have you ever seen two women talking about slash on TV?

I mean, I remember that Conan O’Brien showed Tom Felton those Drarry pictures. I know the Sherlock men have talked about it on interviews and things like that.  I just saw Takei talking about Spirk in For the love of Spock. 

But I don’t think I’ve ever seen two women doing that. 

And you know, women invented slash as we know it. Of course there are guys writing slash, but they’re a minority. But apparently, now that slash is becoming more known, men are the ones explaing what it is and what it means. 

Great. Just great.


Emma explaining Twitter to Woody Allen. (this is fantastic)

I did this for a Flaming C art show that takes place at / around San Diego Comic Con. You can check it out in person. Here’s the info,

Next week in San Diego, Team Coco and TBS will fill an art gallery in the historic Gaslamp quarter with your incredible pieces of Flaming C fan art.  The four day exhibit is called “COCO MoCA presents: the Fine Art of The Flaming C.”

The fan art gallery is free and will be open to the public for viewing Thurs, 7/21 – Sat, 7/23 9am – 9pm and Sunday, 7/24 9am – 5pm.  The gallery is located at 363 Fifth Ave., Suite 102, in San Diego, down the street from the convention center where Comic-Con is held (it isn’t affiliated with Comic-Con, so you don’t need be attending Comic-Con or have a Comic-Con badge to visit the gallery).