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Enough (III)

Author: kpopfanfictrash

Pairing: You/Baekhyun

Rating: NC-17

Word Count: 3,667

Summary: You and Baekhyun have been married for two years. Somewhere during that time, things started to go wrong. Now you’re trying to leave. But can you?

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Selfless Love- part 3

Bucky Barnes x Reader

Summary: A journey toward recovery and the story of a broken man falling in love with a woman.

Word Count: 940

Warnings: Slight Angst, Language (probably)

A/N: Reminder that this story is a slow burn. Good luck to everyone with exams and/or papers to write! 

Series Masterpage

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The change in Bucky’s behaviour surprised everyone. He talked and smiled a little more, he stayed around after dinner. Even his therapist said he looked happier.

Your wound healed slowly, it left a scar shaped like a crescent moon. You often found yourself tracing it with the pad of your index. It reminded you of Bucky.

There was something about him that put you at ease. Perhaps it was his shy demeanour or his selflessness. Whatever it was, you were growing fond of him and it terrified you, so you decided to keep your distance.

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overdose alert, Portland Oregon

July 20, 2017

Multnomah County Health Department is aware of a recent spike in heroin overdoses concentrated in downtown in Portland.

Key messages for anyone who uses heroin or may be at risk of returning to using heroin:
Don’t use alone.
Don’t mix heroin with alcohol or pills.
Carry naloxone and have an overdose plan
Know that it may take more than two doses of naloxone to reverse an overdose.
Be extra careful if you have been clean for awhile (like jail, detox, hospital, or you just cut back yourself) because your tolerance level may have changed and you may want to use a smaller amount.
Consider getting some help. Call 1-800-923-HELP for free, confidential, alcohol/drug counseling and treatment referral.
If you think someone is experiencing an overdose, call 911 and give naloxone if you can.

Please find attached information to print and distribute.

For more information please contact:
Multnomah County Health Department, (503) 988-3030

Jennifer Vines, MD, MPH
Deputy Health Officer
Multnomah County Health Department

We have a new season of The X-files, people! Season 11 is coming! We will have shooting days with candids, fake call sheets, many-many gates, hundreds of theories, huge press tour, interviews, photo shoots, tonnes of fuckery and of course sleepless nights. We will have months of new experiences to share and 10 new episodes of our favourite show! 10! Not 6, but 10! Just think about all the crazy good things we shared after Season 10 was announced. On the road leading up to the new season, new people joined the fandom, new friendships were born and people were here to discuss all type of topics. It can always go a bit too crazy, but hey, this is a fandom. We are weird, so there is that. Tumblr is a sanctuary to everyone. 

Or it was, until a couple of months ago the fandom has been divided and not because of the ships, but because of egos and personalities. Out of a sudden, we had a Tumblr police going around policing & bullying people. They were yelling at people about respect while attacking them why they live in a fantasy world and calling them names. People deleted their blogs, because of this! I’ve never seen so much hate in this fandom before and I don’t want that darkness in my home, again.

Now, they want to come back, ‘cause The X-files is back, and pretend like nothing happened. Well, I’m sorry but  “You’ve made your bed, now lie in it.” You called people stupid, delusional, crazy - to say the least offensives - you created a blog for the sole purpose of mocking people, you hated on David, you said Gillian would never do X-files again, you said Gillian and David’s relationship is toxic. Feeling superior, bullying and mocking other people’s hobbies, making fun of their obsessions and enjoying all of this is not okay. I don’t think this behaviour should be forgiven, ‘cause if you did it once, you’ll do it again.  So, please just stop creating another drama the deeds are done. 

The two sides could exist next to each other, you just have to stop obsessing about the other side. You clearly stated your beliefs, your interest, stick with it. At least have the guts to stick with what you preached for months! I made the choice to have no interest in some topics and bloggers, you should do the same. Everyone should do that, instead of debating why people treat them the way you do. (Hint: not because who you ship, it’s never been about that)  

I’m not gonna ruin our - probably - last chance to enjoy the crazy ride, this new season will bring. I only follow bloggers who don’t go around judging people, who treat each other with respect here. I have my happy place and I’m perfectly ready to lose our shit together, fangirl and not sleep once August comes. I advise all of you to do the same! This place can be the best, I promise you!  

This blog will stay drama-free from tomorrow - cause let’s be honest, I might have to reply to some messages 😂 - and will only concentrate on joy, positive energy, love and a good spiralling is really overdue, don’t you think? This is what I’m here for. Bring on Season 11! ❤️❤️

{ this time }

pairing: hamilsquad x reader (john-centric); little more of john x alex

t/w: angst bc john’s sad; mention of racism/prejudice (it’s one line)

a/n: i picture john’s mom as hispanic. i feel like that better explains why he can speak spanish so yeah

john’s in his headspace a little. also i broke up the scenes so it wouldn’t be too confusing. 

summary: our sunshine boy has daddy issues

inbox || masterlist

John shifted a little when he woke up. He stared at the ceiling, let his eyes follow the lines on the walls, thought about how three different lines still managed to meet at one point until he felt like he couldn’t breathe. 

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Detective Conan 990 Spoilers [English Translation]

Thanks to Neuro for proofreading!

  • [Tohto Gymnasium]
  • [National Spring High School Kendo Tournament]
  • [The Swordsman of the West, Hattori Heiji, came to the East!!]

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Good afternoon, folks! We’re getting incredibly close to the semi-finals and so, it is that time again to unleash one of my favourite maps to make each year - my annual Eurovision theme map! It’s where I delve through interviews and write-ups about each year’s songs, and use these - and my gut instinct when they prove insufficient - to try to classify the lyrics thematically. If you are new to this blog this year, you may want to check out last year’s map, which also has links to previous years! 

It should not come as a surprise that, when songwriters pen lyrics for Eurovision, the previous years’ success stories exert influence on the kind of song they write - and this often leads to some decided circularity. Take 2014, for example - the top-ranking songs were mostly a downbeat bunch, with many tales of love gone wrong such as Calm after the storm, Undo and arguably the winning song too. As a result, 2015 was awash with melancholy songs about lost love - and yet the top 5 was full of motivational, self-aggrandising songs such as the winner, and songs of true love, like Grande amore, and hope for peace, like A million voices. In 2016, we had a surfeit of positive, upbeat love songs - and as circularity would dictate, a downbeat, historo-politically inspired tune won.  There’s going to be a longish write-up about songs in each category, so I’ll insert a “read further” link here:

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Spring Day [2]

Summary: Jimin and you were best friends since you were little kids, never leaving each other’s side, but one rainy day of spring you left him, asking him to forget about you. You were trying to protect him from yourself, but he didn’t know that. What will happen if fate got you two back together?

Pairing: Jimin x Reader

Genre: Fantasy, Vampires, Angst, Fluff

Warnings: Blood, mentions of death

Word Count: 2.3k       

Part 1 // Part 2 // Part 3 // Part 4 //Part 5

Turning back into reality, once your sight became normal again you brought yourself up and looked at Namjoon. He was confused by the sudden change in you.

Your face turned and you searched for someone you hoped you didn’t see. But you did. Your jaw clenched as you observed him talking with another guy, wearing his suit. You suddenly wanted to hug him; you wanted to say everything you couldn’t say that spring day under the rain, but the only thing you managed to say was:


“Do you know him?” Namjoon asked tilting his head as he changed position to put the box on the table next to him.

“What do you mean? Do you know him?” You turned your head again, conscious of the sweat forming in your palms every second that you stayed there knowing that Jimin was only some meters away from you. Plus the scent still got your head spinning.

Namjoon laughed, too loud for your liking, you didn’t want any attention drawn to you, and especially not his attention. “Why wouldn’t I know the president of the company I work for? Are you crazy?”

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Memories that Remain Ch. 8 | By HaughtBreaker & jaybear1701
Chapter Summary: Wynonna and Whit set their plan in motion.
By Organization for Transformative Works

A/N: Sorry for the delay! @haughtbreaker​ and I had written several chapters before we started posting to serve as a cushion for weekly updates, but unfortunately we’ve caught up with ourselves. Not sure we’ll be able to stick to a weekly update schedule moving forward, but we’ll do our best! Thanks for the continued support! Your comments always motivate us to keep writing!

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Studyblr Do’s and Don’ts


  • Keep your desk neat and tidy, if possible, the area should also be quiet. The library is a perfect place to have peace and quiet if you are unable to focus at your own desk.
  • Have a scheduled study time. Remember that one hour lecture/seminar/class should be reinforced by two hours of studying at home.
  • Sit down for 45-minute intervals, followed by 15-minute breaks.
  • Reward yourself if you have met the goal for that study session.
  • Create write ups in between your class/lecture notes and the core/recommended textbook. This will help you to understand any information not covered in the scheduled class times.
  • Highlight areas within the chapter that will be discussed class. This will help to identify areas that you may not understand.
  • Put new words or concepts/theories to use. The more you use the learned information, the more likely you will be to remember it.
  • Review what has been studied just before you go to bed, or at the end of your learning week.
  • Keep a balanced diet and to get plenty of rest.


  • Procrastinate. Cramming is not beneficial when trying to create long term memory.
  • Have your mobile phone or tablet on during your study time, text and phone call can be distracting. If you are going to have your mobile with you, turn it on silent or only use it for music purposes if this helps you.
  • Study just after you have eaten. Studies have shown that thinking is slower after having a meal.
  • Space out. When you feel your mind begin to wander, remind yourself to concentrate.
  • Rush. Rushing will create panic, take your time and plan timings in advance.
  • Don’t compare yourself – everyone’s study techniques are different and everyone has different learning styles.
  • Compromise on sleeping, eating and drinking. Make sure you get enough rest, this will improve your memory and help with concentration.

Hope this helps- if you need anything don’t hesitate to message me. I love hearing from you and helping you out :)

Tumblr - Girl (Part 9)

Tumblr – Girl (series)

Part 1

Pairing: Misha Collins x reader
Summary: the evening goes on and on
Word Count: 2.073

Warnings: unprotected smut (rape!) - don’t read if this could be triggering for you!, kissing, mental illness, depression, self doubt,  

Notes: Here is a new part, it’s been a while, but here it is. You have to be strong now, my friends. 

Thanks again to my lovely beta @sinceriouslyamellpadalecki for reading through it :) Show her some love for that! 

And now, be strong, here is Part 9!

Your POV

After the film has ended, you and Jacob were snuggled up and it felt right, it felt good to lay there with him, you were tired as hell, but everything felt save, it felt good to know Dmitri wasn’t mad on you, it felt good to have Jacob here to care about you, everything seemed perfect. When the screen went dark you still laid there, you didn’t say anything, for some time you laid there in the dark and just breathed, Jacobs hand still stroking your shoulder every now and then. After some time, it felt like hours, but it couldn’t be longer than a few minutes you lifted your eyes to look at his face, and when you met his gaze he slowly moved his hand to your face, slowly touching your cheek, then he bent forward to press his lips on yours, gently, you didn’t pull away, you enjoyed the unfamiliar touch, it was the first time you really wanted it, wanted to kiss him. You gently leaned into the kiss, put your hands on his shoulders and pulled him closer. 

His hands wandered under your shirt, caressed the skin on your stomach, you had to giggle “Don’t tickle, that’s unfair” you just whispered and he laughed as well, but he stopped tickling and started stroking your lower back, smoother, softer. Soon you were fallen back into deep, passionate kisses, one of your hands drifted through his dark hair, he slightly moaned into the kiss and you smiled a bit. His hands went up on your back, slowly, every now and then staying a moment, stroking softly, making you shiver because of the sensation. Soon they reached your bra, you gasped when he touched your breasts through the fabric, but he didn’t seem to notice, it wasn’t unpleasant, so you didn’t say anything and just let him continue. He kneaded your breasts, softly and soon you couldn’t hold back and let out a silent moan, it was his time to smile. “Y/N…” he whispered near your ear, kissing along your jawbone “I… I want you.” He gasped, kissing down your neck. You didn’t know what to say, it felt so good, you have never felt that kind of sensation before. “Y/N… I’ve waited long enough.” He whispered when he took the hem of your shirt and slowly pulled it up. You moaned again, a bit louder than before, you never witnesses anything like that, when he wanted to fully remove your shirt you just smiled, watching him as the shirt left your body. You shivered, feeling his hands explore your body. Quickly your bra was opened and fell off, the sudden cold made you shake a bit more than before. The next moment he stood up and looked at you, you were not sure what to do, then a smirk turned up at his face. He leaned down, kissing you deeply and lifting you, not breaking the kiss. Surprised you pulled back, he growled, kissed along your jaw, carrying to your bedroom. Soon you realized what he was up to, you relaxed a bit, enjoying his kisses. When he set you down on your bed, his hands nearly immediately tried to remove your pants, you just wore a pair of sweatpants, so it didn’t take too long. “Jacob..” you moaned slightly embarrassed when you sat there, completely naked, he looked at you, his eyes were lust-blown. “I want you, Y/N.” He said with a husky voice and pulled his shirt over his head, throwing it on the floor and unbuckled his belt. Then he quickly stripped his pants and boxers, before leaning into you for a deep kiss. You put your hands on his shoulders, enjoying the kiss, you knew what would happen now. “Jacob.. This.. it’s my first time.” You breathed when you broke the kisses to breathe, he just groaned and pressed you back until you laid on the mattress, him on top of you. His hands were everywhere, the sensation of his touch filled you, you couldn’t move, couldn’t say anything, just feel his skin on yours. All of a sudden it all happened at once, you felt something at your entrance, but before you could realize what it was Jacob pushed himself into you, without any preparation. You felt a stinging hurt, you winced when the pain flashed through your body, but he pressed your hands to the mattress, so you couldn’t move. “Uhh.. Y/N, you are so…” he couldn’t finish the sentence, you saw the bliss in his eyes. When he buried his cock completely into you he stopped for a short moment and leaned down to kiss you, he loosed the grip at your hands, but didn’t let you go. He first kissed your lips, then worked down to your neck, your shoulders. Then he started moving, pulled out slowly and pushed back in, once, twice, it still hurt, but not as much as before. “You feel so good.” He groaned. After that he increased the pacewinced again, a silent tear rolled down your cheek, the burning pain increased, you wanted it to stop, but then, on the other hand Jacob looked so full of bliss, so pleased, you could bear this a bit longer, you told yourself. He pounded into you, then you felt his cock starting to twitch, he slowed down a bit, which made it better for you, not much later he started to breathe heavily, then you felt him cum into you, he thrusted a few more times and then collapsed on you, his twitching cock still in you. He let go of your hands and searched your lips to kiss you and you happily accepted the kiss. His hands gently caressed your body, massaged your breast, it felt good. After some minutes he stood up to get a washcloth to clean you and himself up. “Y/N, I got the morning-after pill for you, I didn’t know if you are on protection.” He just said and put a box with a pill on your nightstand. You just shook your head “Thanks so much. I completely forgot about that.” You said and swallowed the pill without water. “Maybe you should make an appointment with your doctor to think of a method of protection.” He said, while he laid down next to you. You nodded, then you placed your head on his chest and soon you felt him fall asleep. Not much time later you fell asleep as well.

Next morning you woke up first, there were dark bruises at your wrists, where Jacob held you yesterday. You looked at him how he still slept peacefully. You smiled, but carefully, not to wake him, you stood up. It hurts awfully between your legs, but you tried to keep it together, put a loose short on and into the kitchen to prepare some breakfast. While you made some French toast you took your mobile to check your messages. You saw you didn’t answer Dmitri yesterday, so you decided to do it right now.

“Dear Dmitri,

I really can’t believe you think like this, I got a lot of texts from you, and yesterday I read every single one of them. I love them, I will print them and keep them, I can’t believe you are here even if I put you through hell and back. Dmitri, I know I’m not worth your time, but although I know that I don’t want to lose you, if you don’t say that I should stop, you will be stuck with me for quite a time now. “

You don’t know how that happened, but suddenly there were two human beings, who cared about you, Jacob was here physically, he was the one to touch, the one who touched you. He showed you how physical love had to be, he was there for you.

And there was Dmitri, who was the one you could talk to, about everything, about everybody, without hesitation. He was the one who understands, who pushes you when you couldn’t go on any longer, the one, who showed you a way when you thought you were in a dead-end road. You needed them both, you needed both parts in your life, you thought. Smiling you flipped over the French toast and then continued to type.

“But your offer, Dmitri, the con-tickets, I don’t know if I can take them. Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to attend a con, to meet all the people there. Maybe to talk to them, but on the other hand I can take this tickets for free from you. They normally cost hundreds of dollars, and you want to give them to me? For what, for nottelling you that I’m still alive, for putting you through this hell for weeks? Dmitri, as glad I would be to get a ticket, at least let me buy them from you. Don’t give them to me for letting you down.

I’ll let you know if I can get the money to buy them from you. What kind of tickets are they? I hope they aren’t that expensive, I really would love to attend the con. Just tell me the price.

Thank you so much for sticking with me, Dmitri, I can’t say it too often, thank you!

Love, Y/N “

After reading through it once again you sent the message and concentrated on the breakfast. “Good morning.” You heard from behind you and seconds later you felt two hands slipping around your waist. “Morning” you said and turned your head around to see Jacob. “Want some coffee?” you asked and before he answered he gave you a short peck on the lips. Now you turned around completely and shyly pulled him into a more intense kiss. His hands slowly slipped to your breasts, he moaned into the kiss while kneading them softly. After a while of kissing you smelled a burnt smell, shit, the toast. You quickly put it out of the pan and turned the stove off. Then you turned back at him “Breakfast?” you asked him and he nodded.

Mishas POV

There was not much to do at my place in Vancouver, filming started again tomorrow, so I had to go over the scripts for tomorrow, I thought about going out to a bar, or to ask Jensen, if he would like to do something, but I didn’t want to bother him, he was there for me nearly every day for the last few weeks, he has earned some alone time, especially since he didn’t get much sleep because of me, this night. I opened a bottle of wine at home and put on a film, which I hadn’t seen yet. Every now and then I checked my phone, if I got a reply from Y/N, I don’t know what this girl did to me, maybe it was because she let me see into her world, without knowing who I am, maybe there was something I could relate to in the way she wrote about her struggles, I couldn’t figure it out.

I went to bed late, but I slept well, the nightmares were nearly blown away.  My make-up artist would be grateful if the rings beneath my eyes got less intense, Jensen would be as well.

Next morning came too quickly, I didn’t get up when my alarm went off, but after I pressed snooze for the 4th time I could get myself to take a shower. That helped, a lot. After showering, having a small breakfast and going through the lines again, I got myself ready for set. Jensen would pick me up, as always. While waiting I checked my phone again, and there it was, the message I waited for the whole time. Just out of nothing. I looked outside, Jensen wasn’t here yet, so I opened it and started to read.

It made me sad, that she thought like that of herself, like she didn’t deserve something good to happen to her, but she said she wouldn’t stop writing again, that was positive. It seemed like she didn’t have any plan to do something to herself near future, when I wanted to go on I heard the sound of a motor outside, shove the mobile in my front pocket and left the house. I needed time to re-read it, to process what she meant. I could do that later today.


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Me and @9793 finally finished our first collab! We’re super excited for this type of “visual novel”-style fic and we hope you’ll like it!

Pairing: Yoonkook
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: NSFW Art, Spanking, Overstimulation, Dirty Talk, Rimming and Sexting (kind of)
Word count: 5117

What’s a boy supposed to do when he’s bored out of his mind and his boyfriend is in class? Well Jeon Jeongguk has a pretty good idea.

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anonymous asked:

i have a feeling harry just doesnt like his new hair or he feels insecure about it and that makes me sO SAD THAT MY PRECIOUS LITTLE BEAN WOULD EVER FEEL THAT WAY but i need a lil blurb of him acting kinda off and wearing the beanie all the time and you confronting him about it and then comforting him when he tells you he feels insecure i just need it to function at this point

I feel the same and it hurts me so much so … well, there you have it. Hope you like it! ***

You noticed first when he came back home from his cut. It was early in the morning, you were still tucked up in bed when he got up, pressing a kiss to your temple and moved quietly in the room, getting ready for his day. His hands were running constantly through the long length of his hair, having freshly washed it and let it dry to his pompous curls one last time before he chopped it all off.

You weren’t fond of his decision, having come to love the long length of it and the way it felt silky and smooth against your fingers every time you had them tangled into the thick strands. You loved the way it looked on him and how much confidence it gave him. In fact, if there was a time where he felt confident, it was when he had you pulling at his hair, moaning against his ear as he pounded into you and the chocolate curls curtained around you. He felt confident with it when he frolicked across the stages all around the world, feeling like one of the many rock stars he loved and admired, with the funky clothes and the big hair. It made him fall into himself and thrive in his looks and you loved every single moment of it.

Of course, with the filming starting to creep closer and charities in talks of having his hair donated, you and him both knew that the time to cut it was closing in. You didn’t ask to come with him and he didn’t want you to. It was his thing and you were so proud of what he was doing you could burst, but you knew he had to do it on his terms, so you left him to it.

You had relished it until the last second, the night before Harry went to his hairdresser spent in between the sheets, your hands grappling against the silky strands while he touched and licked you into orgasms that left your body feeling like jello, all the while your hands were full with the length of it.

When he came back home, after his cut, you noticed the way his shoulders were tense and how far he had his beanie tucked into his head, eyes hidden by his sunglasses as he stepped inside. You were already up, having breakfast as you waited for him to come back home. He’d done it in the crack of dawn, a way of keeping this hidden until he decided to share with the world, so it was still quite early when he entered the door, hand gripping his hoodie and wallet, car keys dangling from his belt loops and tan boots making noise across the hardwood floors.

He walked into the kitchen, setting his things on the counter and pulling out his sunglasses, the emerald green of his eyes coming into view. It was then you noticed - the deep frown on his forehead, the tense shoulders, his defensive demeanor and eyes downcast to the floor, bottom lip pinched between his pointer finger and his thumb. He was nervous - something you had almost never seen him feel, not for a long time.

“How was it?” You ask, voice soft and calm, not bothering for a greeting. You wanted to know how he felt about it and you wanted to see it. Your fingers were already itching to pull at his beanie and you were anxious, nerves wired and a weird feeling in your tummy.

“Was ok.” Harry tells you, voice low and eyes locked on the screen as he fumbles with his phone, tapping a message with quick fingers and a concentrated look. He’s avoiding you and you don’t like it one bit.

“Can I see?” Your request is full of curiosity and apprehension. His shoulders immediately tense and he purses his lips, setting down his phone and sighing. “Please?” You ask again, voice timid. You don’t wanna push him to show you if he doesn’t want to.

Without saying a word, he reaches hesitantly to the beanie covering his head and pulls it down, avoiding your gaze. Your hands fly to your mouth, an inevitable gasp leaving you without permission. He looked… different. Not in a bad way, just in a way you weren’t used to seeing him in a long time. It was short on his neck, without any style to it, a bit more volume on the top, where you could see curls had a little more volume. You can see more of his skin than you have for a long while, his jaw more prominent and his long neck, a bit thicker from all the working out he’s been doing for the film, was on full display as well as his ears.

“So…?” He asks, looking up for the first time. He’s fumbling with it, hands tangling in what’s left of his mane, huffing exasperated when he reaches his neck and there’s nothing for him to pull there. Harry’s eyes are on you, studying your reactions and he looks lost.

“It’s … So short.” You mumble, hands reaching up to tangle in the small ringlets on top of his head.

“I know, love.” He says bitterly.“ ’S not what I asked.” He shakes his head and closes his eyes while you scratch at his scalp, leaning into your touch, his big hand reaching for your wrist and keeping your hands on him. “D'yeh like it?” He’s looking for reassurance, some certainty that you still find him attractive and you’re shocked that it gets to him so deeply.

“Oh, my love…” You sigh, leaning up on your tiptoes and kissing his jaw, before looking into his eyes. “I like it. You look handsome, as always.” You smile, still playing with the strands and he takes a deep breath, looking up at you with a tortured expression.

“Feels weird. I don’t like it.” He shakes his head and your heart squeezes at this. He’s always so confident, so sure of himself and who he is that seeing his like this makes you want smack whoever requested him to cut it.

Your confident boyfriend, the Harry Styles, the one that wears whatever he wants and doesn’t care what others think, that does himself better than anybody else in the world and encourages people to just be themselves looks defeated, like Sansom after Delilah cut his hair, without his strength and it hurts you to see him like this.

“You did it for a good cause, didn’t you? You see, love… There’s someone else out there that needs it and you’ve made it possible for them and I’m so proud of you for it.” You tell him and he nods. It’s not the motivation, you know he’d do it a thousand times if he could, for every kid that needs in the world. You know him well enough to know that’s not the reason for his sadness. He doesn’t feel like himself and that feeling is the worst thing anyone can feel. “Besides, it’ll grow again right? Once you’re done with the film, you can let it grow as long as you want it.”

“Still me, innit?” You smile at him and his lips quirk in a forced smile before he presses his lips to the wrist that’s still moving against his hair.

“Still you.” You nod, pressing a kiss to his lips.

It’s been a few days since he cut it and the big reveal hasn’t happened yet. In fact, he’s been stuck inside for a week, walking around and sulking, stopping in front of mirrors and playing with the short strands, trying to figure out how to work it. Most of the time, he has a beanie or a hat over the mess that’s on his head and it pains you to see him reaching for the length that’s no longer there for him to pull and play with, his jaw locked tight and eyes resentful every time he catches himself halfway to play with it.

You’re leaving for France the next day, to help him settle into his hotel and the filming schedule and you feel useless. No matter how many times you tell him you loved his hair and tried to pry a smile out of him, it just doesn’t happen. His shoulders are slumped and he just sits around, watching TV or going to the gym, avoiding pictures and keeping to himself, staying locked in his at home studio all day before climbing into bed with you. You can clearly see he’s not really back into his confident self and you hate to see him like this.

It’s the night before you leave when the idea strikes you. He’s out with Dennis, his yoga instructor and you have a bit of time on your hands before he comes home again and you set yourself to do the best you can with what you have. He needs to feel like himself again and that’s what you’re going to give him.

When he gets back home, he finds you sitting in bed, candles lit around the house to make it cosy just the way he likes it and an old shirt of his draped over your body.

“Hello, handsome.” You smile and leave your book to the side, skipping towards him. He leaves him gym bag fall down to the ground and opens his arms, welcoming your body as you jump on him, arms wrapping around his neck and lips pressing a kiss to his cheek, making him giggle.

“What’s gotten into yeh?” He asks, arms around your middle and looking down at you, a soft smile on his face. The damn beanie is shoved on his head, covering all of his hair and it makes you glare. This thing looks like a prison to you and it makes your skin crawl. It’s a sign of his insecurity and it’s not sitting well with you.

“Nothing. Just couldn’t wait until you were home.” You smile, the wheels on your head turning as you me eyes roam over his face. He’s still guarded and avoiding your eyes. “Y'know, there’s something I… there’s something I wanna ask you.” You tell him and e quirks his eyebrow, humming in encouragement for you to continue.

“What’s that?” He questions, curious You’re pulling him towards the bed, stealing the phone from his hand and settling it on the nightstand besides your shares bed before you push him lightly, forcing him to sit down and get on your eye level. You settle between his spread legs, your hands on his shoulder and your eyes locked on his.

“What’s happening?” You tell him, your cheeks warming up at the confrontation and his eyebrows raise up high, his hands reaching for your wrists.

“What’s this about?” Harry’s suspicious when he looks at you and you sigh in defeat.

“Your hair…” You start and he looks away, his face tight in an angry expression. “Why have you been hiding?”

“I know you haven’t-” You start, nervous about his reaction, your tummy filled with butterflies and your hands gripping the shoulders of his soft shirt. “You’re not as confident as you were before” you tell him and observe the way his eyes avoid yours, but you pull his face towards you, locking eyes with him. “… and I know you haven’t been feeling like yourself. But you look good and you’re still you and I love you and I hate seeing you so down.”

“I just-” He grunts, uncomfortable with the topic. “I’m just not really used to it, yet.” He tells you and you shake your head. “Feel a bit insecure, dunno how-” he’s frustrated. “Don’t feel like myself.”

“Oh Harry…” You start but he interrupts you and it’s like the floodgates have been opened.

“I don’t think yeh like me like this.” Harry says, a tone so definite to his statement that makes you angry. “I don’t look like I did before, I know yeh liked the long hair…”

“It doesn’t matter if you’ve got long hair or short hair, you’re still you and that’s what matters.” You tell him, knocking the beanie away and he looks at you, offended. “And you’re still my Harry.” You smile at him, legs straddling his and hands tangling with the short strands as you pull lightly.

“Am I?” It’s small and low and he’s searching for your eyes so he knows you’re not lying.

“Just as handsome as the first day I met you.” You confess and plant a sweet kiss to his lips. “The same Harry that makes my heart beat faster.” You say, kissing his jaw and he closes his eyes when you nip at the skin. “The same Harry that makes me have butterflies in my tummy.” Another kiss, this time on his temple. His hands reach up under your shirt and he touches your skin lightly. “The same Harry that makes me shake…” Your voice is lower now, almost a purr and you talk, lips brushing his ear before you bite on his lobe and he shudders under you, hands tightening around your hips. “The same Harry that looks so good I can’t help but get wet just at the sight of him…” You’ve never been good with dirty talk, but you can feel him getting harder under you as you grind down on his lap and you smile against his skin.

He holds you tight before he turns over, pushing you to bed, a smirk on his lips and a naughty glint in his emerald eyes as he reaches under your knickers, warm hand cupping your center and you moan his name, hands reaching for his hair and pulling him closer as you shake under him.

“The same one that fucks you so good you scream.” He whispers in your ear, fingers dipping between your folds to circle your clit and you smile, seeing the long lost confidence returning to the tone of his voice as he reacquaints with your body, his lips pressed tightly to yours, swallowing your noises and pleas.

When he’s done with you, you’re a mess of jello limbs and his hair looks disheveled and messy from the countless times you pulled and yanked and gripped to the curls on the top as he made you cum in the all the ways he knew how, pressed all the right buttons and made you scream his name as loud as the crowds on his concerts.

He’s walking around the room, after a shower as you observe him, a sway to his walk and his shoulders squared, a smirk to his lips as he plays around with his phone, his naked body free of any covers and allowing you to appreciate his strong thighs, the pert of his bum and his wide shoulders. You can see the confidence sipping back into his bones as he leaves his phone on the dresser, making his way to you and crawling on top, lips finding yours in a sloppy but heated kiss.

“Thank you.” He says, looking into your eyes with sincerity burning on his tongue. “I needed that.”

“Anytime, my love.”

You’d always be there to remind him of who he was and how much you loved him - every version of him.

Weekly Fanfic Recommendations 141

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i miss jimin and ahHHHH so cute i cannot oml ahhh they did so well on the japanese shows, im so proud but anyway heres another fic rec wahuuu

do check out my selling post with the tag #fafsells 

lets start~

1) The Light From the Stars

by @taecup

a yoongi  x y/n fic 

ongoing series with part one out 

domestic au 

you were living a decent life even being married to yoongi until you both decided to try out for a baby

2) Adult World

by @btsstoriesand-astrology

a jungkook x y/n fic 


when you revealed something during a game, jin takes advantage of it and makes you and jungkook to go to the store at night to pick some things up

3) Interruptions

by @lolethlovesbangtan

a jimin x y/n fic 


jimin will never let you concentrate on your work especially with all those messages 

4) Angel in the Darkness

by @mochijamz

a jungkook x y/n fic 

ongoing series with part one out 

demon au 

( i love this plot !!!! )

you loved your job even if it meant talking to people who didnt exactly enjoy your presence, it was all fine till your patient seokjin asks for a favour and of course you said yes but well what did you get yourself into 

5) Breaking and Entering

by @jungkookienoona

a jungkook x y/n fic 


police au 

( this fic is amazing )

you already knew your fiancé was cheating on you, the signs were all there and when you received a text that wasn’t for you, you decided to find out who the other one was 

6) Bun Bun

by @jungkookienoona

a jungkook x  y/n fic 

ongoing series with part one out 

hybrid au 

finding an abandoned bunny hybrid on the streets will definitely start something new, you couldnt leave him on the streets

7) To Kill a King

by @rainyseok

a taehyung x y/n fic 


poker games weren’t al that fun till you finally settled for a bigger  prize, V


8) Heat

by @nchu

a jungkook x  y/n fic 


jungkook knows how nervous you are for it being your first time, but he takes care of you, he always does

this is all for this fic rec, another one up soon~

cherryb0mb79  asked:

BEEP: Saito > Chizuru 21 / 11 / 14 A long confession text that wasn't ultimately sent. During their special ops mission, Saito had typed a well thought-out a text to the unexpectedly lovely undercover geisha, but every time he started to hit "Send" he was interrupted. Chizuru's phone was lying on the tatami mat nearby, blowing up with FB Messenger notifications. From men harassing Chizuru. Sending her pictures of their... shortswords. She really ought to be more careful with privacy settings.

Okaaaaaaaaaay. So we are going seriously AU here:  forget letters, this is the Edo period with cell phones! And we are not going to think about that too hard, right?  👘⚔️ … with cell phones … 

For those who want extra visual context, please see the Hakuouki Anime OVA, Episode 2. The setting is the Sumi, a restaurant located in Kyoto’s red light district. Chizuru has dressed up as a geisha in order to spy on Choshu rebels. Most of the Shinsengumi captains have found either reasons or excuses to be in the building.  

Saito and Yamazaki have volunteered to watch over Chizuru. Unfortunately, nobody expected Chizuru to be so lovely in her geisha attire or considered her effect on impressionable clients and Shinsengumi alike.

Memories of Unspoken Love ~ Saito Hajime

Yukimura-san - 

Saito hesitated, then nodded to himself. Yes, it was appropriate to use the honorific given the subject he intended to broach.  Besides, if he hesitated over every word then this text, expressing his sincere (but polite) admiration for her, would never get sent.  Seeing her this evening looking so beautiful had shaken him, but had also strengthened his resolve.  He took a deep breath, trying not to waste even more time dwelling on her shapely neck or the way that the fine material had somehow emphasized her delicate bones or–

He stared down at the one word (plus honorific) printed on the screen.  He could do this.

I am sending this to tell you that I admire your courage

Did he dare write his honest thoughts?  Some of them, at least?  Saito wiped a faint sheen of sweat from his palms, something he rarely had to do. 

–your courage for undertaking such a potentially troublesome task.

He couldn’t bring himself to say “and beauty”.  It was probably too forward in any event.

I realize that you may not have wanted to dress in such attire this evening; it may even be that you dislike it.  However, I want you to know–


Saito stared at the small pouch beside him.  Chizuru–ah, Yukimura–had apparently left her cell phone in her bag, whether by design or by accident. Well, hopefully it would not ring or beep too much and he could–

#Beep!  #Beep! … #Beep! … #Beep! #Beep!

This was ridiculous–or?  Maybe Yukimura was in trouble and she or somebody else was trying to signal him?  Or it was some other emergency? Either way, he couldn’t concentrate on his text with such infernal noise.

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