Everything is amazing right now and no-one is happy

I was just watching an appearance on Conan O’Brien by funnyman Louis CK where he embarks on a monologue which begins with the line “everything is amazing right now and no-one is happy”. 

I think it’s so true!

We live in a time where we each personally possess the entirety of human knowledge, incased in a lifeproof phonecase and sitting in our back pocket. Literally any piece of information ever discovered right up until one second ago is just a couple of clicks away. 

We can traverse to anywhere on this earth in less than one full rotation around the sun, while sitting on an armchair in the sky drinking wine - for a maximum ticket price of about three weeks average pay. 

Clean water is on tap literally any place you go, including any building and on random street corners - for free. We can drink water whenever we feel like it. We can also eat literally any food, despite whether it is in season or the homeland from which it originated. Food is generally inexpensive and abundant in this era.

We have the ability to make money. There are jobs in just about any field you can think of, and if we are happy to miss out on some (mostly synthetic) joys like boozing every weekend or expensive furniture, we can pretty much work towards any career we like. Or we can work in a casual job and make bank.

Modern medical advancements mean we have the opportunity to live many long healthy lives in one - we change our careers multiple times, we have many significant partners, we have children and witness our children having children. Chances are we will also meet our children’s children’s children. Three generations beneath us - three!

And no matter how our modern lives crumble beneath us, from the death of a significant other to losing our home or losing our job, we are continually reminded that we are aeons stronger and more resilient than we realised - and that this modern life facilitates the rise from the dead by giving us so many opportunities to help us rebuild a life - or make a new one.

Everything is amazing right now and no-one is happy. So I’m going to take some time each night before bed to recite to myself the things we have to be grateful for. For me, I am grateful for the above - for health, adventure, information, freedom and the opportunity to be whoever I want to be. 


Absolutely Beautiful: Watch This Woman Tell Her Husband She’s Pregnant While Conan O’Brien Pours Good Milk Down The Sink

Get the tissues ready, because this is guaranteed to be the most emotional video you’ve seen in a long time.

imnotgerard-ipromise  asked:

what is going on, on the official panic! page??? I'm so confused

ok ok ……. what we got so far… is panic posting this weird ass cryptic message post

the roman numerals stand for 9 22, 9/22 is also the day they’re playing on conan o’brien it’s unsure if theyre gonna do anything with that, like theyre connected…

panic also changed their twitter and insta stuff to match

this is like some fall out boy or twenty one pilots level shit i swear these bands are getting more cryptic by the day

they tagged #noah schnapp who plays will byers in Stranger Things, and he obviously seems to be in on the situation aswell

it appears? to be him in the chair? i honestly have no fucking clue whats going on..if it was. Just a music video. It would be kind of weird to have them ask you to join something??

i dunno man


Emma explaining Twitter to Woody Allen. (this is fantastic)

I did this for a Flaming C art show that takes place at / around San Diego Comic Con. You can check it out in person. Here’s the info,

Next week in San Diego, Team Coco and TBS will fill an art gallery in the historic Gaslamp quarter with your incredible pieces of Flaming C fan art.  The four day exhibit is called “COCO MoCA presents: the Fine Art of The Flaming C.”

The fan art gallery is free and will be open to the public for viewing Thurs, 7/21 – Sat, 7/23 9am – 9pm and Sunday, 7/24 9am – 5pm.  The gallery is located at 363 Fifth Ave., Suite 102, in San Diego, down the street from the convention center where Comic-Con is held (it isn’t affiliated with Comic-Con, so you don’t need be attending Comic-Con or have a Comic-Con badge to visit the gallery).