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hi! can we watch the episode or whatever it was where taron was on conan o brien with the golden circle cast or no? i was wanting to see where i could but i don't know.. thanks

I unfortunately don’t have a link to the full episode, but a few of the clips are online – honestly, you aren’t really missing much without the full episode. I’d say these clips are pretty much the bulk of their appearance. 

HEY! Incredibles 2 is coming soon!

you know Violet? 

yep that’s the one, well her voice is Sarah Vowell

Sarah Vowell isn’t an actor, nope! she’s an author. Yes, Sarah writes funny and insightful books about American history 

if you have a complex and messy relationship with American history, Vowell’s got you, if you want to hang out with a funny sardonic lady with an anxiety problem as she road trips around America with friends and some times her nephew, these books are for you, if you want someone who loves both her European Immigrate roots and her Cherokee roots and the struggle between those those things in American history, she’s got you, if you love reading and books and people are not your thing? oh yeah she’s for you.

as an aside if you like audiobooks Vowell reads all of them, but gets people like Conan O'Brien, Jon Stewart, Stephen King, Catherine Keener, Edward Norton, Keanu Reeves, Paul Rudd, Fred Armisen, and Nick Offerman do voice word on her audiobooks (among others I’ve just listing the really famous ones) 

so check out this author’s great work. 


Andy Samberg is hilarious without fail