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i know “act your age” is a nebulous concept but when i click on your calarts-style cartoon character icon and onto your nigh unreadable pastel blog and i see the PAGES of you defending a dumbass comment you made with quivering pseudo-confusion and the fragility of a newborn lamb in a tornado, and then i go on your about and you’re a 23 year old in a six way polyamorous relationship working on your masters in cultural studies…’s time to consider. Why you are like this. you pay taxes ma’am. 

Concept: a point-and-click adventure game where you play as the nominal protagonist’s cat. There’s some epic quest happening in the background, but from your perspective you’re solving all the puzzles in pursuit of doing ordinary cat stuff, often with your owner none the wiser. Like, you unravel the riddle that’s stumped generations of heroes and open the path to the forbidden fortress because your favourite jingly ball rolled under the door, or whatever.


“A glittering chandelier hangs from the tallest ceiling, illuminating a landscape of too many shiny expensive things too warmly. Leather couches wear ballgowns of wool blankets, glossy coffee tables house bonsai trees, bookshelves tower with no softcovers, and a marble fireplace competes with a flatscreen TV. Windows are plentiful, big victorian things that scatter shadows over antique rugs that probably date back to the Persian Empire, and gleaming hardwood floors that mute the sound of his shoes.”

The Redd mansion, a towering three floors of engraved wood, priceless antiques, and grand embellishment, sits on the edge of Rosemary’s forest, overlooking a meadow. Designed with Robert’s extravagant taste upon marrying Kennedia, I included rich colors (including red walls as omage to the Redd name), luxurious furnishings, and almost stuffy grandeur. 

a heaviness on the shoulders

(I just wanted to try a click n’ drag thing oh apparently just clicking works too huh yes I know this has been done like 1000 times before)

here’s the picture by cinesis that inspired me!