conceal reveal

People get tattoos once they've found there soulmate

-people wearing shorts to show off that one tattoo that’s just formed
-people wearing a tonne of clothes on the summer just to hide the lack of tattoos
-people loving someone but the Tatoos not showing so they draw them on
-a girl crying in the rain as concealer is washed away revealing ratios everywhere,
Her soulmate died and she was left with them and she’s trying to move on
-or she takes pictures of them not wanting to forget him as they slowly fade away
-adults moving because the baby’s soulmate was the same gender and they found out through a play date
-the child growing up with a single tattoo on his shoulder
-his grandfather is deathly I’ll so they have to go back and he meets the pizza delivery guy
-a tattoo begins to form on his wrist as he hands the money over
-a man and a woman bump in the street coffee spills everywhere and as it soaks through you can see a tattoo beginning to form


This is going to be a little introduction to runes. It’s very messy because I suck at writing essays, but should hold useful information.

In here, I will talk about:

1. The Origins

2. The Power/Potency

3. The Alphabet and Pronuciation

Runes: The Origins

Runes were used by Pagan tribes across Northern Europe. There’s a few possibilities as to how or when they originated, from scholars saying they date as far back as 500BC or were invented by Vikings around 800AD, the general agreement is that they’re old and were used in Europe.

The word itself is derived from an Old Norse word, Run and Old German, Runa, meaning ”whisper” or “secret.”

Runes are closely tied to Odin, Chief of the Gods, as he is a travelling Shaman, and was associated with Wisdom and guidance. He was extremely wise, having undergone many journeys with his familiars such as Hugin and Munin or his eight legged horse, Sleipnir (Courtesy of Loki, who turned into a Mare to seduce a magical stallion.). Sleipnir is an important figure in shamanism, seen as the shamanic horse par excellence, that transports shamans in their journeys when in trance.

Here is the figure of the nine staves, in which Odin observed the 24 runic shapes.

Runes, according to ancient Germanic people, weren’t created or derived, but an eternal, pre-existing existing force that Odin discovered.

The runic alphabets are called “futharks” after the first six runes (Fehu, Uruz, Thurisaz, Ansuz, Raidho, Kaunan). Much like ours, the elder futharks have 24 characters. The younger futharks have 16, and diverged from the Elder Futhraks in the start of the Viking Age. The Anglo-Saxon Futhorc with 33 characters that altered and added to the Elder Futharks in England.

Since runes were to be carved on bone, wood, stone or other hard surfaces, their angles make sense. Curves are harder to inscribe.

The 24 characters of the Elder Futharks, as drawn awfully by me, apologies.

So here you have a quick overview of where runes came from, both religiously/spiritually and historically, though it’s nebulous on both sides.

Runes: The Potency

In ancient times, runes were never vibrated or resonated. That was introduced by sorcerers/witches that treated runic names as magical words that could invoke powers and manipulate energy in order to obtain what they desired. Inversely, Runic Shamans only whispered the sounds, as a secret.

A secret could be defined as a message that is concealed only to be revealed to those who have been prepared and trusted to receive it. The knowledge was seen as so sacred that it was only transmitted to those who’s minds and hearts had been prepared to receive this secret.

The staves (Elder futharks) have been misunderstood to be the runes themselves. That isn’t the case. The runes are a process by which the fundamental potencies of Nature may be carried or conveyed. The images are more like vessels of the potencies. The knowledge of the runes and the runic patterns where what allowed them to access it.

A Rune-stave is an energy pattern that is inherent in Nature and within ourselves. Each pattern, each stave is a transporter of a potential quality which once released, acted intelligently to change the material world. Which explains why runes are associated with deities. They work in godlike fashions.

The Nazis also used runes in hopes that it’d help them on their way to victory, but only took the runes meanings in their most superficial sense, just like they did with the swastika and many other powerful symbols. (still pissed bout’ that.)

Runes: Alphabet and Pronunciation

Here, I’m just going to give you a picture from one of my books on runes, since the chart I made in my Grimoire is really bad.

Rune Power, by Kenneth Meadows

This should give you a fair idea of the pronunciation, and I definitely recommend the book to anyone interested in Runes and Norse Paganism in general. It’s one of my favourites and my copy is so old and crumpled, it barely stays together. If you want, I can scan the above chart in a clean manner for you to print if you want it in your book of shadows/grimoire.

Next time, we’ll explore the runes individually. Then we’ll look into how to make our own runes, spreads for rune reading, the runic cycles and more!

[scenario] don’t you recognize me?

Title: don’t you recognize me? 

Member: Hansol

Genre: fluff?? // first encounter

Word Count: 1073

You’re sitting in a Starbucks facing the busy New York City traffic, slowly working on a paper that was due at 11:59 PM, on the dot. You smash the backspace button rapidly for the hundredth time, leaving you back at square one.

“Excuse me?”

A male, donning a black mask and matching baseball cap catches your attention with a wave. With the way he’s dressed, he resembles one of the many foreign tourists that wander around Times Square, so it doesn’t bother you.

“Can I help you with something?” 

You shut your laptop, not that you were getting anything done, anyway. He nods, his eyes crinkling at the edges as he smiles at you from beneath his mask.

“My friends and I are kinda… Lost,” he admits, gesturing to the large group of males, wearing a variety of masks and hats. You raise an eyebrow at him, and he chuckles nervously. “I was wondering if you could help guide us back to our hotel? I should know, but I didn’t live here for very long.”

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After watching the final episode again, it wasn’t as bad as the first time. I guess the shock and disappointment has worn off and I’m in a calmer mood to analyse the ending.

Ji Mong left the palace with parting words to So that Soo may not be of this world.

Then we see the sun covered by the eclipse like Ep 1 when Soo was transported from present time to Goryeo.

We see So standing in the darkened Goryeo recalling what Soo said during their stroll.

Soo: If we had met in another world and another time, I was thinking how great that would have been. Truly, I could freely love you all I wanted.

Then cut to So wiping away the concealer and revealing his scars - symbolises he is giving up his throne and Goryeo life. He has no one left and nothing to look forward to anyway.

So: if we are not from the same world, I will find you, my Soo

Can we assume So himself (I like this better) and not his descendant will cross over to present time in search of Soo?

But of course, they could have added in a brief So-Soo meeting in present time: meeting of eyes across the room or back hug as a simple closure. But no, they have to end like this 😭😭😭

He Is Heaven

Request: “How bout some nice PASSIONATE sex with Kylo? Like you’ve been with him for a few months, but he’s always so distant and withdrawn, but with great understanding and patience from you, he’s now opening up more–especially in the bedroom where he’s able to convey his affections better physically rather than verbally. hell yeah hell yeah”

Pairing: Kylo Ren x Reader

Word Count: 1940

Warnings: smut… 

A/n: I DIE FOR ROMANTIC KYLO AHHH SORRY BYE also wtf this turned really poetic-ish at the end but I’m kinda really digging it? Lemme know what you guys think! x

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Your hands slid across each other as you passed in the hallway. You frowned, turning back to the tall shrouded figure as your gripped a crumpled-up piece of paper in your hand. Kylo continued walking without peeking back to see your reaction. Under his menacing mask he wore a playful grin.

You unfolded the paper, wondering why it needed to be passed in secrecy. It wasn’t as if your relationship with the knight of Ren was being concealed from anyone, so you considered the act to be quite strange. The note was written messily, but your eyes flicked firstly to the wonky heart drawn at the bottom of the page. You then began to read.


Please meet me at my quarters in 5 minutes. I have a surprise.

- Kylo

You couldn’t help but let out an excited giggle at the out-of-character note, clutching it to your heart as you twirled on your feet, heading straight for Kylo’s room. Once you arrived, you rocked on your heels impatiently. A familiar protocol droid then passed by the hallway, and you engaged in light conversation as you waited. A couple minutes passed as you spoke, then suddenly you were engulfed in large arms from behind, being picked up and spun around. You let out a surprised squeak, but once you realised it was Kylo who held you, you burst into a wide grin.

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Pairing: T’Challa x Reader (with a little bit of Sam Wilson)

Request: Hi!  I loved your latest T'Challa imagine!  Can you do one where the reader (Sam Wilson’s sister)  and T'Challa are out on a date and several robbers try to attack them and the reader is super nervous but T'Challa doesn’t ever panic and just cracks his fingers before whipping some serious ass?  That’d be hot! by @cupcakequeen1999

Words: 2109 words (ok, I got a little bit carried away.)

“Woah, woah, woah. Hold on!” Sam’s voice echoed loudly in the empty living room of the Avenger’s compound.

You stopped dead in your tracks and cursed yourself. I was so close! You thought.

“What, Sam?”

“Where are you going?” He cocked his eyebrows.


“Out where?”


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Concealed Weapon, Revealed Weapon

“Been holding out on me, Quartermaster?”

The water from the shower head in the MI6 gym suddenly felt very hot indeed. He kept his back to the agent and barely faltered in the quick and efficient movements used to lather his skin.

Wet and naked wasn’t perhaps not the most advisable position in which to find oneself whilst on the receiving end of the attentions of a Double O.

He grabbed a towel just as Bond stepped under the spray next to him.

“If ever you need that piece of equipment tested, feel free to seek me out,” he murmured.

Q turned his body to level a confident gaze on Bond.

“This piece of equipment will not be in need of testing, 007, given it’s in perfect working order.” He switched off the spray before tossing the towel over his shoulder. “Besides. Knowing full well your complete disregard for the safe handling of such delicate apparatus…” he began calmly.

Bond cut him off. “The idea that you think I wouldn’t treat the man who makes me such lovely toys with nothing but respect shocks me, Q.”

“Well then,” he said strolling out. “I look forward to your proving me wrong.”


“I fail to understand why you cannot or simply refuse to extend the same care in handling my weapons and tech when on assignment, Bond.”

“When in the field, it is important to practice stealth.”

“Meaning?” Q’s query came out hot and breathless, captured when Bond’s open lips pressed on his to silence the Quartermaster’s ramblings.

Q arched against the slow breach pinning him still, hips straining against those of the agent.

“Silence,” whispered Bond, “means to focus one’s attention on penetrating defences, winning over one’s adversary with calm, revelling quietly in the knowledge of a job well done.”


Bruce (@rabbruad1) wrote:

‘Elle was clothed in attire. Both she and the tire looked lovely.’

You may admire and inquire 'bout my attire. I wanted to dress like a wheel, it would appeal to my genteel need to conceal my lack of steel. Hot on my heel, a teal seal did seek to steal my fashion zeal, but fear not, I made the seal squeal. We then shared a meal, he had veal and I had oatmeal. Then we went to the bookmobile and our surreal ordeal was revealed as concealed by a cochineal eel with a newsreel. It was unreal.

A Dance Under the Stars

The stars twinkled

In sync with the drums

Thump thump thump

Accompanied by guitar strums

Our feet moved together

Like there was a mirror between us

And the beat grooved whenever

You smiled

The beat of my heart

I’m falling apart

The walls coming down

With every part

Of our dance, every sound

Till I was just a moving mass of feelings

Tangled and glowing

My body was flowing

Concealing, revealing


To you.

- whenyoujustwannawrite

This, um, this turned out less fluffy than you’d requested. I apologize, but I hope you enjoy it nonetheless.

“When you said you had some extra property in New York, this wasn’t exactly what I imagined.” Steve stared at the building, which certainly wasn’t tall, but was eye-catching insomuch as it was completely surrounded by skyscrapers and had a proper yard in the heart of New York. No. Yard wasn’t the right word. It had grounds, the same way Buckingham Palace had grounds.

“It was my dad’s mansion back before he moved corporate headquarters out to California. It was just gathering dust so I figured, you know, might as well.” Tony replied, shrugging nonchalantly in the way he did when he was trying to pretend something didn’t matter that much to him.

Steve left it alone, studying the black wrought iron sign over the main gate. “Maria Stark Foundation.” Pages and pages of Tony’s history carefully kept hidden away. Steve wasn’t sure if he’d ever be permitted to read them all, but he wanted to try. Oh how he wanted to try.

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The Virgin Paradox
“it’s the quiet ones”

By far the most misunderstood sign, Virgo, to me, is one of the biggest mysteries amongst the zodiac. The sign itself is so paradoxical. Virgo is reserved and dislikes any form of vulgarity, but at the same time is extremely sexually fluid and has sexual fantasies that they constantly obsess over reenacting. Virgo is promiscuous, but this often goes unnoticed as they are discrete in their advances. They come across as harmless and innocent, which is rarely ever the case. Virgo is revelatory. They conceal and reveal different sides of themselves alternately and play whichever role is convenient for them at that moment. this sign is a personification of the saying “the devil in disguise”

Virgo asks itself “ what can I do for others” to avoid the inevitable question of “what should I be doing for myself?” Escapists by nature, their servitude is their way of focusing their attention on others so they don’t have to deal with their own issues.

This sign is notorious for its pragmatism and levelheadedness, but what we don’t mention is their emotional sensitivity. They push aside their emotions and bottle them up until they boil over. Once this happens all that pragmatism flies out the window, they become irrational, explosive and self destructive. As stable as they be seem to be, they have a very wild, even erratic side that they periodically unleash. Like an earthquake they are unpredictable and shock those around them.

Mercurian influence makes Virgo witty, talkative and intelligent. There may be nervousness at first but once they are comfortable in a social setting, they reveal the lighthearted, uninhabited side of themselves. Being a mutable sign, they seem to fit in everywhere. They embrace change and are adaptable,able to slide in and out of friend groups, communities, and different environments with ease.

Virgo is multi talented. The mind is cutting, piercing and investigative. They love to dig to the bottom of things and never mind getting their hands dirty. Their imagination is so vast and complex that it can be overwhelming and they might find this part of themselves difficult to share with or explain to others. They are creative, observant and original. All of this combined with their excellent memory makes them ideal novelists, poets, and artists.

“Love is that power that makes God break His own laws in order to serve the devotee. Love is that meditation or method that makes the impossible possible. That which is harsh becomes gentle; the enemy becomes friend; the weak become strong; the concealed becomes revealed. Even though it is said that it takes many lifetimes to realize the Divine, if a devotee performs sadhana [meditation practice] with true, unwavering devotion, then the Divine Will manifest at that moment.” (Swami Vyasanand)

The Miraculous Properties of Food

Summary: AU in which Ladybug and Chat Noir save the citizens of Paris by running a secret restaurant that you can only find when you’re in a bad mood. Or: AU in which Chat Noir must be reminded that the kitchen is for cooking food and not for…anything else.
Pairing: Aged-Up Ladynoir/Love Square

A/N: Here, have a 860-word thing that I couldn’t shake off.

For @miraculousturtle​, @thelastpilot​, @panda013​, @magical-awesome-kid​, and @zenwisterias (yes, the whole bunch of you) because their fics and posts have altered my mood from crappy to happy for more times than I can count.

Truth be told, the black butterflies were a little ominous. Aurore wondered why she had never seen them before. Maybe she just never actually looked. They were right there in plain sight, etched on textured brick or painted on already graffitied walls. They were scattered all over Paris at seemingly random spots, angled at seemingly random ways. No one would take too much notice unless they were in need.

Aurore took notice, this time, because she was in need.

Because her heart felt as black as those little butterflies.

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Home Tour | Orgrady Street

Hiding in plain view. An inner city residential project addressing volume, forms and colour. The interior space conceals and reveals. Colour and texture express architectural elements and divide the space. The exterior is brought inside. Decoration is relaxed, fresh and passive, allowing the space itself to be the hero.

Q&A: Narrative

Hey there!

Great question. We’ve actually been mulling this one over in the tea room between the three of us.  I asked to answer it though, so it’s my fault that it’s going to start with some lovely boring terminology:

Story is the soul of your novel/film/comic/flip-book. It’s the protagonist’s journey. The story is about something. Honesty, friendship, the frailty of human morality – anything. You might not know what the story is about when you start writing it, but you should probably know when you finish. It’s generally closely linked to what the protagonist learns as they go.

Plot is the shape of that story – the structure. The what of it. What happens so the protagonist suffers, what happens so they learn, what happens so they are rewarded. All that is plot, where the suffering, the learning, and the reward are story. Take one as abstract concepts and the other as how those concepts relate to the specific tale you want to tell.

Then there’s narrative. Narrative is how you tell it. Is it first person, third person, past tense, current tense? Is it told as a haiku or in rhyming couplets? Is it drawn across the street as a mosaic of dyed mackerels? Whatever you choose, there’s one over-riding rule.

Story outranks plot, and plot outranks narrative. Plot exists to tell story, and narrative exists to explain plot.

So, that’s the terminology lesson, I’m hoping no-one’s fallen asleep, and here’s how it relates to your question:

Perspective is a narrative choice. You should base it on exactly what you need to do to tell the story through the plot. Do the other characters have stories of their own you want to tell? If so, write from their perspective as well. In writing you get no points for things being clever when they could have been simple. Do journal entries if they build suspense, add intrigue, and are handy for revealing and concealing important plot points. That’s one thing they’re really good for. Don’t use them because you’re worried about tripping over another problem. Solve that problem with something that’s really good for solving it. Always use the best tool for the job.

So you want to include other perspectives. That’s good for telling vast stories (wonder why we see so much in fantasy?) and for supporting a wide range of interesting characters. If either of those suit you, perfect. Don’t assume you can’t do it. The difference between being able to do something in writing and not being able to is research and practice. Don’t believe the ‘natural talent’ touts. No great writer started great. 

So you want multiple perspectives but you don’t want to lose sight of your main character. Great. That’s a good place to be, because the world of writing has spent a very long time honing tricks for exactly that kind of story. Have a couple for your protagonist.

Make them interesting. Make sure this isn’t Johnny Swordswinger #5 who things up is up and down is down and tries not to get into arguments with those odd fellas who keep pointing ‘up’ at the ground. Give them opinions, give them problems, and give them principles that run alongside. Any interaction with your protagonist should be an interesting one. Hell, make them funny if you can. It’s a cheap trick but it works wonders. Your protagonist should stand aside from their world just a little bit. Even if they’re one in a crowd, Larry Farmplower #32, they should be the most something. Doesn’t have to be a spectacular most. Maybe they’re the most proficient worker on the farm, or the most aimless, or the most inventive, or the most awkwardly friendly. Whatever they are, make sure you draw it out early and make it fun for the reader to read about.

Establish sympathy for them. The plot is your friend. It whispers things to you now and then, and does your bidding. You want readers to focus on your protagonist? Dump them in it. Put them in a bad situation and watch as their principles prevent them from taking the easy way out. No greater way to inspire sympathy. Forget dead kids or parents. Open doors which people can’t take because they’re just too damn good. Works especially well if the character isn’t very good but they have this one principle. Frodo could’ve toddled off home if he’d let the grownups deal with the ring, and Rey really could’ve used those ration packs, right?  Think of the moment you fell in love with a character or felt proud of them, then think about whether it fit the bill. If you feel like you’ve been scammed into an emotional response through a cookie-cutter formula, you’re right, but that’s writing. No point re-inventing the wheel when the wheel works really well.

Make sure they are your protagonist. No, really. It sounds stupid but it’s very common for a writer to come up with a story, only to disagree with others about who the protagonist is. The protagonist’s arc is the one the story is specifically there to facilitate. In TV shows they have A, B and C plots. The C and B plots are what are known as sub-plots. They might interact with the story but the story doesn’t revolve around them. The A plot is what the episode is about. Always make sure your protagonist is firmly hooked into the A plot, and that it’s their change that primarily needs to happen to resolve it. 

Follow those and you’ll have a main character with focus and interest. Doesn’t matter how many other characters you throw in, even really interesting ones, if you’ve hooked the audience with an interesting and sympathetic character, they’re pretty much on the line. Don’t slack, but don’t worry about it either. If the story is about your protagonist, and your protagonist is fun to read about, losing focus isn’t something that should be on your list of concerns.

So remember: Story forms plot, which forms narrative. Always focus on telling the story. Beware narrative gimmicks which seem to fix problems. Your problems probably stem from character, story, or plot. Know who your characters are, what your story is, and how your plot weaves the two together, and the narrative is just the best way of showing that to your reader.

Hope that helps!


Additional uses for the Hide skill

D&D 3.5 rules from Complete Adventurer (p.101), partially reprinted later in Rules Compendium (p.92).

Hide (Dex)

You can blend into a crowd, slip between areas of cover or concealment to maintain secrecy, sneak up on a foe, or tail a target.

Blend into a Crowd

You can use the Hide skill to blend into a crowd, but doing so conceals you only from someone scanning the area to find you. You remain visible to everyone around you, and if they happen to be hostile they’re likely to point you out.

Move between Cover

If you’re already hiding (thanks to cover or concealment) and you have at least 5 ranks in Hide, you can make a Hide check (with a penalty) to try to move across an area that does not offer cover or concealment without revealing yourself. For every 5 ranks in Hide you possess, you can move up to 5 feet between one hiding place and another. For every 5 feet of open space you must cross between hiding places, you take a –5 penalty on your Hide check. If you move at more than one-half your speed, you also take the normal penalty on Hide checks when moving quickly (–10 for moving faster than normal speed, or –5 for moving between half speed and normal speed).

You can also use this option to sneak up on someone from a hiding place. For every 5 feet of open space between you and the target, you take a –5 penalty on your Hide check. If your Hide check succeeds, your target doesn’t notice you until you attack or make some other attention-grabbing action. Such a target is treated as being flat-footed with respect to you.

For example, Lidda the 2nd-level rogue could attempt to dash across a 5-foot-wide doorway without revealing her presence to the orcs inside. Even though the open doorway provides no cover or concealment, she can attempt a Hide check as normal, opposed by the orcs’ Spot checks. She takes a –5 penalty on her check because of the distance involved. If she moved at more than half her speed, she would take an additional –5 or –10 penalty on the check depending on how fast she moved (see above).

Tail Someone

You can try to follow someone while remaining unseen. If you stay at least 60 feet away from your quarry, you must succeed on a Hide check (opposed by your quarry’s Spot check) once every 10 minutes. At a distance of less than 60 feet, you must make a Hide check each round. Extraordinary actions on your part (such as spellcasting or attacking) may disrupt this attempt even if you do not fail a check.

Tailing someone still requires cover or concealment, as normal for attempting a Hide check. A moderately crowded street provides sufficient cover and concealment to accomplish this goal. Alternatively, you can duck between areas of cover or concealment, as described in Move between Cover (see above).

Even if you fail a Hide check while tailing someone or you are spotted while moving too great a distance between hiding places, you can attempt a Bluff check opposed by your quarry’s Sense Motive check to look innocuous. Success means your quarry sees you but doesn’t realize you’re tailing him; failure alerts him that you’re actually following. A modifier may apply to the Sense Motive check, depending on how suspicious your quarry is. The table below provides Sense Motive modifiers for particular situations.

Sense Motive
Your Quarry is sure nobody is following –> Sense Motive DC –5
Has no reason to suspect anybody is following –> DC +0
Is worried about being followed –> DC +10
Is worried about being followed and knows you’re an enemy –> DC +20