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Silver Gadget [Gold Gadget]
When this card is Normal or Special Summoned: You can Special Summon 1 Level 4 Machine-Type monster from your hand. If this card is destroyed by battle or card effect: You can Special Summon 1 Level 4 “Gadget” monster from your Deck, except “Silver Gadget” [“Gold Gadget”]. You can only use 1 “Silver Gadget” [“Gold Gadget”] effect per turn, and only once that turn.
Can Be Found In: Yu-Gi-Oh! The Dark Side of Dimensions Movie Pack (MVP-EN017, 018), Yu-Gi-Oh! The Dark Side of Dimensions Movie Pack Gold Edition (MVP-ENG17, 18)

Gadgets are an interesting group of monsters as despite their below average stats allows players to have a solid hand at all times. Gadgets overall searches each other each time are summoned, constantly assuring we have monsters to play with in the future while also thinning our Deck to increase the odds of drawing other important cards. Although Gadgets aren’t as prominent nowadays than were back on their glory days, they still are a powerful source for all kinds of setups by working arround supporting effects and other Level 4 monsters with swarming mechanics.

“Silver Gadget” and “Gold Gadget” takes a step further from the original Gadget concept to provide some additional options to work with the rest of the Deck, both sharing the same abilities to assure the best outcomes individually or together. When “Silver” or “Gold” are summoned, in return we’ll be able to summon another Level 4 Machine form our hand. If these monsters are destroyed by any source, in return we can replace them with another Gadget from inside our Deck excluding their respective copies. Although “Silver” and “Gold” have a slower searching effect compared to the original Gadgets as well restricted effects unable to work together in the same turn, is their ability to come in pairs that creates powerful outcomes for their user. From preparing all kinds of setups to creating sinergy with the other Gadget tools, “Silver” and “Gold” are quite valuable to speed things up in this old archetype.

Gadgets overall are in a wonderful position when comes to summoning options, specially since both “Silver” and “Gold” are able to summon each other from the hand or Deck depending of the circumstances. “Gear Gigant X” will often be the main searcher, and despite being a Xyz Summon will be quickly available in a build focused arround these Gadgets and the others. If “Silver” and “Gold” aren’t summoning each other from the hand they’ll be brought by “Tin Goldfish”, further increasing the chances of starting our hand summoning monsters in pairs. Since “Silver” and “Gold” will trigger their summoning effects no matter how are brought the options further increases from early to late game, ranging from Pendulum Summons under the proper Scales to cards like several copies of “Call of the Haunted” constantly reviving them. And if you don’t wanna rely too much on “Silver” and “Gold” effects, our options further expand with “Iron Call” reviving them at cost of losing their effects. Keep on mind that “Silver” and “Gold” abilities might lose timing, so avoid working with cards like “Goblindbergh” carrying consecutive effects, or summoning them in the middle of certain chains.

A Deck involving these two monsters will mainly focus on setting up bigger summons, and won’t be a difficult task thanks to their own abilities and the support involved. With “Silver” and “Gold” summoning effects as well the additional help of “Tin Goldfish”, and that is left is to work along “Red Gadget”, “Yellow Gadget”, and “Green Gadget” to constantly assure we have atleast one monster at hand to be summoned by their abilities. The summons of these Gadgets can be followed with “Kagetokage” or Graveyard effects such as “Blackwing - Zephyros the Elite” and “Glow-Up Bulb”, further increasing the number of monsters on the field to overwhelm the opponent and/or setup bigger summons together. as Machines “Silver” and “Gold” have additional objectives to work along with, ranging from paying the cost of “Machina Fortress” to working along their swarming potential to finish off the opponent by the stat increase of “Limiter Removal”. Obviously we cannot ignore their abilities if destroyed, summoning each other to once again summon another monster in our hand, or bringing one of the original Gadget trio to reload our hand in return.

“Silver Gadget” and “Gold Gadget” have a quite simple role, yet are very effective on that purpose. Since both share the same effects we pretty much have six cards inside our Deck for the same purpose, with further chances to summon them and other Level 4 monsters with “Tin Goldfish” and “Kagetokage” among others on the mix. In most cases we will try to summon the original Gadgets to keep having monsters in our hand to summon in our future actions, or each other with a good chance of bringing up to three Gadgets at once. But while the high swarming and setup potential of “Silver” and “Gold” is easily available we have to be quite aware of their effect limitations, as if destroyed during the same turn they used their summon effects we won’t be able to bring Gadgets from our Deck, while also unable to use several copies’ effects consecutively if we use the swarming options arround them. “Silver” and “Gold” has stiny shortcomings specially since they rely on other Gadgets and monsters for the big setups involving them, but overall are a wonderful pair of monsters ranging from material purposes to simply pressure the opponent with several monsters coming all at once.

Personal Rating: A

+ Summons a Level 4 Machine from our hand however are summoned
+ Summons a Gadget from our Deck if destroyed
+ High setup potential working together as well other Gadgets and Level 4 monsters

- Will depend on other monsters and each other
- Effects might miss timing or conflict with each other due their limitations

The mask, dubbed Triton, acts like a fish gill to extract oxygen from water so that the user can keep on breathing while under the sea.

The scaly texture on the arms conceal small holes in the material where water is sucked in.

Chambers inside separate the oxygen and release the liquid so that the user can breathe comfortably in the ocean.

Using a very small but powerful micro compressor, the concept system would compress oxygen and store it in tanks.

The entire gadget is powered by micro battery which is around 30 times smaller than a current battery that can quickly charge 1,000 times faster.

But you may have to wait a little longer before placing an order as the product is still at concept stage.