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A new promotional poster for EPISODE ONE, the official remake of Detective Conan’s first chapter, with new scenes and animation !

This poster is badass ! Sinichi and Gin in the same picture, flying APTX and a dark suit for our hero. It almost looks like he joined the Black Org ! XD

Source: Blog del Tantei-Kid

The official first poster for Detective Conan Movie 21 coming ou in 2017 !

We already knew about the autmn leaves motif and that it will be a HeijixKazuha centric story but we also have confirmation that the love rival is the same one introduced in the manga; Ooka Momiji !

Rest assured Detective Conan fans, and even more so HeijixKazuha fans, will keep themselves informed on this new instalment in the the Movie Universe of Detective Conan !

Source: The Red Thread’s FB page

Detective Conan is property of Gosho Aoyama & Shogakukan

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