concept by cruise

“Jungle Cruise” Marc Davis

This fantastic concept for the entrance to Jungle Cruise by Disney Legend Marc Davis wonderfully sets the stage for one of Disney’s most classic theme park attractions. Inspired by The African Queen and a True-Life Adventure documentary, Jungle Cruise takes guests down various rivers of the world via steamer boats, past wildlife, exotic flora, and, of course, the “Backside of Water.” Whether it’s the cringeworthy skippers with unlimited puns, or the atmosphere of intrigue and adventure, this opening-day attraction continues to delight guests to this day.

Art ©️Disney

“Jungle Cruise Queue” Christian Hope, 1990s

A huge contributing factor to a well-rounded themed experience lies in the queue guests walk through before reaching their final destination. For some attractions, like Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey or Indiana Jones Adventure: Temple of the Forbidden Eye, the queue is like its own separate attraction, full of rooms to explore, interactive elements and scenes that motivate guests to immerse themselves in the theme. The classic Disney attraction Jungle Cruise has a queue that brings us through a jungle outpost, giving us a taste of the adventure that awaits us once we join the skippers. This piece, by Christian Hope, is for a mini pre-show room that shows us a cluttered office within the headquarters of the Jungle Navigation Company.

Art ©️Disney


Coffee & Co. 

Design studio Bond has created a beautiful visual identity that mixes hand lettering and sans-serif typography for Coffee & Co. The coffe shop is a concept onboard the Finnish cruise ship the MS Silja Serenade. It offers freshly prepared sweet and savoury snacks.

concept: a softer gay cruising. handkerchief flagging but to let ppl know if you’re a big spoon or a little spoon. glory holes but you just hold hands through them