Amber Bourgeois Theory

Alright now I know there has been a lot of confusion and theories arise in this whole Queen Bee mess but I thought I’d throw my theories out there as well because why not?

Okay so to start when we first started figuring out Chloe was most likely the bee miraculous holder I was a little mad. Now to be fair this is a little controversial, you either love the idea or you hate it. Me and my friend would rant for hours about it, going through the entire first season clip by clip trying to pick out each little detail that foreshadowed her becoming Queen Bee. When we saw that the Bee Miraculous holder picture released to us the other night on Instagram I was for sure it was Chloe but the recent tweet by Kenya Danino had me confused.

Does Chloe Bourgeois actually have a twin sister named Amber?

My personal opinion is she doesn’t.

First of all the twin trope had been mentioned before in this series (I hear the occasional ‘Evil twin’ mentioned in reference to Hawkmoth) so it isn’t exactly a new idea around here but I doubt they would actually use this. The whole twin mess would make sense in the case of the Bourgeois family since we never actually see Mama Bourgeois (but for real real were is she?) and she could obviously be with this other daughter.

It all just seems kind of random to suddenly throw this new character into the mix. Especially when she looks exactly the same as her sister.

Now what really made me come up with this theory is what Thomas Astruc poster on his Twitter when question about the new Queen Bee as  well as the artwork by Kenya.

He mentions Felix when asked about it which I only assumed what just kind of to disregard the idea but it had me thinking. 

When later this tweet came out:

I was a bit thrown off. This ‘Amber’ character looks much nicer than Chloe and seems to be the bee. It was never confirmed whether she is a true character or not but it was retweeted by storyboard artist Wilfried Pain and Kenya has always seemed to know pretty official stuff (I believe she was the one who released what the fox kwami looked like).

When they completely remake the character Felix, changing both his looks as well as personality, he received a new name. What is this was also the case with original concept art Chloe?

In the picture below it seems to us that originally Chloe was friends with Marinette and Alya. She’s clinging onto Marinette’s arm in an excited way and the fact that she’s even sitting somewhere near them is a big difference from canon Chloe.

So if her character under went such a big change did she receive a name change as well? Could her original name have been Amber?

My guess is that the original, friendly Chloe was called Amber and she was eventually going to get the bee miraculous. I think somewhere down the line she was eventually changed into Marinette’s rival giving her the new name of Chloe. The picture above also fits with the Amber drawing by Kenya since the character isn’t wearing the glasses Chloe always wears (Alya seems to be wearing them here).

Also the show doesn’t follow a lot of cliché character tropes which are usually depicted in shows. So why do we still have the ‘spoiled, bratty, rich, mean girl, daughter of a powerful figure, blonde hair, white-ass’ deal going down with Chloe? As much as I hate her, I really do hope she gets some sort of character redemption throughout the second season (I’m praying it doesn’t all happen in one episode, Rome wasn’t build in a day after all.) Character redemption would steer us away from that rich blonde girl cliché.

So overall I believe that there really isn’t an Amber Bourgeois out there and that she was just made up to throw us off. Amber is to Chloe what Felix is to Adrien, just the original concept for their character. Although I think it would be a really cool twist to have a set of secret twins, ’m betting it won’t happen but I’ll be happy to watch the show no matter what path it goes down with Queen Bee. But please, let me know y’all’s theories and if y’all agree with mine.

Sorry this was so long, but thanks for reading!!