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Historical Map: Test MBTA Rapid Transit Map, 1991

An unused test diagram for Boston’s rapid transit network from 1991. It attempts to name every station on the branches of the Green Line, but with the unfortunate side effect of completely dominating the design. The poor old Blue Line gets shoved into the top right, and the northern part of the Orange Line doesn’t fare much better. In short, the whole thing is hideously unbalanced, and I’m very glad that this concept didn’t advance any further.

Interestingly, the source image for this diagram is named “UK-SPIDER-MAP.jpg”, which makes me think it was designed by a British consultancy. It certainly looks more European than most North American transit maps, with thin route lines and ticked station markers. It definitely puts me more in mind of Manchester or Berlin than Boston, that’s for sure. The other clue is the use of the word “tram” to describe the Green Line… which I’m pretty certain has never been the preferred Bostonian term!

Our rating: Seriously flawed, but an interesting look at a very different approach that never went anywhere. Three stars.

anonymous asked:

can you recommend any interesting lesbians in history (like at least more than 20 years ago) or lesbian movements? i have a history project and i know i want to do something on lesbians but im not sure what i could do that there would be a lot of sources on. thank you! so far my current options are (that have like no sources) violette leduc or the concept of boston marriages. thank u!!

yeah! i’ve answered an ask about historical lesbians here, and i’ve reblogged a lgbt history masterpost (not lesbian specific but you might find some good stuff in there) and then I have my lgbt history tag!

the biggest movement that i’m familiar with is the ‘lesbian avengers’  which was a coalition of lesbians in North America/UK (and some others worldwide) in the 90s to take direct action against lesbophobia and promote lesbian visibility. they’re also credited for the creation of the dyke march/dykes on bikes! that link has quite a few sources as well

novumoru  asked:

top 5 favourite sweets?

I admittedly am not sure whether to define sweets as candy or just sweet dessert type things in general? I kind of combined them…sweets as a general concept…I guess..?

1. Boston cream pie (the kind filled with custard) is my absolute favorite thing in the world, I get one instead of a birthday cake, even. By extension: Boston cream donuts are also the best
2. fried stuff like fried Oreos and fried Nutter Butters…..and of course funnel cake, too,
3. sour candy, especially sour Skittles (and Lemonheads kind of count too I guess)
4. cotton candy/lollipops that are cotton candy flavored
5. Maltesers (thanks for finally coming to the US) and KitKats

also if ice cream counts I really like ice cream floats and soft serve ice cream in general…

Hey folks!

Can you believe that the only character I haven’t absolutely nailed down a final design for “Lotus For Help” is Ross?  Silly, considering he used to be the titular character in the original iteration of the comic.

Because Ross doesn’t appear until page eight, I’ve been focusing on Wayne and Nicki (among other side characters that appear with them).  I’ve found even the most recent drawings of him have been difficult to keep on-model;  I’ll have one fantastic, “perfect” drawing of him and then never be able to match it for whatever reason.  How frustrating!  So I’ve worked the past few nights to try and finalize him, and I think I’ve got it, or at least I’m close.

I’m shortening his sleeves and putting him in shorts because I think it makes more sense for him to wear something that could be perceived as more comfortable, even if he’s somewhat overdressed.  Plus, it allowed me to cut out a few unnecessary details out.  Also, it’s just cute.  :)

Perfectly round or oval eyes can be difficult to get right without the help of shape tools and paths, so I’m considering giving Ross the more “football” shaped eyes that Nicki and Wayne have.  I’ve found them to be plenty expressive with the other two characters, and it will make drawing Ross a lot easier.  I’ll have to draw him a few more times to see if this is really working for me, but I’m optimistic.

As you can see, I might be changing his blue accessories (bowtie, shoes, belt) to pink, to match the design identity of the project, and because Ross is the sort of person who dresses for the job he wants and it stands to reason that he’d wear a color inspired by the lotus tree outside of the Lotus For Help headquarters.  I also think it’s more “special” than the blue, but maybe I’m crazy.  Maybe I’ll change it back.  Not quite sure yet.  What do you think?

As a side note, I’ve always had this thing where I associate characters with a specific color, even if it’s not a color they prominently wear.  In this case, I associate Nicki with light blue, Wayne with dark blue, and Ross formerly with this (frankly unprintable) electric blue color.  Perhaps the warm pink color will help differentiate him.

Anyway, I need to be in bed.  I’m up entirely too late.