how to look like winter ✨❄️

- a glow in your eyes that twinkles, child-like, no different than strung-up lights

- layers of white fabrics draped over your body, like blankets of snow covering tree branches

- holding hands to keep your body as warm as your heart (even if the hand you hold is your own)

- wispy eyelashes that blink away snowflakes

- an all-around gentleness and stillness in the way you carry yourself, like a family of deer in the snowiest of forests

Lúcio and the Muiraquitã

As some of you know, I’m a huge fan of Overwatch, specially all the amazing effort Blizzard’s team had on character design and development. They have very interesting designs, characteristics and unique personalities. Not to mention they have a double care to create a multi-national and multi ethnic group of heroes. The same goes to my compatriot, Lúcio, the Brazilian DJ and a lovely support hero.

As far as I can see, they traced a very nice character with very precise and even natural Brazilian characteristics. Look at his full name: Lúcio Correia dos Santos is a very common name and sounds very natural to heard to us, differently from many other Brazilian characters in other games (I’m looking at you, Tekken’s Eddy Gordo). He also carries many of the carioca style on his voice manner (even more in the pt-br dub, since his VA here is from the same city) and, most of all, he’s a reliable character and carries his nationality nicely. Just look at his main colors: yellow and green (with blue details), all the colors of our flag, combine so great that doesn’t sound rude at all. He’s true to his favela origin and is a party lover who loves to cheer everyone around him.

With all this, I looked at his frog tattoo and found it… curious, to say at least. It reminded me of something from my region. But, I wasn’t sure if the Blizzard team would go THAT FAR to characterize him.

But then I received my Art of Overwatch’s artbook (really good artbook, but, I recommend it) and when I was reading about his conception, I read this:

“..they based his frog symbol on the giant monkey frog, a bright green amphibian from the Amazon basin that’s used in traditional healing ceremonies.”

This frog in specific is on the origins of a very popular amulet from where I’m from: the Muiraquitã.

This amulet (that from the native language can be translate as “knot of trees”, usually craft on greenish stones like jade and nephrite or even in woods, is an old artifact from the Low Amazon Basin’s Indians, like the Tapajós and Konduri to represent different kinds of animals, like fishes, turtles, but mostly frogs). The first reports about they are waaay back from the 16th century, back from the Portuguese Colonization period of Brazil.

This region right here.

According to some historians, the Tapajós women used this amulet to prevent diseases and infertility. As an extension of the original monkey frog’s curative properties they used.

Nowadays, this amulet can be found as a pendant and illustrate many decorative objects around my regions, usually sold as a souvenir.

Ultimately, I’m utterly happy to see an amulet from my region (so far away from Lúcio’s hometown, Rio de Janeiro) being used on his design to reinforce his healing and cheerful personality and style. Overwatch dev team, have my most sincere  gratitude and praise.


Art by Aukki13

For more info: Muiraquitã’s article at Wikipédia

cute things to do with someone

-eat ice cream at the beach, find pretty shells to give them and watch the sunset
-surprise them with flowers
-go camping under the stars and make smores around a campfire
-pack a basket of sandwiches and fruit and go on a picnic
-go ice skating and drink hot chocolate and cuddle
-explore different cafes in the city and eat pastries
-go to concerts or local events with them
-put pillows everywhere, light a scented candle and watch a movie
-explore a foreign city with them
-cook their favorite meal as a surprise
-make cupcakes together
-go on walks in nature, make daisy chains and take pretty photos
-get a blanket, lie down together and watch the sunrise
-wear fuzzy sweaters and matching colors
-tell each other your goals and secrets so you can help each other grow