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@dove-delights made this great Conan “fill the face” template and I was compelled to use it. :D

I don’t have a tablet or a stylus so I had to use my mouse to draw with Photoshop, hence the crudeness of my lines.

Original Post:

This comic in the hotel shower room cracks me up because the messy shower person looks like how they potray the murderers in Detective Conan.

But the person who cleaned up in the shower still looks like the murderer. She’s just smiling so it’s like WHAT DID YOU DO IN THE SHOWER.


Here’s some Conans I capped bc he looked cute in the shot 

But its also a cool display of how different animation directors draw him and the style shifts between even just a handful of epsiodes

Turns out I finished the colorisation in two hours instead of a whole night ! XD

A cute little exchange between Ran and Conan from Detective Conan file 969. Again, no frontal bikini action for now. Those take a lot of work to be colored !

I chose teal for Ran’s first swim suit but I’m still hesitant. I need a contrast to Conan’s red shirt. ^^

Free to reblog. Please ask me permission if you want to use it. Thank you. :)

Lines by Gosho Aoyama

Translation by Yunnie

colored by me, Shin Red Dear


The 85th volume of Detective Conan came out this friday and so I decided to celebrate it by remaking an old colorisation: Sera showing her bikini for the first time, during the pool murder case.

The photograph is from my trip to south west France in 2014. The Atlantic Ocean. ^^

Lines by Gosho Aoyama

Coloring, Photo & Edit by me, Shin Red Dear