Connor: Why you starin’ at me?
Abby: Jack told me what you did
Connor: Whatever it is, there’s a reasonable explanation for it
Abby: He told me about gambling Rex and you getting him back
Connor: Oh
Abby: You could have made Jack look really bad but you didn’t, why not?
Connor: I knew how much you loved him, I didn’t want you to be hurt - Sorry
Abby: Even after I said those horrible and unfair things about you hating him, you still kept quiet. You did all that for me.
Connor: Abby I-I want- I mean..I feel that we…I wanna say-
Abby: Connor, Shut up.


At the ARC, we don’t say ‘I love you’. We say ‘I’m not leaving you’, then continue to ramp up the UST until it drives the ‘shippers crazy.

Connor/Abby in 2x04 ~/\~ Jess/Becker in 4x06

Gifs not by me: all credit to jessbeckers, used with permission (link in the source)