concept designer of sleeping beauty

“Sleeping Beauty Castle Walkthrough” Eyvind Earle, 1957

Two years after Disneyland opened its gates to the world, a walkthrough exhibit through Sleeping Beauty’s Castle debuted in Fantasyland. Guests could wander through the story of Princess Aurora as they viewed elaborate dioramas, all designed in the style of iconic artist, Eyvind Earle. Earle had previously served as production designer on the Disney animated feature, and provided pieces like the one seen here as concept work for the walkthrough. The walkthrough was restyled in 1977, was shut down in 2001, and was reopened and restored to it’s Earle-glory in 2006.

Art ©️Disney


It’s that time of year where I start making concept art for my next game dev project. This year we’re making one that is centered around Fairy Tales so here are some suggestions that I just shared this week. From top to bottom: Red Riding Hood with a wolf companion, Bo Peep and her sheep, Briar Rose, and Rumplestilkskin.
There are only early suggestions that I’ve shared with my class. We still have a lot to decide on, such as style, game play, attacks, etc. We only just started making artwork. So plenty more is to come!

“Fantasyland Elevation” Marc Davis, 1953

Today’s piece is an early side view of Fantasyland by Disney Imagineering legend, Marc Davis. Included is the Castle forecourt, Sleeping Beauty’s Castle, as well as Snow White’s Scary Adventures dark ride. Of course, the area didn’t quite look like this on opening day, but a surprising amount of what’s seen here eventually came to be, albeit in a similar form.

Art ©️Disney


There is so much to LOVE about Tom Oreb’s character designs for Princess Aurora from Walt Disney’s Sleeping Beauty.

For starters, I love her eyes. She’s always looking off to the side with a dreamy, yet knowing look. Also, those eyebrows. So thick! So pronounced! Oh, and that hair. I absolutely ADORE the swirly curls at the bottom. FAIRY. TALE. PERFECTION. (Via)

My next project idea is a retelling of Sleeping Beauty set in Hindi Ancient India around the time 3rd-4th century CE, which is when the Mahabharata and other spiritual texts were really big. Some concepts for my main gal, Aurora, while I try to figure out some color schemes and silhouettes for her. I don’t think I have a favorite face yet…