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Hellofëanor’s Long-ass Con Guide

Every year I see a lot of “con guides” floating around the internet, linked on tumblr and facebook.  But for the most part I find these guides are full of really basic, common sense advice that could honestly apply to any big gathering, not just conventions.  Drink water!  Eat food!  Get lots of sleep!  ~*uwu*~ And yeah, you should probably make an effort to do those things, but any con veteran knows that the average young person with no health issues can easily survive a weekend on four hours of sleep per night, consuming nothing but candy and coffee (with maybe the occasional pizza slice thrown in for variety).

So with that in mind, here are my con recommendations with comments on the usual advice you get.  Bear in mind that this advice is probably not GOOD advice in any way, but I’m not your mom and my purpose here isn’t to tell you what you ideally SHOULD do.  I’m telling you what you’ll probably end up doing after all your best intentions slide down the toilet and the con sucks you into its gaping maw of chaos and hedonism.

“GET LOTS OF SLEEP!”  Eh, aim for six hours of sleep per night.  Depending on the con and your party schedule, sometimes this is not possible, but it’s a good goal.  Go to bed when the party dies down and get up when you need to start putting on your makeup for that day’s giant stupid costume.  If you’re tired and it’s interfering with your awesomeness, try to fit in a nap.  IMPORTANT: if you’re driving home after the last day of con, especially if it’s a long drive, you absolutely will want to get a solid night’s sleep before you go. Your safety depends on it.  If you’re flying out/taking the bus/getting a ride, go ahead and stay up all night partying, but driving?  Sleep is actually vital to your health and well being. Make good choices.

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