conceal it don't feel it

INFJ with Emotions
  • INFJ: oh yeah, I'm a very emotional person. Discussing emotions is very interesting to me and I think it's healthy and important to sort through emotions and talk them out when you have problems going on that are making you stressed, nervous, or anxious.
  • Negative Emotions: *show up*
  • INFJ: conceal don't feel don't let them know
Each house when: someone insults them
  • Gryffindor: Is Offended AF And Will Let You Know
  • Hufflepuff: ♫ conceal, don't feel, don't let them know ♫
  • Ravenclaw: Hummmmm excuse me??? Were you actually??? Perhaps??? Talking to me?? Oops I was absorbed in Way More Interesting Considerations
  • Slytherin: *Downs wine* Hold my glass Mary-Bethany while I incinerate that motherf-cker

kookminvoid  asked:

okay I might actually cry because of the oral fixation post. thank you for life. what do you think of jimin's extreme case of Heart Eyes TM @ a certain jeon jungkook throughout the graduation bomb (he even wore glasses and still couldn't Conceal Don't Feel)

I had a lot of fun writing that ㅋ I dislike it when my blog gets too straitlaced(?), you know? Shipping is supposed to be fun, so I like going full ham every once in a while (so…like always then). But for real tho, JK’s fixation with Jimin’s mouth is Very Important and a topic that’s close to my heart..

As for Jimin’s Heart Eyes.

Um, Jimin could never conceal his feelings. I think it was RM? Or somebody who said that he and Hobi were very good at expressing themselves and weren’t afraid to share their feelings (good or bad). If Jimin is angry, you can tell. If he’s sad, it’s obvious. And when he’s happy and melting with adoration… that shows too.

I don’t know. It’s just.. satisfying to see Jimin being so happy. And to know that Jungkook can make him feel that way so effortlessly even after all these years is heartwarming.

anonymous asked:

Kakashi: "conceal don't feel don't let them know" Zabuza, after a split-second glance: "I /could/ give you explicit details about what firecracker does and doesn't like in bed, but it's more fun to watch others learn for themselves" Kakashi, sweating: "concEAL DON'T FEEL"

Omg I’m dying. xDDDD