LOL. I got carried away and had a bit of fun this evening turning my last image into a manga/graphic novel/comic strip type of thing… 

If I ever finish this it will be fully illustrated and coloured in my usual style but with added manga-ish flare. I quite like Rowan in the top panel, I’ve decided. Also, whoever guessed Skinwalkers, you were correct! There is currently only one sketchy little bugger in the last panel but I plan on adding two more. 

Rowan doesn’t say this as far as I’m aware, but it felt dramatic so I just shoved it in. Also, CANNOT BE BOTHERED to go find a quote. 

Characters copyright of Sarah J Maas. 

Rey fanart by Tom Garden“I’ve tried to explore a look for Rey that is reminiscent of Luke in Return of the Jedi. I will also add a breakdown of components and storytelling I wanted to get across in this design using elements of Luke, Leia, Vader and Padme.”

636 Days until the Han Solo Movie

475 Days until Episode VIII