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Are you able to sue a state if a cultural or societal thing associated with that state infringes on your rights? Like if some fundamental aspect of the state or its identity conflicts with the rights given to us by the constitution, can you sue for damages or have it changed?
What I’m really trying to ask, I guess is

Can I sue New Jersey for the very concept of the Jersey Devil if i have a good enough case

Every Record I Own - Day 14: Akimbo Navigating The Bronze

The tour van on the cover of Akimbo’s fifth album is somewhat ironic considering this album coincides with the end of the band’s time on the road. Career obligations relegated the band to more casual operations until their break-up five years later. This album was recorded in Louisville with Chris Owens, and supposedly the hard drive crashed at some point in the overdub process so the recording had to be started over from the beginning. This recording session also yielded the Jersey Shores concept album, though that wasn’t officially released until 2010. Yet another solid record by a solid band.

10 interesting, fun, and cool Blackhawks jersey concepts!! Plus a special one at the end :)

Any of these candidates for the upcoming 2015 Winter Classic? Or a possible Stadium Series or third jersey? 

Fic Submission: The Name On Her Back

Written by: stydiafan89

Author’s Note: hi! This is for the prompt of Stiles giving Lydia his jersey and Malia finding out. I had lots of fun with this one! Sorry it’s so long overdue. I hope you all like it :)

From stydia-xo: Can we talk about how precious this is? I went through and proofread for you my dear! Hope everyone loves it as much as I did! 

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