How To Get Pregnant With A Baby Girl

How To Get Pregnant With A Baby Girl

I know that the majority of people are desperate to have a baby girl by the time that they arrive at this web site. It’s heartbreaking.

I’m a fertility expert. I know what I am talking about. I have helped many thousands of people to conceive a girl and I can help you too. You will:

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aeiovr asked:

fukka in captain's life ohoho~

Send me a faceclaim and I’ll tell you who they’d be in my muse’s life as a NPC

Name: Kataoka Taiki

Age: 25

Occupation: Salaryman 

Kataoka Taiki was the son of Sakurai Maki with her boyfriend shortly after graduating from university. Trying to cover up her pregnancy, Maki’s parents gave Tetsuya up for adoption to their housemaid. No one but Maki’s parents, the housemaid and Maki herself who knew about Taiki and they planned for it to be so. However, not wanting to part with her son, Maki made the housemaid her personal maid.

After Maki was married off to a rich tycoon, she later on conceived a young girl who she named Sakurai Reika. Reika and Taiki grew up together not knowing that they were siblings up till she was 6. Taiki was the only friend that Reika had as a kid and was the one who taught her signature roundhouse kick. 

However, due to some arguments and miscommunications, Taiki was sent off to boarding school. Since then, Taiki and Reika has never met one another. Neither knowing their true relationship. 

anonymous asked:

Do you think if Aerys II, before the birth of Viserys, found out a bastard he conceived was a girl, do you think he might have decided to legitimize that bastard and have them wed to Rhaegar?

Thanks for the question, Anon.

I highly doubt it. Crazy as he was (although Aerys hadn’t tipped into full derangement yet - that would come at Duskendale), Aerys was still a Westerosi, with a Westerosi’s understanding of bastard prejudices. True, his ancestor Aegon IV had doted on and legitimated all of his bastards, but Aerys never showed as much interest in any of his illegitimate offspring (not that he appears to have had any - perhaps a lingering effect of Summerhall), and even Aegon had never attempted to betroth any of his bastards to royals. No Targaryen king had ever taken less than a noblewoman of ancient heritage for his wife and queen; Aerys might have recalled the uproar surrounding his uncle Duncan’s marriage to the commoner Jenny of Oldstones, when the king and Faith begged Duncan to set his bride aside and marry his Baratheon fiancée. Any bastard, even a legitimized one, would carry that stigma for many Westerosi; to then envision that future royals would be descended from a bastard line (especially a baseborn line - Daemon could argue that his was as noble a lineage as Daeron II’s, but a daughter of Aerys II and a kingslander prostitute is going to have a much harder time of it) might cross the line for Aerys’ vassals and Faith-believing subjects. (I might point out here as well one of my favorite stories of history: when Philippe II, Duke of Orleans, told his mother he was going to wed Francoise-Marie de Bourbon - a legitimized daughter of his uncle Louis XIV - his mother publicly slapped him across the face.)

Besides, I think until around 276-277 AC Aerys was still hoping for a female relation that Rhaegar could wed. It was only, I think, the birth of first Viserys and then Renly (a last stab at a second cousin, by Steffon?) which triggered Aerys’ looking for another bride for his son (but not one surnamed Lannister).

The Queen Regent (NFriel)

January 31, 2016

One year ago today I started the cycle that conceived my beautiful baby girl.

Kids were never in my plan before my husband and I got married. He knew that being pregnant & giving birth was just something I never wanted. He somehow changed my mind after we got married, and I’m glad he did. This little girl has completed us. I’ve never loved my husband more than when I see the way he looks at his daughter. So full of love.
This is not what I would have pictured my life being like 2 years ago, but I wouldn’t want it any other way.

I’m so grateful for such a wonderful life with these two. I never knew I could love so much until now. My heart is finally whole again 💖

The Current Tide in respect to Array Clothing This Year

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Rare identical triplets happy and healthy, mom says
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Mahalia Meeuwsen of Salmon Arm gave birth to three identical girls — conceived naturally without the use of fertility treatments — after years of trying to have a baby

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Edged-up beauty inpiration: red hot & not so innocent

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It makes for a bold, clean statement, it looks modern and unapologetic, and it edges up a classic kind of beauty with as little as a gentle sweep of a brush. To a pair of clear, blue eyes it adds a fiery quality, to an innocent expression it adds a spark of danger, and despite being quite the challenging look to pull off in real life, a red eye shadow make-up equals editorial brilliance.

Modeled by the stunning Claire-Marie, Marika DAuteuil’s beauty looks appear to be conceived with the iconic cool-girl in mind. Cesar Ochoa lenses the inspiring editorial made whole with styling by Luc Nowlan.

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