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My favorite opening of DC is still the one where Conan is dancing throughout it because it makes me laugh every time I see him start dancing so dramatically in the beginning and how he keeps the same face throughout the whole thing

Conan Learns To Dance Cuban Rumba - CONAN on TBS

Conan Learns To Dance Cuban Rumba – CONAN on TBS

Dancing is a huge part of Cuban culture, inspiring Conan to take an intensive lesson to master the erotic rumba.

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anonymous asked:

omg if you do dance in your conan cosplay please learn the thrill! shock! suspense! dance from that one DC opening please im begging you!!

Hey anon, come here…

I actually know the whole routine to that song lol and I do plan on doing it at the convention!!! Perhaps I’ll do it earlier than the convention date and record myself doing the dance LOL. I’m actually a okay dancer when it comes to slow dancing???? Like Conan would totally do slow dancing dancing right???

Tldr: I know the routine and I probably will record myself doing it for your viewing pleasure

Yeah, so....

So life has been really hectic lately, and while I don’t really know if anyone’s even following this right now, I know that I haven’t had any serious posts in quite a while.  My fanfiction and ao3 accounts have been pretty much silent, too, but I wanted you guys to know (whoever may be reading) that I am working on some stories and am looking forward to the final results, but I don’t plan to post any long works in the future until they’re completely finished.  This means that several of them won’t be visible to you guys for at least a few years, because they’re just so long.  On top of that, I’m having some relationship issues that are interfering with school, which comes first and foremost, and so a lot of my time has been set to the wayside while I reflect on myself and my life and try to figure out what in the hell is going on.

In the meantime, if I finish any oneshots or have any stories that need some feedback, I’ll be posting here, and oneshots will be at least attempted to be posted simultaneously here, on, and on ao3.  I guarantee nothing.  I’m trying to keep a regular schedule but as I work retail (at a GameStop, no less) I’m working strange hours and since my bf is also working at GameStop (albeit a different one) and his is short-staffed, my relationship issues will be taking some time to get worked out.

For those of you following who don’t know me irl, and so don’t know the details of my relationship stuff, I appreciate any and all feedback and comments, whether they’re about rl issues I bring up on here or stories I post, wherever you prefer to comment on them.  They keep my head up and they help with my writing muses’ shyness.

So if you guys are really paying me any mind, please let me know and I will do my best to keep you updated, and if you have any questions about a specific story or In Another Life chapter, please ask!  I’m happy to let you know all that I can without spoiling too much.

On a fanfiction note, I am on a pretty strong Persona 4 kick just now, and so all of the starts of Detective Conan stories have been put on the backburner.  This is not at all helped by the upcoming rhythm game for Persona 4 nor the upcoming release of Persona 5.  For instance, I recently started a short character study of (spoilers):

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Conan O'Brien crashes a 'Magic Mike XXL' girls' night out, dances terribly

Conan O'Brien crashes a ‘Magic Mike XXL’ girls’ night out, dances terribly

Conan O'Brien crashes a 'Magic Mike XXL’ girls’ night out, dances terribly
The late night host decided to see what all the fuss was about for the Magic Mike sequel. He crashed the all-girls midnight screening party of his assistant. It was not pretty. Especially when Conan started dancing nasty style. Not the intended dancing …
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Watch Conan O’Brien Strip-Dances To Celebrate MAGIC MIKE XXL In This Hilarious VIDEO

In his latest segment, late night funnyman Conan O'Brien joins ladies from the office to catch a midnight showing of Channing Tatum & Joe Manganiello’s MAGIC MIKE XXL, and at one point, Conan starts to strip-dance, at least he tries to. Let’s rock this video below, ladies!