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Hi sweeties! A new jar for you today!

Trouble focusing and concentrating/channeling extra energy into positive, useful ways is not a new struggle in my household. This jar was a request, but also something I found to be useful for people in my own home, so it was a joy to make, filled with love!

Let’s start!

  • sea salt - for purification
  • caraway seeds - for mental power
  • lavender - for peace and protection
  • rosemary - for mental power
  • basil - to dispel confusion, fears and weakness

With each added ingredient, focus that intent and love into each of your layers. The magic is in you and your intent, so don’t be afraid to spend time on each layer! Once you are finished, you can cork up your bottle and speak your intent into the whole bottle, definitely spend time concentrating and focusing while doing this, as it is the purpose of the bottle, infuse it with these things!

While doing so, you can repeat to yourself–

“Peace will come,
focus will stay.
My energy will be used
in a productive way.”

After you are finished, you can seal up your bottle with wax, I have a tutorial for this here.

Feel free to tag me in your recreations! I love to see them!

You can also find my other bottles here.

I hope this was helpful! I’m open for questions if you have any!


Studying Bottle Spell

It’s that time of the year again, when exams are around the corner ugh. Anyone else last minute cramming for a test like me? Witches, I gotchu.

This spell can be done just as last minute, and it helped me so much to stay focused and motivated while studying. I also added some relaxing crystals and herbs to help me stay calm, since exams up my anxiety like there’s no tomorrow.

You probably have most of these herbs/crystals around your house already, but if not feel free to substitute or omit. I put some crystals together in a bag, and you can use any container for these. Then I ground up most of the herbs (minus the orange peel and bay leaf) and put those in a small glass jar, again you can use anything you’ve got around. I put those together in a plastic baggy with a clear quartz to amplify the effect. I kept this around me while studying and I’ll take it with me in my pocket during the test.

You can also use this for anyy type of studying, including studying witchcraft! So here it is :)

- sodalite or lapis lazuli (or both)
- tiger’s eye
- jade
- sunstone
- blue lace agate
- carnelian
- onyx
- fluorite
- aventurine
- moonstone
- calcite

Add an orange peel and bay leaf. Write your intention on the bay leaf (“academic success today and tomorrow” or “good grades this semester”, or simply “concentration, motivation, focus, and memory”) or you could also draw a sigil. Tear that up to activate and place in the bottle. I’m using a small bottle so that was another reason for tearing it up, or you could leave it whole, or burn, or whatever you want. Then add a pinch of:
- Earl Grey tea
- St John’s wort
- pink himalayan salt, black salt, or regular salt
- lavender or lavender tea
- rosemary
- chamomile
- sage
- sugar
Grind that up together and add to the bottle. I only used a pinch of each because the bottle I used is small, but if you have a bigger container you could use more, and put those and the crystals together even. I kept them separate because I didn’t want the salt to damage any of my crystals. Like I mentioned before, I added the clear quartz as well, but I put it separately so it wouldn’t “combine” with everything and instead would amplify the effects of the other crystals and herbs as a whole.

Voilá and good luck studying!!

Did you know that you can train your concentration? It’s not something you will get over night but with a little practice and patience you can train your focus. Here are five training methods you can do in your daily life.

  1. Write with your week hand.
  2. Write a word backwards.
    E.g. “concentration” -> “noitartnecnoc” 
  3. You can’t focus on class or a speech or anything like that?
    Don’t doze off instead just pick a word from the topic what the person is talking about. Start with a simple word which is not very often used and count it in your head.
    E.g. it’s your international law class. Pick the word “contract”. Every time the teacher/prof uses the word “contract”, count it. Sounds simple?
    Later you can continue with a more often used word like “and” and so on.
    The meaning of this exercise is to train your awareness and accuracy of your listening.
  4. Count a specific letter from a text.
    E.g. use an article from a paper and mark the letter “r”. Later you can try to do that without marking the letters. Like this you can also use a text from the internet e.g. your favorite blog etc.
    With this exercise your brain is forced to focus since you have look at the article carefully so you won’t miss a letter. It’s the perfect time killer for waiting times ;)
  5. Imagine a white wall.
    This exercise is perfect to start (or end) your day with a clear head.
    Sit down comfortable (not too comfortable so you fall asleep again :P). Close your eyes and imagine a white wall. Nothing but a white wall. If another thought is coming into your mind just start again. Try to do this 15 minutes long without distraction.
    Don’t get frustrated if it doesn’t work at your first try. It’s quite hard actually. You can also start with e.g. 5 minutes and increase the time from time to time. Maybe setting a timer if you feel like you could loose time with this practice.

That’s it so far. I really hope this is useful!
Have a nice day ♥ 

- xoxo, junli -


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Napoleon was capable of compartmentalizing his life, so that one set of concerns never spilled over into another – probably a necessary attribute for any statesman, but one he possessed to an extraordinary degree. ‘Different subjects and different affairs arranged in my head as in a cupboard,’ he once said. 'When I wish to interrupt one train of thought, I shut that drawer and open another. Do I wish to sleep? I simply close all the drawers and I am there – asleep.’ An aide-de-camp wrote of how much his staff 'admired the strength of his mind and the facility with which he could take off or fix the whole force of his attention on whatever he pleased.’ In the middle of this hurricane in his private life and the growing, gnawing realization that the woman he worshipped was at best lukewarm in her affections towards him, Napoleon was putting the finishing touches to a bold campaign plan that would lead to a string of seven more victories on top of the five already won, the capture  of Mantua, the expulsion of Austria from Italy after three centuries of Hapsburg rule.
—  Napoleon: A Life, by Andrew Roberts

This is probably one of my favorite pieces from my last year of high school art. I tried to push myself a lot artistically that year, both technique-wise and style-wise, and I tried to do that on this piece as well. I think what makes this one of my favorites, however, is the fact that I really had fun making it. I let myself enjoy the process, and really, I think that’s one of the most important parts of it for me. If this is something I’m going to be doing for the rest of my life (as I sincerely hope it is), I better be enjoying it and making the most of it!

Anyways, this is of course inspired by Over the Garden Wall, as that was my concentration for that year. I do not own these characters.