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So, I just read a post you reblogged about the anon saying Hinata save the world in the last and all Sakura did was cry. But anon forgot that if it wasn't for Sakura punching Kaguya their precious hyena would have died in the infinite tsukuyomi. It was Sakura who helped Naruto and Sasuke save the world.

exactly! and that was actually canon… hinata was useless where sakura was useful – that was how the manga showed every (time-skip) plot-line that featured a threat.

[1] pain invasion arc:

→ sakura healed the entire village (shinobi & civilians) and took out an animal path; saving lives. she even saved hinata’s life!
→ hinata blindly attempted suicide, admitted to knowing that she was no match for pain and was merely there to confess and “die protecting” someone – someone who she didn’t even actually/competently try to help (like by attempting to remove the blades pinning naruto to the fucking ground, which she didn’t do in canon). she lasted seconds on the battlefield without even touching the opponent and thus put naruto (and herself) in further danger. her (self-described) “selfish” actions would have killed him, if not for minato appearing and saving his ass by repairing the seal – the seal that she unleashed by putting him under distress and provoking trauma.

[2] the war arc:

→ sakura again saved countless lives; saved fucking naruto’s life! she prevented the zetsu ambush, unleashed her byakugo and took out more of the juubi army than anyone else. she rescued sasuke. and yeah, actually secured kaguya’s defeat.
→ hinata again blindly attempted suicide by shielding naruto from an attack that subsequently killed neji (so that he could “die as cupid”). tripped on a literal rock, and gave up trying to help naruto.

[3] the boruto movie (which is arguably considered canon since kishi said that it was the first screenplay he’d ever actually written):

→ sakura, again, saved the lives of everyone in the stands by effectively shielding them from the arena roof concaving. she healed the injured, including hinata!
→ hinata needed ino to protect her and her child. she needed sakura to heal her. she sent her 12-year-old to save his dad from an evil and insanely powerful enemy.


Herod’s mausoleum

Herodium, Israel

~0 CE

25 m. in height

Herod’s mausoleum was in the shape of a tower rising to a height of 25 m. It consisted of a podium, a square story, a circular story, and a roof. Each story contained a single burial chamber. The mausoleum was built from hard white limestone, suitable for carving, which was quarried near the site. The circular upper story included a domed chamber surrounded by 18 columns of the Ionic order. Herod’s sarcophagus probably stood in this room. The roof was concave conical in shape and decorated with six urns (imitating cinerary urns) around the base. At the top was a Corinthian capital, with an additional urn above it.

The mausoleum stood for no more than 70 years. in the course of the Jewish Revolt (66–70 CE ) it was wrecked and almost entirely dismantled, and the sarcophagi smashed to pieces.

The Pagoda.

The Mercedes-Benz 230 SL ‘Pagoda’ debuted at the Geneva Motor Show in 1963. To build a hard-top as stable as possible the engineers decided to give the roof a concave curvature: the ‘Pagoda’ was born.

Photo by Royce Rumsey

End of the World- Luke

End of the World- Luke

You were with Luke on the couch watching the nightly news. It was a normal Sunday night and Luke was on break from touring for a while. You were leaning into his broad shoulder, your eyes already heavy. You loved these nights with Luke where you just cuddled until you both fell asleep.

You were about to pass out when your TV flashed loudly, jostling both of you and Luke’s attention.

“Breaking news! A meteor has been spotting in the atmosphere coming towards earth. Here we have Dr. Todd with the scientific significance of this spotting”

The screen panned to a laboratory where and old man was solemnly sitting, his hands folded in his lap.

“This meteorite, we predict it will hit the coast of Australia. The thing is though, we have calculated its size to be bigger than any meteorite we’ve ever seen. This meteor…this meteor means the end of the world. The impact will shatter earth and every human on it. I regret to tell you ladies and gentlemen, but this is the end. The meteor is moving at a fast pace, so it will probably hit before dawn. We wish there was something we could’ve done but we spotted it way too late. It’s too late for us fellow humans, but don’t worry the world will in fact continue.”

The man finished and the camera automatically panned to the news caster. You didn’t care though, you were in complete shock. The world was going to end tonight?

Luke shut off the TV and you both were dead silent.

The shouting was interrupted when there were screams coming from outside. You both stood up and walked out your front door, watching as people gather on the street, looking up at the sky. You followed their gaze and looked up, to see the sky was painted a furious red, with a black object in the middle of the sky that was slowly but surely moving. You quickly ran back inside and into your room. You couldn’t believe this, you weren’t ready for this.

You slammed the door to you and Luke’s room, sinking to the floor. Tears were flowing as you were crushed with all the pain of knowing you were going to die within hours. You didn’t notice the door slowly creak open and Luke sit down beside you.

You felt his long arms wrap around you, pulling you into his chest. He was warm and he cuddle you into him, his warmth surrounding you. You cried silently as Luke drew small circles into your arm.

“We’re never going to have kids Luke,” you whispered sadly, “We’re never going to get married, we’re never going to buy that dog we always wanted, we’re never going to be able to kiss in front of the eiffel tower or go on tour again or,”

Luke cut you off by kissing you slowly.

“But we’re together right? You’re scared, I know, and I’m scared. But what’s better than being with each other til the end of the world?”

You sighed, leaning into his shoulder on your bedroom floor. As you did so you heard screaming from outside.

“IT’S COMING IT’S COMING!” the shouts from people were everywhere.

The ground started shaking slightly, your picture frames fall off the dresser and smashing onto the ground. Luke held you tightly his body shielding yours completely. His arms were snaked tightly around your waist, and his trembling lips kissed the side of your head softly.

“ We’ll never be as young as we are now,” Luke sang softly, drowning out the sounds of distress outside.

He sang to you their song Never Be as the earth slowly started to crumble, the heat rising to over a hundred degrees. You both were sweating like crazy but he still held you tightly, making sure you were okay.

“As long as we are now,” Luke finished, kissing you again.

You smiled, but were interrupted by a the entire room lighting up like it was on fire.

“I love you Luke,” you whispered as the meteor was inches from colliding with the ground.


Luke was cut off by the impact of the meteor. It hit and the began shaking violently, worse than any earthquake imaginable. Your ceiling was falling around you, both of you were trapped in your bedroom. You heard the piercing cries of your dog out in the hall, that subsided quickly. You closed your eyes as Luke held you. Another piece of the ceiling fell, but it landed direction on Lukes head.You heard a cracking sound, and Luke whispered stopped suddenly. You felt something sticky drip down your back, and your whimpers turns to sobs as you realized Luke had died.

Your cries soon stopped too though, the rest of your roof concaving over you. You felt a sharp pain on your legs and arms, you were pinned down by the debris. You lay limp, thinking about your life.

You saw another piece of debris looming over your head, and you smiled.

You were ready for the end, the end of the world because really your world was Luke, and he was already on the other side. You were ready to go home to your world. To go home to Luke.