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Inspired by an edit made by Anotakufangirl (deactivated) and reblogged by @rukiad.

I decided to go one step further and use my colorizations as a template. I also inverted Shinichi and Kid’s symbols, as clubs make more sense for Kaito and Spades has been linked to Shinichi for quite some time. Hakuba and Hattori keep the same symbols as they were quite fitting. ^^

Please do not use without my permission. Free to reblog.

art by Gosho Aoyama

Colored and edited by me, Shin Red Dear

Detective Conan NEWS: A tale of two sisters

Hayashibara Megumi, the voice of Haibara Ai/Miyano Shiho in the anime, has a blog. She recently wrote that she met with Miyano Akemi’s voice actress; Tamagawa Sakiko.

Some speculate this could mean Akemi will make an appearence in EPISODE ONE, the upcoming remake of the first Detective Conan episode, with new scenes !

Fingers crossed ! ;)

Source: and The Red Thread’s FB page