concealed carry weapon

Lestrade: Name?

Sherlock: You know my name.

Lestrade: Sherlock, you are making an official request to Scotland Yard to be allowed to carry a concealed weapon. I have to follow protocol.

Sherlock: It’s ridiculous.

Lestrade: Fine. Then we’re done here. Do you want to get some coffee?

Sherlock: My name is Sherlock Holmes.

Lestrade: Reason for wanting a gun?

Sherlock: To shoot people.

Lestrade: Not a good response.

Sherlock: It’s the truth.

Lestrade: You know, I’m writing ‘Self defence in the performance of my duties pursuing suspected felons as contracted out to Scotland Yard.’

Sherlock: So I can shoot them.

“Vimes, you have gone insane,” said Rust. “You can’t arrest the commander of an army!”
“Actually, Mr. Vimes, I think we could,” said Carrot. “And the army, too. I mean, I don’t see why we can’t. We could charge them with behavior likely to cause a breach of the peace, sir. I mean, that’s what warfare is.”
Vimes’s face split in a manic grin. “I like it.”
“But in fairness our–that is, the Ankh-Morpork army–are also–“
“Then you’d better arrest them, too,” said Vimes. “Arrest the lot of ‘em. Conspiracy to cause an affray,” he started to count on his fingers, “going equipped to commit a crime, obstruction, threatening behavior, loitering with intent, loitering within tent, hah, traveling for the purpose of committing a crime, malicious lingering and carrying concealed weapons.”
“I don’t think that one–” Carrot began.
I can’t see ‘em,” said Vimes.
“Vimes, I order you to come to your senses this minute!” roared Lord Rust. “Have you been out in the sun?”
“That’s one count of offensive behavior to his lordship as well,” said Vimes. 

– they arrest the armies | Terry Pratchett, Jingo

‘You can’t arrest the commander of an army!’

'Actually, Mr. Vimes, I think we could,’ said Carrot.  'And the army, too.  I mean, I don’t see why we can’t.  We could charge them with behavior likely to cause a breach of the peace, sir.  I mean, that’s what warfare IS.’

Vimes’s face split in a manic grin.  'I LIKE it.’

'But in fairness our–that is, the Ankh-Morpork army–are also–’

'Then you’d better arrest them, too,’ said Vimes.  'Arrest the lot of 'em.  Conspiracy to cause an affray,’ he started to count on his fingers, 'going equipped to commit a crime, obstruction, threatening behavior, loitering with intent, loitering WITHIN tent, hah, traveling for the purposes of committing a crime, malicious lingering and carrying concealed weapons.’
—  Terry Pratchett, “Jingo”
(And the thing is, we laugh at this because the idea of Sam Vimes arresting two armies IS funny.  But on top of being funny–and on top of Vimes trying to pile on the charges here with this list–Pratchett intended with this book above all else to characterize war as, in itself, a crime.  In this case, a war started because of a lie and because of racial/ethnic/national prejudice.  But we’re meant to be thinking about this.  When is war NOT a crime, when you get down to what most people think crimes are?  Why is killing people okay and legal when it’s war, for one thing?  Why is it legal to loot places when you conquer them?  Why isn’t it murder and theft?  Well?)

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Is it canon that Lena actually hates aliens? I've seen that tossed around in a couple of recaps and I never got the vibe that she hated aliens at all. Apprehensive of them and their potential powers, sure. But hating them seems strongly like other the other Luthors that she's trying to distance herself from. That and she doesn't want to be judged so how could she justify judging the entire alien population, excluding Supergirl?

Well let’s start off by tackling whether or not being “Apprehensive of them and their potential powers” is just common sense… or if it’s xenophobia.

Because I think you’re right about Lena not “hating” aliens, but she certainly fears them.

Now, the situation in the show was clearly intended as a direct parallel to the immigration narrative going on in the states currently, but it has complicated the politics of the show from it’s intended mirroring of reality, because forcing muslims to tell you their religion for ‘your protection’ is obviously wrong, but if they had powers?

And it’s true that many aliens have great abilities that humans do not have, that could easily hurt people. 

(Who knows what the percentage is, as most of the aliens we encounter on the show cause problems by necessity of the plot, but we know that aliens who can harm and who do harm exist.)

…But in America, people are also legally allowed to carry concealed weapons.

Someone could pull out a gun and kill you in a second. Or a knife. Another could be a black belt and easily able to over power you without a weapon. Maybe another knows ten ways to kill you right now because they’re obsessed with some edgy™ documentaries.

Who knows?

The people all around us have capabilities to harm us that we cannot see or know.

That, in reality, we rarely even think about.

But when it comes to people that look or behave differently from us it’s suddenly our biggest concern.

Essentially, there’s an issue when we start identifying those who have the capacity to harm us with those who are “other” than us.

Because Johnny Whiteman down the street owns a rifle and that’s his business but Xoun’gof’s skin turns purple and get’s spikey when he eats something he likes so we’re gonna have to know everything about that right away.

I mean… it’s pretty safe to assume that if you need a device that tells you when someone is an alien, that you think of aliens as dangerous. 

And that’s like… pretty xenophobic. 

“But Aliens are dangerous! They have all these fantastical destructive powers!”

But that’s not what makes someone dangerous

What makes someone dangerous is not only ability, but the want to do harm.

So an alien could easily blow up a mall.

Lena could, too, probably. With her money and intellect and the circles that she has connections to, she could easily pull it off.

But are we afraid that she’s going to do that? Nah.

If she met another human who theoretically had that same capability, would she fear them? Probably not.

But if she met an alien who had that capability…

It’s about trust. And when you specifically don’t trust those who are foreign, it’s xenophobic. 

And the only reason Lena wants to know and wants others to know who is an alien and who isn’t (as demonstrated by her creation of the alien detection device) is because she doesn’t trust aliens specifically.

So… that’s xenophobic. 

Plus, there are some other things shown in the way she talks about her alien detection device that suggests a very… other-ing view on aliens.

“Not truly one of them” suggests something different and darker than “has abilities humans don’t have.”

Pictured: Kara looking at a device that would reveal she “isn’t actually one of them.”

And after she successfully passes Lena’s Human™ test:

And I don’t know about you guys but to me this reads differently than “Golly gee, someone almost found out that I’m Supergirl!”

This feels like “Someone almost found out I’m different.

And it’s in response to Lena’s obvious belief that aliens are not only dangerous, but inherently not one of her kind.

Now, in the later couch scene, they bring it back around to just being about dangerous people and protecting yourself and drop the “not one of us” talk. And Kara is experiencing and giving into her own biases about other aliens at this point (which A. she Learns Is Wrong by the end of the episode and B. are based on her view of Daxamites, a view which turned out to be surprisingly valid considering they were literal slave owners…)

They also make it about Lena’s general distrust of people because of her experiences with Lex. 

But that doesn’t erase the shady language she used earlier, or the fact that she isn’t just acting like “some people are just bad”, she’s putting something out there specifically against aliens- even if Kara is in Empathy Mode™ and is trying to understand Lena’s point of view.

“But hating them seems strongly like other the other Luthors that she’s trying to distance herself from.”

This is very true. But at the beginning of the season, the only obvious Luthor Hate™ that Lena was trying to avoid was against the Supers.

In fact, when Lena tells Kara of the alien detection device, she goes as far as to say she’s doing it “for the good of the world”. 

So obviously she doesn’t see the issues with it (I mean, it literally could put aliens at physical risk because humans are scary and violent) or see how her view of aliens would then coincide with the rest of her family. 

And seeing as Lillian’s hatred of aliens surged when Superman imprisoned Lex and ‘drove him mad’ (gathered from Lillian mentioning what happened to Lex every time she did something evil against aliens), I wouldn’t be surprised if xenophobia was fairly new to the Luthors, or if it was just low-key enough for Lena to not realize what it was.

But weirdly luckily for Lena, Lillian got a lot more intense about her xenophobia.

Throughout the rest of the season, Lillian drew some very obvious lines between right and wrong regarding aliens.

Lillian became a danger to aliens, rather than the other way around. And Lillian’s knowledge of who was an alien (via the registry) was what allowed her to attack them.

Since Lena’s stance has been firmly against her mother at every turn, and since her mother’s actions mirror the ideas behind the device, it would follow that her evaluation of the alien detection device may have shifted.

But then there’s her reaction to Rhea being an alien, which was… not positive…

She read Rhea’s act of not revealing that she’s an alien to a virtual stranger as a betrayal which means she still thinks she has a right to the information and that she thinks the information is important for her to know.

But there’s also the factor of Lena feeling like she, personally needs to be trusted or they must think she’s like her mother, which Rhea ultimately played off of.

So because of Lena’s issues, it’s kind of like… a friend feeling betrayed that you didn’t tell them that you’re gay because they think that means you don’t trust them, vs someone expecting you to tell them that you’re gay when you first meet.

Neither are right, but the one is more a warped feeling of personal betrayal than a political view.

And when Lena realizes “oh, my mom would hate her for hiding that she’s an alien,” she reevaluates things.

Hell, she even calls Kara to ask her opinion, because she’s been shifting more and more to Kara’s worldview over the course of these months.

If Lillian where not to stray by the moral compass, then Kara is true north.

Now, by the end of it all, when Rhea turns out to have been lying to Lena, and when an alien race is threatening the planet, Lena still doesn’t side with her mother.

She sees these Daxamites as a specific threat and seeks to get rid of them, but she doesn’t denounce all aliens and knows even that there are non-evil Daxamites, Kara’s boyfriend.

So perhaps she’s working through any xenophobia her family trickled in as she grew up and overcoming even the more insidious and hidden parts of it. 

There’s a definite progression from the scene I picked apart above and the end of the season re: Lena’s relationship to aliens.

But there’s no way to know for sure until we again see how she views aliens she doesn’t know personally. Until we see if she thinks it’s more important to have humans know who is an alien than to keep aliens safe from persecution. Until we see how she reacts to Kara secretly being an alien.

Gun Tips for Fanfic Writers

So I’m from the south and grew up around a bunch of military folks, which means that I’m pretty familiar with guns. I’ve read some fic lately that reminded me that not everyone is. In the interests of having better written guns, I thought I’d share some basics.

Gun Safety
The absolute most basic gun safety:
* Always assume that the gun is loaded
* Keep your finger off the trigger until you’re ready to shoot (trigger discipline)
* Never point a gun at anything you’re not intending to shoot (and know that anything you shoot may die)

Most other gun safety rules (always check the safety if you have one, don’t wave your gun around, carry it in a case when not holstered, lock it up around children, always make sure it’s unloaded when you clean it or let someone else look at it) boil down to one of those three. Most people who are taught to shoot are taught that a gun is a tool that is potentially lethal and that safety precautions should always be taken. People who are careless with guns are often not formally trained, and not following those basic rules will get you kicked out of a shooting range right quick. Someone may disregard those rules, but it will say a lot about them if they do. Make sure that’s what you want to say if you do it.

Gun Types
There are three basic types of guns: handguns, shotguns, and rifles. All three have subtypes. Most guns classified as assault weapons are rifles, specifically carbines, but not all rifles are assault weapons. (Personally, I hate the term, because most day to day gun crimes are committed with pistols because they are much easier to carry and conceal.) Handguns are typically used as police sidearms, home defense weapons, competition guns, concealed carry weapons, and the guns of most gangs. Rifles are mostly used by the military, police assault teams, for hunting, in conflict in war-torn countries, and as the weapons of large organized crime syndicates when they don’t have to hide. Shotguns are typically used in hunting and home defense. Most people who are not in organized crime, the military, or gun collecting are familiar with handguns. I’m not going to get into rifles here because I’m not familiar enough with them, but they are many and varied.

Guns, even of the same type, are not interchangeable. If you’ve handled enough guns, you can probably figure out a new one if it’s of a type you’re familiar with, but there will be a learning curve if you have to use it. Guns have different caliber ammunition - or gauge, in the case of shotguns - and loading a gun with the wrong ammo can cause it to jam, break entirely, or in the worst case, explode in your hand.

There are two main types of handgun - revolver and semi-auto. A revolver is the classic cowboy gun. A semi-auto is the gun most police sidearms and gangs will use. Semi-autos normally have greater capacity for ammunition and can be reloaded by changing magazines, but they are more complicated. A semi-auto must be taken apart to be cleaned. A revolver mostly stays in one piece. With modern semi-autos, malfunctions are rare if a gun is properly cared for. Revolvers have few parts, so are also reliable guns.

A shotgun can be single or double barreled. Other than the ammunition, the main differences are in the action, or how you prepare the gun to be fired. Pump action shotguns are more popular for home defense. For hunting, bolt action and lever action may also be used. The longer a shotgun (or rifle) barrel, the more accurate it is at range. Barrels of shotguns, unlike rifles or most handguns, are smooth on the inside. Handguns and rifles have rifling, engraved circles which spin the bullet and make the shot more accurate. It’s also what ballistics are based on - every gun with rifling has its own unique pattern.

Different ammo is appropriate for different purposes. The ammo used for target shooting is different than that loaded for defense or hunting. People who own semi-autos may keep one magazine loaded for practice on the shooting range and one for home defense. There are way too many different kinds for me to talk about here, but if a character is using a gun in a situation they don’t expect, they may not have the right ammunition for it.

Different sizes - calibers - of ammunition have different stopping power. If someone is trained or drugged up with certain substances or just has enough adrenaline in them, one shot from a .22 or 9mm is not going to stop them unless it is to the head or heart or takes out a major joint. Conversely! Gunshots fucking hurt. If someone is not under those circumstances, even a shot from a small caliber handgun is a deterrent, and can do a lot of damage.

In general, the larger the ammunition, the stronger the recoil.

Ammunition consists of four parts - the bullet itself, the gunpowder, the primer, and the casing holding it all together. Only the bullet is actually shot, but it’s all loaded in the gun together.

Shooting a Gun
Unless your character is in a very rural area, most shooting practice will be done on a shooting range. Ranges are mostly indoor because of noise, but outdoor ones exist, mostly in rural areas. Shooting ranges require both eye and ear protection. Over time, repeated gunshots without ear protection damage hearing. Guns are loud! A gunshot is one of the loudest sounds a human is likely to encounter.

Guns spit out casings - the part of the ammunition that contained the primer and propellant - and they can be hot, but not often hot enough to do more than sting. If you shoot often, you have gotten pinged in the face once or twice. It’s startling the first time, and why eye protection is required. The longer you continuously fire a gun, the hotter both the gun and the casings get.

Recoil is the backwards force exerted on you by the gun when it fires - the kick. Concealed carry guns with large calibers have more recoil. Large guns with large calibers also have higher recoil. If someone is handling a gun that’s a higher caliber than they’re used to, the recoil may startle them. Shotguns and rifles are braced against the shoulder or torso to help distribute recoil.

Shooting a gun accurately with one hand takes a lot of practice. Holding a gun in the firing position for long periods also takes a lot of practice and more strength than you would think.

If you have any questions, send me an ask! Hope this was helpful!

Officer Choi - Youngjae

I remember when he first walked through the door of our home with his badge. He never liked to brag about himself, but he was so proud it couldn’t be helped in that time. I remember I ran to him in which he accepted me into a warm hug that shared our joy. It was his success but it was also a moment that I too felt I had succeeded for supporting his dream of becoming a police officer.

But today is the day I’m most proud to have him beside me as my protection.

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Hunting seasons over there is snow on the ground and it’s only supposed to hit 20 degrees. Sounds like a good day to train with gloves so I think I’ll ring some steel tomorrow.
With the wear marks you can tell she’s not a safe queen. I actually think it improves the look of a firearm to look well used. I’ve started to see ‘battle worn’ Cerakote finishes but that’s cheating so go out there and train if you want yours to look cool lol.