concept art for tangled


So, the Eugene (I refuse to call him Flynn when he was a child) Animator Doll is available at my local Disney Store! He’s even cuter in person, and the art Byron Howard drew for his design is just precious! ♥

I hope we get an image release of these pictures without all the words in the way.

So, I had another amazing Tangled revelation just a few days ago. I was flipping through my art book (as I do, quite often), and I stopped in my tracks when I saw these designs of the King and Queen:

These designs seem oddly familiar to something we’ve seen recently…

It could just be a coincidence, but knowing how much research the crew does on past concept art, I think it’s safe to say that Herz der Sonne and Shampainer are based off old designs of the King and Queen!

“The girl who overcame time.. and the boy who was just overcome..” 

Inspired by Jean-Honoré Fragonard’s “The Swing” (ft. Inuyasha and Kagome) 

❤ Dedicated to everyone’s favorite @sankontesu! Thank you so much for donating to Dani, and for making the fandom feel so much like home ❤

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JACKUNZEL WEEK 2014 » Day 7: When The Day Met The Night

When the sun found the moon, she was drinking tea in a garden
Under the green umbrella trees in the middle of summer

started messing up with the concept art of rotg & tangled none of these beautiful works of art are mine they belong to dreamworks and disney respectively i just edited them together for shipping needs

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