GOT7 doing the “My Boyfriend does my makeup” tag

JB: I feel like he would be so bad at it lmao. I picture him saying things such as “why do you need so many brushes?”, “wait! isn’t this a red lipstick? don’t you already have one??… what do you mean it’s not the same color? it’s RED.”. He would probably even give up at some point.

Jinyoung: Jinyoung would be so careful and concentated. He probably watched his girlfriend doing it many times so he is not so bad.

Mark: He would try his best. He wouldn’t know every product or what to use every brush for, but he wouldn’t admit it and would fight until the makeup is done. I picture him sticking his tongue out while blending the eyeshadow.

Jackson: As usual Jackson would be freaking extra. He would scream and complain every time he would fail on doing something. “AHHHH I CAN’T DO IT.”, “how do you do this?”, “HOW DOES THIS WORK ?”, “how are you so good at doing it and i’m not??”. He wouldn’t give up tho !

BamBam: I think BamBam would be the best at this. He would slay it and his girlfriend would end up with the best makeup look of her life. Then he would look at the camera and say some stupid thing like “I should own this channel”.

Youngjae: I don’t think Youngjae would be good at it. He would giggle all the time and make jokes to make his girlfriend laugh and forget about this tag because he would be embarrassed about the fact that he was bad at it.

Yugyeom: Yugyeom would be quite good! Not as good as BamBam, but better than Jinyoung. I feel like he probably watches makeup videos on Youtube alone, for some reason.

Why shipping Winston is not problematic

I’ve argued a lot for my OTP Roadrat, and I’m probably going to get some flack for this one because it seems universal agreed upon. Whenever I see people talking about the unforgivable ships they usually have Hanzo/Genji and Winston/Anyone and I disagree with that.

The argument is because he’s a gorilla (it’s bestiality) however they forget to consider that he does not have the mind of an animal and our laws are based on protecting creatures that cannot concent. Animals as we know them cannot concent, therefore it it wrong. But Winston can concent, and if he and another (say human) concents then what’s the problem?

Another way to look at it, Omnics are not human either, they are not the same species, they are only human in shape (in the case of Zenyatta) and human/omnic relationships are comon. So the entire argument comes down to cosmetics.

Even if you look into popular media it’s clear that we base what is and isn’t OK to sleep with is entirely based on how developed the mind is. Popular movies have alien/human relations, ASLONG as the alien has the same mindset/understanding of an average adult human. And Winston is an alien.. sort of (I mean he’s from the moon)

So I think it’s unfair to say Winston cannot have a romantic relationship, or attack those who choose to ship him. Cause no one who ships him sees an animal, he’s much more human.

So, when I’m uploading my lots should I tag them #s4cc ? Because there’s no custom concent inside/I’m not a cc creator either. I don’t want people to be upset if I tag something wrong…

anonymous asked:

So I really want to become a sugar baby but I'm 17. The legal age of concent in the state I live in is 16. How would I go about becoming a Sb? I really need the money so I can start putting it towards college ( I start next fall!) HELP!

The first issue is whether you are actually old enough to sugar … under the law. I know that you believe your state’s age of consent is 16, but that may not be entirely true!  In Daddy, am I too young for sugaring? My state’s aoc is 17 so i’m legal, I noted:

States have different laws when it comes to the age of consent.  You have to be careful because some states have “tiers” relating to age of consent.  For example, in some states, an age of consent may be as young as 16, but only as long as the two sexual partners are within three years of age and the age of consent without such restrictions can be as high as 18.

So, first things first! You should make sure that the actual age of consent – meaning no age gap provisions – for your state is, in fact, 16 or 17.  But even assuming you jump that hurdle, the next question is whether you are intellectually and emotionally ready to sugar!  See these posts:

Do NOT allow a SD be the one to “teach” you about relationships and men!

Hi daddy, so I’m 18 and new to the sugar bowl. I’m going into uni and have a car to pay for so I’m really just looking for a little bit of help. What is your opinion on 18yr olds sugaring?