concept art for mulan

Have some Tiana as a mermaid! :D Look how the bra sparkles!! <3 Her hair was inspired by her early concept art. <3

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Got these Shan Yu & Falcon model sheet set from Van Eaton Galleries (won the Ebay auction). They don’t fit on my scanner so I taped them to the wall and took the pics with my phone (some of them are blurry since I couldn’t hold my phone straight).

I was pretty lucky to randomly stumble across the auction on Ebay. 

Although these are studio xerox copies and NOT the actual original drawings, I’m pretty happy with them. There are total of 18 artwork, but I’m just sharing 10 :P

The last image is an early concept art of Shan Yu by Pres Romanillos. I love the Shan Yu design they went with, but I kind of wish they went with that design since he looks 1000X badass (and scary).

One of the falcon’s model sheets has an image where he’s with his prey; is that an ARMADILLO? Armadillo…? Really, in Mongolia (or China)? O_o

And Shan Yu is six and a half “evil” heads tall. “EVIL HEADS TALL”. LOL.

Some may have noticed many Mulan concept arts and model sheets have this one Chinese chararter.

It means “permit or allow”. Directors Barry Cook and Tony Bancroft used this Chinese character to approve character model sheets in Mulan.

But guess where else it can be found?

Yep. Chi Fu was permitted/allowed to handshake with the Emperor. I just thought to share :P


Hi!!! These are all my drawings of Disney princesses!!!! I worked very hard to do them and it took me a lot of time, but I finaly did them all so I hope you like them!!!!

Which is your favourite one??


Hi!!! This are all my drawings od Disney ladies!!! I love Disney Characters!!! :)

I hope you like them!! :) Alice, Anna, Elsa, Ariel, Cinderella, Aurora, Belle, Queen Elinor, Charlotte, Eilonwy, Esmeralda, Franny, Giselle, Gogo Tomago. Honey Lemon, Elastigirl, Jane, Jane Porter, Jasmine, Kida, Lilo, Anita, Colette, Ellie, Jessy, Megara, Meg, Melody, Merida, Mira Nova, Boo, Chica, Fawn, Iridessa, Jenny, Mei, Moana, Mulan, Nanni, Nita, Penny, Penny (the recuers), Pocahontas, Periwinkle, Rapunzel, Riley, Rosetta, Roxanne, Tiana, Ting-Ting, Tinkerbell, Vanellope, Vidia, Violet, Wendy, Sally, Sarah Hawkins, Silvermist, Snow White, Su, Sargeant Calhoun, Shanti, Jessica Rabit and The Blue Fairy! fuckyeahdisneyfanart p>

which is your favorite one?