concept iii

That original concept for III Padme wearing a red sash and her newborn twins slung on her back going after Anakin on Mustafar to kill him herself with a knife in her hand while P!nk’s “So What” plays in the background was so in character and they should have kept it

Nights at Monmouth Manufacturing.

I was feeling so sad today and then I remembered every time when Ronan and Gansey keep each other company.I had to sketch this because I love these characters so much.They make me happy.

Thanks @maggie-stiefvater for the friendship goals.

Petition for the name of the collective sum of Ryan’s solo music to be referred to as “lubewarm hippie stuff” in genre, with his touring band being known as Ryan Ross and the Astroglides™


Doing some concepts for a few of Vox Machina’s weapons/items. Basically just doing the ones I’ll be needing for comic purposes. I’ll just update this post as I sketch the others. (Many thanks to @otdderamin for this post to reference Bad News and soon, Animus.)

Bad News - Overall I’m happy, though I know full well I tossed out some proper gun structure in favor of appearance and silhouette. I already have some tweaks, but they’re mostly just for my nitpicking.

Diplomacy - Used plate armor and some Izzet League aesthetic for inspiration (and prolly some Iron Man, b/c let’s be honest, yeah). Apparently it is stated sometime that there is a wire connecting Diplomacy to Cabal’s Ruin, though I think I want to design some sort of neck piece that the wire from that top core connects to that IS in contact with Cabal’s Ruin. Rather than, just, this wire that Percy duct taped to the inside of his cloak. (Though I’m not gonna lie, I enjoy the idea that he just electrocutes himself every time he uses that lightning shot.)

Percival de Rolo is a great character and here’s one of my favorite reasons why:

Out of all of Vox Machina, he’s the one most willing to Do What’s Necessary. Even if it’s unpleasant. Even if it means giving up the moral high ground. He will let the end justify the means.
This is important, because sometimes, somebody has to choose the better of two evils. Somebody has to make the tough calls and Percy’s prepared to do it. This is a strength.

It’s also a weakness, because Percy is an arrogant git who’s utterly convinced he’s the smartest guy in the room. The fact that he is genuinely brilliant just exacerbates this problem.
The thing is, sometimes the answer isn’t to choose the better of two evils, but to Take A Third Option. Sometimes your success doesn’t depend on Winning but on keeping the Moral High Ground.
Percy is too willing to give up his morals and too full of himself to realise this… or to ask others how they view the situation. Because the others often do find that Third Option they could take.

Percy is more pessimistic/realistic than his more idealistic friends and it’s both a strength and a weakness.


Unused Poster Concepts for Back to the Future Part lll (1990) By Drew Struzan

Here we are on Mustafar. I knew I had to have a volcanic planet and I knew I had to have a society there, that they’d be sort of capturing energy. But I didn’t quite know what the energy would be or how they would do it. So there’s a fair amount of time spent trying to solve these technical problems on this planet. You know, what is the culture like? How does it work? How do they make their living? What do they get paid for? What is their purpose there?

They collect energy, it’s what I decided they would be doing here. Those arms are collectors and then they would also collect heat. I mean, they collect the lava, they process the lava and test it, things like that. But the primary issue here is collecting the energy.

Behind everything in the movie there has to be a reason and a logic and a culture. Then all the design work goes on around that culture. And the language and the costumes and the vehicles, everything sort of flows from that. The original concept of ‘what is the culture?’.

— George Lucas


International Harvester Scout III SSV Concept, 1979. A prototype for a “Scout Supplemental Vehicle” which would likely have been an SUV Coupé version of a 3rd generation Scout. However IH decided to discontinue their Jeep competitor, which had survived through 2 generations since 1961, so the Scout III never saw the light of day. The 2nd prototype of the SSV concept is displayed at the Auburn Cord Duesenberg Automobile Museum in Auburn, Indiana

Carmilla Getting Used To Being Human: A Concept

Carmilla not being able to get a social security number or a passport because her birth certificate is on four-hundred year old parchment.

Carmilla getting hungry for the first time and not knowing what it is.

“Laura it feels as if there’s an anglerfish in my stomach.”

“You’re probably just hungry.”

“No, I ate yesterday, pass me that Sumerian book… I’ll figure this out.”

Laura taking her to a buffet and Carmilla losing her shit over different food.

“Oh man, oh shit, this is good! What are these things called again?”

“Macaroni cheese balls?”

“More like macaroni please balls, I’m going to get some more.”

Laura having to remind Carmilla she gets cold now, so she secretly keeps an eye on her in the morning to make sure she’s dressed weather appropriate for the day.

Carmilla disregarding this advice and catching the flu.

Carmilla crying because her nose is stuffed, her body hurts, she can’t stop throwing up and she hates being human.

Laura babying her and putting warm flannels over her head.

She changes her mind and loves being human because Laura takes the day off work when she’s sick to lie in bed with her and spoon feed her chicken soup.

Carmilla still purring like a cat when Laura bites her ear.

Laura doing stuff on purpose so she’ll purr because she finds it adorable.

Carmilla lying on the sofa reading Jean-Paul Sartre and Laura clambering up her body so she can just spend a little while listening to her heartbeat whilst dinner cooks.