruses the aisles… tbh we’d probably be very distracted bsjbsjbs (because honestly who wouldn’t be, when he looks so so beautiful engrossed in something he loves)

but then imagine him picking out one particular book, his eyes widening and his head suddenly turning to us with that attentive look (i know you know the one!!), “oh? i haven’t seen this anywhere else in a long time!!”

and suddenly he flips through the pages, rapidly enumerating the many things about this book that he loved, telling us about his analysis of specific characters. isn’t a childhood favorite quite like a first love? it affects you in the same way—luring you in little by little, wrapping you in the warmth of beautiful words; taking up so much of your time, sometimes even at night when you know you should be sleeping.

you’d be bright-eyed and smiling as he rambles on happily about the story line, reigning in your impulse to die over his cuteness with every last bit of control you have. and i, rendered impossibly still in my spot, don’t even dare to ask him a single question because suddenly, his story-telling has morphed into that sing-song way he starts a forlorn rap, and then into that desperate, can’t-breathe rollercoaster flow of a climax, and then finally into that gritting-of-the-teeth frustration towards a resolution.

neither of us even needed to have read the book to know what it was about, because the emotions expressed in that spur-of-the-moment, half-rap half-“oh my god guys this was my favorite book!!!” speech probably perfectly encapsulated it.