concentration is hard

“Poco a poco”

Former child prodigy Jyn Erso’s first year at Yavin School of Performing Arts would be going so much easier if she wasn’t stuck with violist Cassian Andor as a duet partner. She also wishes he’d stop being so distractingly handsome. That would be great.

I guess it’s hard concentrating on playing your own instrument when your ensemble partner is so damn good it actually makes him more attractive than he already was to begin with. In other words, #SexyViolaPlaying.


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I have no idea what i did with the coloration there. I redid it so many times and then just half-assed it. ʅ(ʘ ヮʘ✿)ʃ  *shrugs* I still struggle with Kuroo.. why is he so hard to draw?

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‘So .. we’re done reading?’

"Don't Hurt Her"

A/N: This was requested by a lovely angst-loving anon! My first angst-heavy imagine! I hope it came out to your liking!


WARNING: Spoilers (kinda), torture (bloodless)
Also: I wasn’t sure how to fit this into the canon movie events, so let’s just create a little alternate universe for this one-shot

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95- “Don’t hurt him/her”
You weren’t exactly sure how you got here.
By some force, your wrists were suspended above you, and your feet couldn’t touch the ground.

You tried to move, but it was as if your mind was completely independent from your body.
You willed yourself to move, even a finger, but to no prevail.

All you seemed to be able to control were your eyes, which were, of course, blindfolded.
How did this happen?

You concentrated hard on what you could remember, attempting to maintain your levels of panic.

You were walking down the streets of New York, hand in hand with…who were you with?
You commanded yourself to focus.
You remembered a pain like nothing you’ve ever felt. Like someone had taken something ten times hotter than the sun, and lit your blood on fire with it.

You had just felt it a minute ago…no, an hour ago?

Time felt insignificant wherever you were.
You remember walking down broadway with someone, and by some series of events, ended at the mercy of someone whose face seemed so blurry to you right now.

Your ear picked up heavy footsteps in the background. Or was it in front of you?
The sounds grew louder, and louder still, until it was all around you from every angle. Then, they halted.

And that’s when you heard his voice.
“Now, what was a pretty young no-maj like you, wandering around with the magic folk?”

You’re not sure how you recognized that voice, you couldn’t pair it to any face or any name, but something about when he spoke sent chills up and down your spine.

You felt cold fingers grab your chin, and forcefully yank you closer.
“It’s not polite to neglect your superior while he’s talking to you. Now I’ll ask once again. What, is a pretty young thing like you” and suddenly the blindfold was ripped from your face, and a harsh, fluorescent light flooded the room.

“Walking around with a wizard?”
Finally, your eyes focused, and landed on a graying man with a peculiar haircut.
And everything came rushing back.
“Tell me again about this amazing little creature!” You pet the small tree-looking creature in your hand.

Newt walked by your side, one hand in his pocket, the other, firmly grasping a worn briefcase, his gaze slightly downward.
“He’s a Bowtruckle, one of the friendliest and reliant of them, in fact.”

“He’s so small”
“Yes, it makes him rather convenient to travel with. He’s pocket sized!” Newt chirped, patting his breast-pocket proudly.

“And absolutely fascinating! He’s completely self aware, I’ve never seen anything like it.”
You passed by a woman, who glance over to you and audibly gasped.
Newt jumped in reaction and took the Bowtruckle back.

“Forgive me, but I’m already in dubious amounts of trouble showing you my creatures, I can’t risk the entire city parading this guy around town” you were rather disappointed, but complied.

“Speaking of which, you said there is a law that we, the non magic people, can’t communicate with you wizards? Isn’t that a bit unreasonable?”
“Oh it’s completely foolish, but this is not my country, so I feel obliged to defy it’s silly rules.”
“I don’t want to get you in trouble, Newt.”
“Don’t worry…I have everything completely under control.” He said without a hint of confidence. You shrug.

“If you say so”
Almost as if the universe was eavesdropping on your conversation, you felt a sudden shift of attitude in your body.

It was indescribable, in one instant you were completely aware, but now, it was becoming harder and harder to focus.

“Woah…” you stumbled a bit, and caught Newt’s arm, steadying yourself.
“You alright?” He supported you the best he could.
You fought the drowsiness overtaking you, but eventually, you gave in to the blissful feeling.
Newt noticed you had gone rather quiet.
“(Y/N)? I asked if you were alright?” He gently shook your arm, still hanging into him.
“Oh, of course” You looked at him, with an utterly relaxed expression. For a second, you almost looked happy.

But something was different.
“Are you sure? You seem to be…lost in your thoughts” Newt questioned, becoming more suspicious with every word.

“I feel fine. In fact, I just realized I have to be somewhere.” You turned suddenly, but he stepped in front of you.

“Allow me to walk with you”
“That’s unnecessary. I really must go” you easily dodged him as he tried to grab your arm to stop you again.

He watched you away, analyzing your sudden change in body language.
Something was definitely different. And he didn’t like it one bit.
“You, mind controlled me? How?!” You spat, utterly disgusted with your captor.
“A simple…well actually not so simple spell. Honestly, you no-maj’s make it far too easy”
“You reached into my body and took control, what kind of dark magic allows this?”
“Only the most powerful kind. But this is beside the point, and frankly, I’m surprised you’re still upset.”

“Yuh-huh I’m still upset, now let me go!” You will yourself to pull away, but your muscles were completely out of your control.

“Now now, fighting will only make this harder. That man you were with, he was carrying a rather peculiar case, was he not?”
You purse your lips together, making it clear you weren’t going to talk.

A few seconds passed, when the man ultimately got bored, he pulled out his wand and pressed the tip to your throat.

“I’m not going to stay this pleasant and patient with you forever young lady.” Another chill ran down your spine, yet your lips never wavered.
At that instant, his expression turned dark.
You had a feeling what was coming next.
“Have it your way. Crucio” he whispered the spell in a monotone.

An intense pain filled your body, and you started screaming louder than anything you’d ever screamed in your life. You immediately recognized the sensation, this was not the first time he’d used this on you. How could you not remember?

The moment left as quick as it came, and you were left with an exhaustion like no other. Your forehead was with beaded sweat.

“See, that doesn’t have to happen again if you would just answer a few simple questions. Where is the location of the man you were walking with. Where is Mr. Scamander?” he hissed.

You willed yourself not to open your mouth, and it took every last ounce of the strength you had left.

“Crucio” he mumbled again, his tone growing more frustrated.
If it was possible, this pain was even worse the second time. It was as if white-hot knives pierced every inch of your body, and at any moment, it would rip you to shreds.
But it didn’t stop there.

The pain continued until you couldn’t even comprehend where you were anymore. Your eyes were squeezed shut, and every one of your thoughts were dedicated to this pain.
Finally, the fire vanished, and your vision came back to you.

At least the man had the decency to look uncomfortable as he tortured you.
“Listen to me, you think I want to do this to you? I only need information, and I will let you go free. Honest. Now, will you comply?” You were on the verge of sobbing right then.

You wanted to tell him. You wanted to give up so badly, just so you would never have to feel that ever again.

But you couldn’t betray Newt and his creatures, you knew they meant the world to him, and you owe him that for how he let you into his life.
His wand returned, pressed to your neck, and you saw a hint of frustration behind his eyes.
“Don’t be foolish, girl. This isn’t your battle…don’t fight”

In that moment, you thought it was over. Your entire future, any possible future with Newt, all of it was about to vanish in front of your eyes.
You let another sob escape from your lips as he lifted his wand your forehead.

Just as you closed your eyes, bracing for the next blow, the heavy, metal door swung open in a swift kick.

It was Newt.

Your relief was short lived, as the curse was once again activated.
You couldn’t hold in another ear-piercing scream.

“STOP!” He howled, as if it hurting him rather than you.
“Graves please, don’t hurt her!”
Your captor turned to him, a smile twisting onto his face.

“How fine of you to drop by Mr. Scamander.”
“Let her go, now! She has nothing to do with this, it’s between you and me!”
The pain suddenly stopped, but you could feel yourself getting weaker.
“Newt…” you breathed, not sure if it was out of relief or desperation.

“(Y/N) I’m s-sorry…I’ll get you out o-of here”
Graves turned toward Newt, wand raised lazily at him.
“You have brought something very dangerous into my country, it is time you face some consequences for once. Give me the beasts.” Newt stared in horror at the man, then to his case, then to you.

“Don’t, Newt…don’t do it.” you were barely audible, but something about the fragility in your voice made him utterly infuriated he ever let anything happen to you.
“Alright” he finally said, defeated.

Arguably a little surprised, Grave
lowered his wand, and approached the case.
When his fingers enclosed around the leather handle, something inside Newt snapped.
“Expelliarmus” he said quickly, catching the American wizard off guard. Then with a silent and clean flick of his wand, Newt sent him flying into the wall, and he crumpled to the floor in a heap of unconsciousness.

Suddenly, you felt a curse being lifted from your body, and you fell onto the hard floor. You’ve never been so happy to be grounded in your life.
“(Y/N)” Newt called in a panic, practically running over to your figure on the floor and pulled you into his lap.

“You…have n-no idea how great it is to s-see you” you smiled warmly at him, and you tried to sit up, but groaned loudly in the effort.
“Don’t move, please. I can’t believe I let this happen, I should’ve come sooner…I shouldn’t have let him take you away I-” he rambled, tears welling up in his eyes.

“Don’t worry…I’m fine, just a bit tired” your eyelids began to drop, but Newt shook you in response.

“Don’t fall asleep on me…I’ll get us out of here.”
He reluctantly pulled away from your side to pick up his case and Graves’ discarded wand.
You lifted yourself to your elbows with incredible amounts of effort.

“Is he…you know?” You asked, dreading either answer.
“No, just temporarily unconscious. I should’ve hurt him” he balled his hands into fists, struggling with the thought that you suffered a hundred times more than he did.
He should’ve been the one being tortured in this room, not you.

“What…what did he do to me?”
“Something that should never be done to anyone ever, it’s unforgivable. We’ll turn him over MACUSA, after getting you to safety”
You nodded, and then, you felt an overwhelming surge of emotion.

You started to sob uncontrollably, reliving the scene and the pain all over again. Newt gathered you into his arms, rocking you back and forth, fighting back his own tears.
“I know…I know. You’re safe now, I won’t let anything happen to you ever again”

You struggled to calm yourself, but you would become hysterical again whenever you pictured that face.

You were safe now, you thought to yourself.
It was all over, and you would never feel that pain ever again. Newt wouldn’t allow it.
You were safe.

You were finally safe.

Maul: “… he will avenge us.” *rolls back eyes*

Obi-Wan: “…. What are you doing?”

Maul: “I’m dying.”

Obi-Wan: “What? All I did was burn your shirt.”

Maul: “Shut up, Kenobi. Can’t you let a man die in peace?”

Obi-Wan: “You can’t just will yourself to die!”

Maul: “I can and will.” *closes eyes and concentrates really hard*

Moments when boys are super cute

1. When they concentrate really hard on something.
2.When their eyes light up and they talk about something they’re passionate about.
3. When they look at you with that adorable half smile.
4. When they give you their clothes.
5. When they tell a joke and can’t stop laughing about it.
6. When they smile at you and think you don’t know.
7. When they mess up their hair.
8. When they’re man enough to cry.
9. When they’re taller than you and rest their head on top of yours whilst hugging.
10. When they look really proud.

Bonus: When they play with animals or little children ☺️

Rain prompts 🌧
  • “I’m drying off your hair with a towel and I’m concentrating so hard until I look down and see you looking up at me with raindrops still clinging to your lashes and freckling your cheeks. your hair’s all mussed and I’m still rubbing the towel over your head and ajshajaklalala” AU
  • “I don’t know why you thought a dumpster would be a good place to take shelter from the rain but here we are I guess” au
  • “There’s only room under this umbrella for one. Oh fine, get under here I guess we’ll both be partially soaked.” AU
  • “kISSING?? IN THE RAIN??? siGn Me tHe FUCK UP” AU